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  1. I have a hard time understanding why William Barker VC is never mentioned in the same breath as Werner Voss. I think it has to do with Canadians in general and our inferiority complex.

    We just have never been very good at listing our accomplishments in battle and our heroes have suffered as a result

    Voss fought 8 very accomplished British pilots and was eventually killed after putting up a heroic struggle. Barker took on anywhere from 15-60 front line German pilots in plain view of the troops below in his final

    sortie and shot down 4 even though horribly wounded. He crash landed and survived. Barker never lost a wingman. I am a Canadian and am ashamed to say that I never knew that

    Barker was the most decorated British (commonwealth) participant in any conflict including WWII. He is largely forgotten in his native country or was until Wayne Ralph authored

    Barker VC. There were no monuments to the man whose remains were entombed in a crypt with only his wife's maiden name on the door. Thankfully this is being rectified in his native

    country but much too late. Barker was an annoyance after the war because of his injuries and ptsd and the constant pain he was in. He turned to alcohol and was a bitter and depressed

    man until his death in a flying accident (suicide?) at the age of 36. When the greatest fighter pilots in WWI are mentioned he is almost an afterthought if he is even included. Perhaps

    the greatest measure of his abilities as a pilot was given by a man who was not prone to handing out compliments Billy Bishop said that There was no fighter pilot including MVR who could best 


  2. Hello: Starting my first resin kit in a few weeks and I would like to get a recommendation on a razor saw. I used an Exacto years ago and found it to be 

    extremely difficult to cut regular plastic (so much so that I bent the mount when trying to put pressure on the plastic piece) The Zona 35-050 Ultra Thin Razor Saw, 52 TPI.008-Inch Kerf, Blade Length 4-1/2-Inch, Cut Depth 7/16-Inch looks intriguing but I defer to those that use the tools frequently

    Thank You


  3. Kevin: Re Model Cellar I already have the Boelcke and Billy Bishop. They are very nice and I am planning on using the Boelcke with the E1 WNW. Right now I am looking more towards

    mechanics and fitters. I am also searching for a WW1 vintage trailer in 1/32 which I could strap a Junkers D.1 (wingless) onto. The lead time from aviattic and hgw is very frustrating  ( I'm 65 and just waiting for the eyesight and the steady hands to start failing)so I am trying to find sub-distributors in the US or Canada that have some good access to airfield supplies for dioramas.

    Thank you all for responding

  4. Bob: Fantastic news I will contact him when he returns

    Readoak has some gorgeous castings but nothing specific for WW1...they do have a stunning Russian woman pilot WW2 vintage that would make it worthwhile

    to build a vintage fighter model to display with her.

    I am not used to getting this much help this quickly from forums....think I'm going to love it here.

    Thank you all


  5. I am in the US and there seems to be a general dearth of resin figures having anything to do with WW1 in 1/32 scale. There was a gorgeous series of figures by Resin Wings/ David Allen Wings cockpit figures (maybe a different name now) but I cannot find any information and emails to David directly went unanswered CSM has a few and I believe Aviattic and I was able to find a couple of good deals on Alibaba but I would say

    that all of the vendors combined only show about 10 different characters with the exception of Resin Wings. Virtually none made outside of Europe which means that the freight prices are high. I have been looking for US hobby shops that list these vendors with no luck. If anyone, particularly in the US, has any information or guidance I would appreciate it.

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