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  1. Then if the Gotha returns with a new release, it would have to be a Be2c
  2. I wouldn't bet on that, but that wasn't my point - If there was a Gotha Pup Duellists boxing, there would need to be 61 and 112 squadron markings, both of whom flew air defence sorties with rockets, so it would be an extra and very interesting choice.
  3. A Gotha with a pup, and an extra sprue for rockets - how about that?
  4. I think they are brilliant releases - Swept wings on a WW1 bomber and seaplane? fantastic shape1 But more so historically very important as forerunners of the Blitz Bombers of 1916 and 1940.
  5. Big basement just for models.
  6. Hopefully the Gotha will be re-released with a home defence Pup as a Duellists box at some stage.
  7. On wartime aircraft, natural aluminium. On most restored aircraft underside grey or interior green.
  8. Build them into the aircraft on one of the raids on the UK.
  9. I agree totally, except I am very happy for CSM to stick to 1/48 and leave WNW to release at some stage French aircraft including Spad VIIs and VIII.
  10. Andy I agree that the Tamiya 1/32 kits are very very good, but I do not agree that they are the equal of WNW in any regard except for the engineering and fit of the kits. In that respect, Tamiya have always been the best, and WNW have had Tamiya as an example to meet and match, which WNW now do without any doubt. However, in terms of surface detail execution, accuracy and research WNW are way ahead of Tamiya. As an example - rib tape. The WNW rib tape on all their aircraft is exquisitely done and very very well researched and accurate to type. By comparison, Tamiya rib tape [for instance their Mk IXc , Mk VIII Spitfire, F4U etc] have very heavy and clumsy rib tape on the rudder, which to me looks awful when compared to a real aircraft. There are research issues with detail and shape too - for instance on Tamiya's new 1/48th Spitfire Mk1a [a forerunner for a 1/32 kit?] they have made very odd and incorrect hot air extraction ducts under the wings, - they are asymmetrical in the kit which is wrong, etc etc. More than that WNW's research and sensational effort to produce a stressed skin effect with their forthcoming Lancs will I have no doubt make all other 1/32 kits from all other manufacturers including Tamiya look like yesterdays efforts, in the same way that tooling for recessed panel lines did to kits with raised panel lines. WNW have an unrivalled commitment to historically accurate and truly sensational tooling and models that have absolutely no equal - including Tamiya in my opinion.
  11. I am a fan of WNW and very very appreciative of all their kits.
  12. Yes but Copper State do not bring the same quality - just look at the quality of the wing tape moulding on a CSM Nieuport by comparison to any WNW.
  13. I have 8 Gotha G.IVs and will buy at least 4 G.1s and probably two UWD and with each than WNW for doing all the research and bringing out these kits but not just that to bringing all, even those who will not buy or build these kits to at least some knowledge of and the history of these two aircraft.!
  14. Karim Happy to help you make a very useful addition to the gaspatch parts the ball diameter on the 1/32 Gaspatch Albatros turnbuckle is 0.99mm and the shank diameter behind the ball is 0.37mm. these measurements are taken with a digital Mitutoyo caliper vernier. I'd attach photos if I knew how to do that.
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