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  1. Large amount with a foreign transaction. I had that happen trying to order from Ukraine (Proper Planes). No Paypal and my card wouldn’t go through.
  2. I ordered a Richtofhen Albatros at the beginning of the sale. It arrived 7 days after it shipped from NZ (to East Coast USA). I ordered two more that should arrive this week if that’s any indicator. Kind of bummed b/c I wrestled between the E.I and E.IV, settling on the E.I. A day later, Sprue Bros offered the Immelman E.II cheap, so I got that, which is almost the same as the E.I... First World Problems!
  3. My timing is terrible. I ordered a D.VII from Sprue Bros a week before the WNW sale started, then ordered a Dh.2 and a Fokker E-1 from WNW thru their sale w week before Sprue Bros offers the Dh.2 at a fantastic price. So I order the Immelman E-II, even though it’s not very different from the E-1 (I had thought about ordering the E-4 from WNW and probably should have). These are truly first world problems...
  4. Well, I didn’t need to see that! Ordered an Eindecker...
  5. Since they seem to use certain platforms again, what about a Se.5 or Se5a with Viper? The Hisso Se5a has been sold out for a while, so it’d probably be a popular and an easy lift production-wise.
  6. I had to pick up a DH.2 and the Eindeckers were so cheap at $49, I couldn’t say no. i had coincidentally bought the Duelling set (no box) with those off eBay for a little more the day before the sale was announced, but when it arrived, it was missing the entire Dh.2 and 1/2 of the E III. Needless to say, I got a refund and applied it on these two.
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