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    astronomy,astrophotography,smoking briskets,pork butts,chicken,and anything else that its into my smoker,veggie gardening,drawing art-and of course making large scale aircraft models.....FLY NAVY!!!

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  1. Sunday Puncher Tonk

    1/32 Intruder A

    ...looks great so far! ....looking forward to your progress,as I have the same kit....currently finishing off a 1/48 intruder that I've been doing as "practice " for it to get back into modeling after a 20+ year gap in modeling....going to do mine in VA-75 1972 Vietnam cruise paint scheme...
  2. Sunday Puncher Tonk

    "White Death", it's comin!!!

    ....had a pot roast going in the slow cooker all afternoon....goes well with a nice red wine....and have enjoyed working on an A6-E model and watching the big flakes pile up....only thing that bothered going outside was the dogs..... to leave steamers...
  3. Sunday Puncher Tonk

    1/32 Trumpeter A6 intruder

    ..... ....once again I am in awe ...pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor ....looking at your work I'm at a loss of where to even begin with mine!!!....thank you for posting this and inspiring me and giving me more ideas than I even thought possible for what to do with mine
  4. Sunday Puncher Tonk

    A-6 A Intruder VF-75 "Sunday Punchers"

    .....Outstanding work...!!!....as a member of the VA-75 Sunday Punchers myself I am in awe!!! ......I am only recently getting back into large scale modeling after a 20+ year lapse and have been practicing getting back in the groove with 1/48 scale A-6's..... have a 1/32 A6-A and A6-E I am going to attempt to make of my Punchers circa 1972 Vietnam cruise and the post Vietnam years paint scheme '73-76' ....you have set a high bar standard for me to meet!....I hope I can get at least halfway there...