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  1. Made some progress..... Got the first primer coat down, some touch-ups to do, but generally happy with the result. Not as much as I thought I'd have to do. Have to rescribe some detail now and restore some rivet detail where the joins are, but at least things are getting along. @Kagemusha you'll be happy to see those vents below the cockpit are gone! She's not a small bird at all......quite a bit larger than the 109 I'm building. I was quite surprised! Quite a decent set of resin tyres supplied with the kit! I think instead of my usual black-basing, I'll start by using this primer as the base and build up effects on it. That should give some nice tonal/distressing/fading effects when I put on the black scheme
  2. Bliksem! Dis malligheid!
  3. @MARU5137 Thanks! I've been pondering the same issue as well.... I do like that solution of yours with the clear UV and the aluminum strips. I've also thought of perhaps once the clear cover is cut out, is to (and very carefully) cut a groove on the fuselage underside and then glue the cover in place, with the aluminum flange. Not sure as yet, luckily I've got some way to go before I get to worrying about that!
  4. Nice work!! Love it that you're building a JG300 bird! Yep, and F-8 would have probably had the bomb release panel, usually not the A-8, but hey, it adds some nice visual interest!!
  5. Does anyone have an idea/pic of where the IFF antenna exited the fuselage on the Hurricane? And where the lead-ins were situated on the horizontal stab leading edge? Thanks!
  6. @Kagemusha Aha!! Thanks for that info, I see what you're meaning! Off they will go then! Thanks for the info
  7. @Jaro Yes, that will be interesting to see! Hope it's not full of inaccuracies like there Spitfire kits.... @Kagemusha Mine is an England based bird, so less work for me then! Yes, the surface detail is really great! I've had to take extra care in not sanding off that marvelous detail. I also can't wait to get her painted, show off that detail.
  8. Made a quick start on this project, using some of the HGW interior detail set to replace some of the kit parts. Honestly, they're not really needed as the kit details are so good, but I wasn't going to waste the opportunity. I have elected to leave some PE details out as I thought the kit offerings were better. Cockpit floor, ammo bins and engine assembled. Excellent fit - although that's the last time the engine will be intact, I know I'll have to cut some of the pipes off and trim the rocker covers in the front to get the engines cowls to fit. If it's anything like the Bf110's I've built, getting the cowls on properly will require some diligent hacking of the engine! Seat, gun deck, Revi sight, rudder pedals and rear cockpit wall. I had originally bought a Yahu IP for my Eduard 109E-4 (horrible moulding issues, will become spares), and was hoping that it would fit this Dragon kit. No such luck!! So instead of painting the kit IP face/instruments, I decided to replace the dials with colour PE from an Eduard set I have. So details have been sanded off, the dials assembled. After hacking engine to pieces and some judicious sanding, I've managed to get it to go together quite well. Just had to be careful what I took off, as there is still quite a bit visible through the cowl openings, and you do actually need the engine in there to be able to build the nose!!! Once again, the Dragon instruction manual left me scratching my head!! More of the very rough guide sometimes The AML conversion detail set contains an enlarged resin rudder for the E-4. However, it wasn't going to be a simple drop-fit.....and the 1/2 teardrop-shaped trim tab at the trailing edge of the rudder is missing.... But a bit of plastic card, Milliput, Mr Surfacer and some very thinly sanded resin left-overs gets the job done! Little more sanding to do on the trailing edge...
  9. I've eventually got around to painting the windscreen and canopy and attaching the windscreen to the fuselage. I tried multiple times using either white glue/Future-ish suff to get the armoured screen to adhere to the inside of the windscreen, but to no avail. It's a problem of using the kit clear acetate against the vac-formed part with no mounting points to speak of at all. I might have a work-around at the end of the build, but if that fails I'll just have to do without it. Anyhow, here are the vac-formed parts all nicely masked before painting. HUGE difference in thickness to the original kit parts... Next two are of both parts painted (interior and exterior) with the windshield installed. The hood is not attached, just sitting in place. On the spine are the missing details I made for the a/c light and the radio mast. Getting there! Just have to mask off the canopy area, then I can get her first coat of primer on and see what other work I need to do!
  10. That's a really great goodie-bag of AM you have there! Looking forward to seeing this build happen!
  11. I'm salivating at the prospect of picking one of these up!! And @Model_Monkey, do you ever intend re-releasing the early style dihedral tailplanes? I know you used to have them in the shop, but haven't seen them listed there anymore...
  12. Absolutely brilliant!
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