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  1. Hello everyone. I have started to paint the gearbox and some other parts because I think it will be better that way before putting them in place on the hull. I start by priming with this: The result is this: Then I go on to mark the indentations with black paint: And then I go on to give it its lightened color in some areas: The colors for this step are: Base color Steel Gray by Green Stuff Wor
  2. Well, I thought I was almost finished but I have added texture to the surface of the front part of the gearbox as well as the cable for measuring the revolutions of the same and the occasional connection by means of rods
  3. Hello friends, I already know what my next project will be, at this rate for when I retire .... ha ha ha. Yesterday the postman brought me this: Nothing more and nothing hands than the bible of the modeler: Yes, the King Tiger 1/16 by Trumpeter, the "Santa Santorum" of the models
  4. Hi Kevin, you haven't posted updates on your JagdTiger in a long time and I'd like to see your painting and aging process with that great Tank Destroyer
  5. Thanks for commenting. The truth is that I progress very slowly because I hardly have time to dedicate to this beautiful tank. From Monday to Friday working hard. On Saturday the quartermaster of the home. And it is on Sunday when I can dedicate a little time to it. I hope the google translator does its job well !!
  6. Now some small advances with which I finish the gearbox waiting to clean, prime and paint.
  7. Thank you very much for entering and commenting. A greeting Jose
  8. Gracias tom. Me refiero principalmente a los libros Panther Project de The Research Squad, Volúmenes 1 y 2. These books are my biggest source of inspiration, but I also draw on photos that I find on the internet.
  9. Hi everyone. A few slight advances. I had to build the semi-circular pieces that hold the gearbox to the hull from scratch. These parts do not come in the model box and I think it is a great mistake. The pieces are not glued, checking the settings.
  10. Nice tank. Now is the beginning of the painting phase and it looks very good. Attentive to the aging process !! a greeting José
  11. Hello guys. I go very slowly with the detailed interior, but I think it will be worth it. Little by little the Great Wall of China was built. A few microadvances of the gearbox.
  12. Hi Tom, I have to congratulate you on your work as it looks great !!!! The paint job adds spectacular value to the model and it's nice to see how far along you are. Greetings José
  13. Thank you very much for your comment!! I like your work a lot too !! a greeting José
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