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  1. Lets hope the HK kit is all it's cracked up to be as we have all been waiting a long time for it. If it is likely to be soon then I won't do the F4J conversion I had planned. Do we know which squadrons will be covered decal wise? Any idea on dates and price yet, so I can put some cash by ready.
  2. Looks like I'll just have to fudge the F4J kit and see how it comes out. Price of the conversion is prohibitive even for me, and I worked on them for so long I got to know them inside out and backwards.
  3. Hi Tim, If you are up for selling the wild hare conversion it depends on price. As ex 892 (014) plane captain on Ark I would love to build my "cab" in all it's glory, as if on the cat ready to go, in this scale. I have a Tamiya 1/32 already so the conversion shouldn't be so hard (or would it).
  4. Thanks Iain, You're not far from me, I'm in Somerset. Spent time at Yeovilton then squadron moved to Leuchars in Fife. I've done the 1/48 of 767 and 111 squadron, both as XT863 (150) and (G). She later moved to 43 squadron, but I haven't done that one yet. Just wanted to do my cab in larger scale.
  5. Hi Guys, New to the site and hoping to get a 1/32 Phantom of 892 Squadron off the Ark Royal. Served on the squadron for 8 years as well as 767 and PTF. My aircraft was 014 (XT863) on my second tour on Ark, then I got my Petty Officers rank.
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