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  1. Whine? Nobody whines here. It´s just expressing one´s thoughts. Live with it or leave it. Over and out. It´s not worth a fight here. At least for me.
  2. Oh, is there a ban on complaining about European issues in this thread? Or is it simply a forum, where people are free to express their thoughts?
  3. I take a guess here that Nick has complained about this offer only being made to CONUS customers: Vulcan32 has already mentioned some really good offers here in Europe.
  4. Like it! Is this metal foil on the engine inlet?
  5. Indeed no nose weight(s) are given in the Zoukei-mura kit. Also no stick is provided to prop up the rear fuselage, at least when I check the assembly manual on this. Having no weight(s) given in the box is no omission in my eyes, as many kits are sold with out them, leaving it to the modeller to add weight where needed. The assembly manual advises of adding about 50gr of weight to prevent a tail sitter. No big deal adding this. I already have filled the front engine block with lead and "Liquid Gravity". Same with the front landing gear wheel. Comparing this with the weight provided in my HKM test shot it should be fine.
  6. I guess you think about the Zoukei-mura Ho 229? Well, I don´t think so. I did build my test shot for the Concept Note book about 1+ year ago. Since then the finished build has been shown on some model shows here and there. The remaining time the kit is placed on a glass plate (no stabilising friction from the glass) and the landing gear and wheel axle are still straight as a ruler. Same with my Revell Ju 88A-1. Placed on glass, too. No bending on the LG so far. On the other side when doing a conversion as offered by AIMS I would go for sure and get Ernie G´s metal gear. Great stuff! Now, that´s just my experience. Other´s mileage may vary.
  7. I am with you, Norm. I don´t get why people buy direct copies of a kit´s gear cast in a rather soft alloy. I don´t have this 1/24 scale kit, but I am pretty sure the kit´s plastic gear hasn´t broken down too often... IF a kit needs stronger LG parts then I hope G-Factor will do them! Top quality and very (!) strong!
  8. The replacement canopy has arrived here with me. A large "Thank You" to John for this remarkable customer service!
  9. What a cool job on the F-100! Wow! Looking at those superbe pictures of the B-52s I am looking forward to your build!
  10. You did a fantastic job to get this design over onto decals! Your Photoshop skills must be amazing! How did you cut those masks?
  11. Sensational, Nick! Following this one with exaltation! What Eduard belts did you use?
  12. Pure art! Peter, this is as if one would watch a real Spitfire being build! Such a perfection, such an endless talent. I am blown away!
  13. Interesting idea to do the fuselage stringers using fine wire!
  14. Love those rivets! Keep on with this cool build!
  15. For such jobs I usually wet the surrounding area where I airbrush with an atomizer filled with water. When the very fine water droplets fall down they also clean the room´s air and, when on my bench, dust and particles are bond to the surface. Works for me.
  16. Thank you, John!
  17. Beautiful rivet job, Justin! What did you use to guide your Rosie?
  18. You got my attention, Justin! I am looking forward to your build and your opinion on this kit as a modeller.
  19. Rick, it is a pleasure to follow your build(s)! The new prop looks great!
  20. "Numerous future projects"? John, that sound interesting! So, I hope the new investment will pay out for you soon!
  21. Upset? No. But I share your disappointment. Having rejected a test vac and then to see that your instructions have been ignored is frustating. I am with Dean: try another manufacturer. I also will wait for better fitting parts.
  22. That´s all??? Mate, I was afraid you would explain it this way! Setting all those rivets is a really beautiful job, but then adding all those slits as a second step is stunning! Wow, what patience!
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