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  1. Hello thanks for your response I was talking about some G-10 Decals options talking about a single RLM81 top areas with RLM76/natural metal bottom areas , but you can find them as RLM81/82 top areas such as the Eduard 1/48 BF109G-10 green 7.(with a few RLM75/74 on cowling).I have the same 1/32 Eagle cal decal option (in which is written for an RLM83 on top which I think is wrong).
  2. Thanks John. Most of the opinions on my question are 50/50 and both acceptable.
  3. John great job. I have just a question about your opinion on a BF109G-10,what do you think they were painted most of them RLM 81/82 or RLM 81(the green version only).
  4. Thanks for the response, it looks like a pale grey as the base of the two grays.
  5. Good morning I have a question to BF109 experts.lately I am doing the Dragon 1/32 BF109E and my question is for the Galand's E3 sheme which according to instructions is an RLM65 and a Pale grey/RLM02 on top areas (pale grey is using the Gunze H51). Have any idea if that particular airplane/sheme exists. Thanks and wish to all happy 2019 full of scale modelling (and health)
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