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  1. She most likely had the cockpit blister on the right hand side.
  2. Yep, an a26b model, love it. I think they might have out for Christmas. There goes my pocket book again.
  3. That was very interesting as I learned a lot about the b24. When I volunteered at the Alberta aviation museum in Edmonton 10 years ago they also had a b24 bomb door donated to them, the inside colour of the door was a primer grey and the out side was matt white as we were told it came from a scrapped r.c.a.f. coastal command b24 from British Columbia.
  4. I really do not think that anyone really cares how accurate one makes a kit,as there were many variations made in equipment on aircraft during the war. By the way , bac in the 1970's I had a look at a pair of b24 bomb doors in a scrap yard and they were a Tanya primer grey color inside , and bare silver outside. If that helps, as I was building the monogram b24 around then.
  5. Sent you your package this last Thursday, Mar.14.
  6. Thank You very much for the 1/24 P-47 razor back. It will be awhile before I can get around to building it. I am in the process off building two 1/32 HK.lancasters so that will tie me up a bit. But thanks again . Cheers, Kevin Haan.
  7. This is the only way I can paint something this size as I do not have a lot of room to model. In the summer I can use my garage as a model room as it has a three by ten foot work table on it and great overhead lighting.
  8. Hopefully some more progress pictures, I am using my i-pad. Still have some learning how to issues.
  9. Well it seems that I cannot send c.o.d. outside of Canada. So I will let you know how much shipping is.
  10. Yes I agree, I paint in sections as the model is so big and somehow with my daughter's help in the colour scheme it comes out ok.
  11. I HAVE had issues with the kit decals peeling and wrinkling after applying. The decals do not settle on the tamiya painted surface and when using flat clear coat is then the decals start to come apart. I have not had this problem with their other kits. After spending about $500.00 dollars to get this kit in canada I am now becoming some what pissed at HK. And I will not be buying another kit from them. The only reason is I wanted a large Lancaster is to enjoy looking at after it was built. But since I am almost blind and my younger daughter has to help me build these kits as my winter projects until I can get in the garden in spring. The model is helping me get thru the winter months. I think we pay far to much to HK. This time for a mediocre kit.
  12. The picture of the canned beans are what you have to eat for a month to afford the kit.
  13. Well her are some photos finallyI
  14. What is wrong with casting your own? I'm sorry if that retort is stark but I learned to cast parts I made up back in the bad old 70's. I will just build my b-24 with wheels up and hang it from the garage ceiling.
  15. I have been working on the HK Lancaster for about a month. Like all their kits it has been a hit and miss, a number of errors and omissions . I have never been in a british built lanc, but I have been in a few canadian built jobs and over the decades I have come to understand that there are differences between the two types. I'm building my lanc to hang from the garage ceiling o it is a wheels and bombay up and oil coolers closed.
  16. Yes I agree, every model needs a shower and a brisk massage after.
  17. I found that the pilot's seat is wrong and that the back angle of it looks like a lazy boy recliner. I heard that the bomber runs were rather intense so this would need to sit up more. In all not a bad kit to build as I am ready to close up the fuselage on mine.
  18. That is very nice, I'm working on my Lancaster and will post some pictures with my daughter's help soon.
  19. Didn't matter to me as it will be wheels up a hanging from the garage ceiling along with the HK. B25 and Lancaster.
  20. Loved flying the 172, easy to fly.
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