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  1. Went TDY to Sofia twenty years or so ago. Still had that old Soviet bloc feel to it with local “mafias”, as they called them, running everything, but it was a grand and most enjoyable place to spend a week or so. Much more inviting and enjoyable than some more traditionally European countries I can think of. Had some of the prettiest ladies I’ve ever seen. Food, wine and liquor were very good as well. They put cucumbers on everything. I’d go back in a heartbeat.
  2. Anybody besides me note in one of the photos above that the nosewheel is turned but the rudders are not, meaning the nosewheel is not steered by the rudder pedals, something I did not know.
  3. Hmmm. Never once occurred to me to paint a big kit in masked off sections like you’ve done to get a better finish. I always just blast away and hope for the best. Really glad I stopped in - will give it a try.
  4. You know what? Yer ball turret looks just like a pod out of any number of sci-if movies - 2001, Star Wars, Oblivion and probably several others I don’t recall. Hmmmm. I wonder if maybe a prop department somewhere happened to have a ball turret laying around and the rest is history.
  5. Seeing as how all Spads went thru innumerable hands, overhauls and repaints, I’d be floored to learn there were any hard and fast rules at all.
  6. Only Hollywood can take a story of perseverance, dedication, friendship and the bond between guys in combat and turn it into whatever this movie is. Very disappointing but so very Hollywood.
  7. Coming from a Navy family, I’ve heard rumors about this for years. Happy it is confirmed and no longer mythology. Can’t imagine - he must have been a busy dude. Were it me back in the day who suddenly found himself all alone vs a bunch of hooligans, I believe there would have been a bit of unpleasantness in the ready room when I got back on the boat. And the ultimate indignity of the bureaucrats giving his kills to non players! Not sure I could have endured that gracefully.
  8. Damn. I’m really going to miss M’s being here. Don’t think I’ve ever run into a genuinely nicer person. I’m sure she has a good reason for pulling the plug, but damn, I’m gonna miss her.
  9. There were mechanical firing circuit interrupters in some US gun turrets during WW2 that kept adrenalin powered gunners from shooting essential parts off their own airplanes. It was a simple cam device that blanked out the parts that shouldn’t be hosed in the heat of battle. I’ve never heard of any device that stopped gunners from firing in the direction of nearby friendly aircraft however - everything was analog back then, so how would it know? With a maximum range measured in miles and a maximum effective range (they are not the same, BTW) of about 2,500 feet for your basic M2 .50 cal machine gun, it would seem impossible that gunners did not occasionally hit other airplanes in their own formations. Nor is it unlikely that some actually shot down their neighbors by mistake. Fog of war and all that. No reference to friendly fire in Twelve O’clock High or most other war movies, so it rarely occurs to people these days that it probably happened with some regularity in those big US bomber streams during the height of the war. That would be a statistic no one ever kept, I’ll bet.
  10. I’m always just dumbfounded when a vac kit comes together like this. I have one vac kit kept locked away because it terrifies me.
  11. Well, at least you didn’t paint all of ‘em red like so many modelers do. Seeing as how this thing is a twin, I assume the red and green correlate to port and starboard engine functions? There would be a certain logic to that, I’d think.
  12. Short pipes, no mufflers, loooong props and no real hearing protection. Must have been really painful til you started going deaf. The closest I’ve ever come to that experience was a stripped Cessna 185 equipped with a Borer prop for skydiving ops. Jumpers wore no hearing protection and when the guy pushed the throttle up, you could feel your eardrums meet in the middle of your head. And that was maybe a fifth or less of the horsepower and racket you’d get out of a big radial or, worse, a Merlin. Think of sitting through that for two or three hours at a pop. Okay. Back to Beaufighter pits.
  13. I’m not sure I could have flown a Beaufighter even when I was much nubiler than I am now. Only the Brits would have designed an airplane that appears to require the pilot to wallow around in the mud to get to a hatch that opened into a confined space with little or nothing to grab onto, only to have to, once inside, squeeze over the carry through and past the seat back in order to finally sit down. Or is there another way to board this thing because this seems pretty much impossible to me. And how would you get out if everything suddenly stopped working - reverse the process and hope you have ten or fifteen minutes before being smitten by the countryside? I gotta be missing something here.
  14. I wonder if the goobers at Revell would even recognize this as one of their kits.
  15. “The steps were wrong so I made new ones.” I’m way too old to giggle, but I do anyway whenever you throw these blatant understatements out there and then show us the end result.
  16. I see you’ve tried traditional tissue covering material. That stuff is not the best for what you’re trying to do. Plastic covering material such as Monokote or something similar is thin, easy to use and does not need much attention to look good under a coat of paint. It comes in many colors and a roll of it is not that expensive. I think the tissue you’re using is too heavy to work well in 1/18th. Second point: The “draped” look on control surfaces is a myth. Simple truth is, the fabric skin on a control surface is flat just like aluminum. Nobody much wants to hear that because a “draped” fabric covering “looks so realistic” and all. But it doesn’t. You may see that effect between the ribs on some fabric covered wings, but not on a properly covered control surface.
  17. Props and engines are usually a matched pair. Anything that uses the same motors as a PBY is most likely going to have the same/similar props, so you could shop for props from anything using R-1830 or maybe R-1820 motors. Wouldn’t necessarily have to have PBY stamped on the label. You mentioned using a prop from a Corsair. Any prop normally hung on an R-2800 is going to be too big. Wheel/tire combos are milspec vendor items so I’ll bet other airplanes of similar weight, like the B-25 you mentioned, will be similar in size and appearance. Somebody on here can probably quote you the specs on the main gear to help you narrow your search down a bit.
  18. I would imagine actually doing is a lot harder than talking about it. I thought Paul lost everything in the fire. To me, everything would include molds and all, so anyone wanting to bring them back to market would have to start from scratch. Might be a little tough in this economy.
  19. I think you are going to hate the aluminum tape. Very unforgiving for something like this.
  20. Good on ya! Sounds like a grand experience. I’m a couple of years younger and the adventure for me would be trying to get in the thing.
  21. Word of caution for when you overhaul your work space: I’d stay away from those modular shelves with the adjustable hardware like you have on the wall to the left. They can be really handy but I’ve had a couple of them disassemble themselves for no reason in the middle of the night and dump models and other stuff on the floor or onto whatever was on my bench with disastrous results. I don’t trust ‘em and stopped using them years ago. Just sayin’ ‘cause I’d hate to see your Bearcat get squashed.
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