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  1. Mitsubishi cockpit is Mr Hobby 126. Nakajima cockpit is Mr Hobby 127. Fuselage bottom is gray not white.-John
  2. Are you building a Nakajima or Mitsubishi built machine. Your box top image shows a Nakajima machine with the up swooping camo demarcation line near the horizontal stabilizers. Mitsubishi's camo was a straight line to the tail cone, no "upsweep". The cockpit for the Mitsubishi was darker than the Nakajima ones. See here.-John http://www.j-aircraft.com/faq/A6M.htm#Mitsubishi 'cockpit color' on Type 22
  3. Thanks, I read that long ago. What I really wanted was information on certain planes and units so I could buy after market decals. I use to belong to j-aircraft.com for many years but they cancelled my membership, said it was something to do with spam. I have anti spam ware on my computer and several systems such as Norton and Malware to protect me. I tried to re register and they keep saying they are waiting for an administrator to approve my account. I found out the original owners David Aiken and James Lansdale are deceased, so who took over and why all this mumbo jumbo about spam. I am NOT a spammer! Oh well if anyone knows what is really going on there please let me know, I was a member for several years and this totally blows my mind. They won't even return my e mails. Rant off, on to somewhere else to look for information.-John
  4. You're spot on. Why they chose to use A6M5 wings is odd to me. I think the first one I had used the same wings and fuselage but an A6M3 cowling and no drop tank. I was very lucky to find this configuration.-John
  5. I recently bought this kit. It's nice and maybe not overly accurate but it is for a shelf filler not a contest. I think in scale the wings are 1 inch short, that's a lot but I can live with it, not converting it to an A6M3 type 32 as this kit has the correct cowling and drop tank for a type 21. I started one many years ago but lost interest and the kit never was packed when I retired and moved 6 years ago so I'll start fresh.-John
  6. Excellent work! I was looking at doing this kit as Hartmann's whitewashed G-14. I will be watching this thread , most interesting! John
  7. Hello----nice site. I have been doing a lot of Bf-109s lately in 1/48 and thought I would give a larger scale a try. I am interested in Eric Hartmann's last mount, a G-10 so I have been told. I just started some research and it seems from what I have read he flew an Erla built G-10 with small wing bumps and a tall tail wheel. I guess that would be an early Erla model? Who does a decent kit in 1/32? I have seen the Hasegawa and Revell kits and both look decent but do they have what is needed to build a correct type or is after market needed for both. Thanks for any information. John
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