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    -Military Aviation

    -Scale model aircrafts 1:32 and 1:48 (Only when they are not available at 1:32 scale) and several military vehicles but mainly 1:32 scale airplanes

    -Militaria (everything that encompasses the military aspects of any country)

    -Favorite airplanes: F-18C/D, F-18 E SUPER HORNET, F-16, F-4J PhantomII

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About Me

Former operator of the Spanish air force (support and combat paratrooper,5 years in active duty 2008/2013)


Military aviation enthusiast


Enthusiast of scale models (1:32, 1:48 aircrafts) and various military vehicles 


Military aviation collector


U.S Navy Seals reenactor (reenactment)


Geardo and reenactor


Gear addict and Gear collector (US)




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