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  1. Excellent work! I was looking at doing this kit as Hartmann's whitewashed G-14. I will be watching this thread , most interesting! John
  2. Hello----nice site. I have been doing a lot of Bf-109s lately in 1/48 and thought I would give a larger scale a try. I am interested in Eric Hartmann's last mount, a G-10 so I have been told. I just started some research and it seems from what I have read he flew an Erla built G-10 with small wing bumps and a tall tail wheel. I guess that would be an early Erla model? Who does a decent kit in 1/32? I have seen the Hasegawa and Revell kits and both look decent but do they have what is needed to build a correct type or is after market needed for both. Thanks for any information. John
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