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  1. One more example for German engineering Guttorm, i cannot repeat it too often: your pictures and explanations in this topic are worth to print a book of! Thank you very much for all the work you share with us!! Just remember: could you show a picture of the underside of your model showing the different colours found there? What colours do you suggest to use on the model? Regards, Thomas
  2. Charles, thank you very much for the scan! I always love to see those old "goodies". Still have a Lindbergh F4U Corsair (motorized) and some other stuff in my stash for nostalgic reasons.
  3. Hi Charles, how about a picture of the box? Just curious... Thomas
  4. Russ, Mike: Thank you very much for the link to this great looking pilots!
  5. I don´t know where the problem is to replicate the correct outline of a late model Stuka´s propeller blades (or that of a 1/48 He 111) for so competent producers like Hasegawa, and others. I for myself will use the nearly perfect and very pleasing blades from Quickboost for my Ju when i´ll built it some day. Here is the link to a picture of the blades: Quickboost Ju 87 blades
  6. Did i miss something? Are these pilots in the kit? Great built, keep on! Wish i had more time to read and built...
  7. Had the same sad experience with the A-8 from Eduard. Wanted to do the wings as long as my Fisher Models Sea Fury´s glue was hardening. Bad decision: the wings looked beautiful on the sprue, but when i tried to assemble them i thought i´d built an overengineered Airfix kit from the 70´s. :angry: . No exact location, no positive fit and so on. I even couldn´t get the wings upper and lower half together! Got it back in the stash, maybe later... Went on with the Fury later, much better kit!!
  8. Jose, i am sooo jealous of your master class paint job on the cockpit! Congratulations! I´ll be with you until the kit is finished! Thomas
  9. The masks should be available in may, see the May Expected Releases on their website. I got the interior set and it looks great. Two sheets printed in colour, a third one just metal. Lots of instruments that are missing on the kit. But i wonder why Eduard didn´t get the RLM 66 on the colour parts right, they don´t fit any colour reference i have . I am on the Lotfe using them, and the parts printed in colour look phantastic.
  10. Hi Johan, i love your paint job! This bird looks stunning.
  11. Hi guys, this is Thomas from Germany. I just had a phone call a minute ago with Ernst Peddinghaus on the VAT. He told me that with orders from overseas (and i think this applies to the States and Canada ) the VAT will be deducted. He told me that whoever is interested in some of his products should write him an email at Ernst Peddinghaus and he will do his best. HTH Thomas
  12. Looks very interesting so far. But have a second lok to the original "Werkszeichnung" (factory drawing) on top of your threat: you will have to change the tail fin for a later one! This powerful variant of the 109 surely has metal rudders. Do you also plan doing an african version? ...
  13. Absolutely marvelous job, Pastor! Would like to see more pictures of this bird. Looks phantastic to me. Congratulations!! A question: why did you separate the rear landing gear doors (parts C47 & C48)?
  14. Is the difference in appearance this noticable between the N canopy and one from Hasegawa? I have no Hasegawa kit so i cannot compare...
  15. For our not German speaking friends: the German word "Notsender" could crudly be translated as "radio transmitter in case of emergency". If anybody has a more appropriate English translation i would be glad to hear. Thanks again Guttorm for your never ending support on the Ju 88!!
  16. Hi Guttorm, nice to have you back here! Any chance to see a picture of your finished U4+TK from the underside? I am interested in the colour separation from dirty white to RLM 65 (you mentioned this some posts ago). Some Eduard sets for the Ju 88 are scheduled for next month. Will check them for cockpit instruments in colour.
  17. Not much interest in your built? Guttorm, check six! It is me close behind you and watching! Your work is most inspiring, i am sure there are many many readers following this excellent thread.
  18. Hi Tim, you are doing two of Fisher´s great Fury? Wow, a lot of work, but very satisfying. Your two builts look like mine some months ago. But now it is finished, and i LOVE it! Worth every penny. Here it is: Will have a look at your built ARC Forums later, they are down in the moment. Have fun! Thomas
  19. Thank you very much for getting us this step-for-step on making a diorama. This is what i really have to learn... Great and clear pics, good explanations. I will follow your progress!
  20. On the other side is my PC, LSP on the screen, yes!! The green table is our place where we do all the airbrushing. The window is nearby, so it is possible to get fresh air in (and all the smells out...). As you may have noticed all our lights on the tables give artificial daylight, relaxing the eyes and showing the true colours when painting. No, this is the hobby room of Heidi and me. It´s great to be here on LSP and sharing our hobby with people you never met in person, but you can make, and have made, friends! Happy modelling! Thomas
  21. This is my place. In the works is Revell´s Ju 88, inspired a hefty lot by Junkers88A1 here at LSP! Thank you very much, Guttorm!! In the steel locker at right is all the stuff i think i need to model, paints, glues, i do not know what´s all in there. I always find some stuff i never knew i have it...
  22. My luck is, that my missus shares my hobby, and she is good in it! Here we see her place where two Fujimi E-2C Hawkeyes are built in parallel! Above on the shelf is here newly finished AM Avenger, and some other "projects".
  23. Now, my name is Thomas. I live in southern Germany, not too far away from Lake Constance. We just moved into this home in december and decided to make the smaller room the master bedroom (hey, you´re only there when you sleep, so there is no need for unneeded space ...) and made one of the bigger rooms our hobby room.
  24. A long time ago, in my youth, Hasegawa sold decal sheets with lines on in different colours, from fine lines to broader ones on the same sheet. Luckily i have the yellow version, too. So i used the finest stripe from this decal sheet. Phantasy Print Shop makes such decal sheets, too. But here the yellow was too warm in my eyes to use it on the landing gear.
  25. I also got the landing gear wells painted, now i can begin to glue them together. I first airbrushed them Tamiya Gloss Black as a primer for Alclad Duraluminium. After the Duraluminium i brushed a coat of Future or Klear as a barrier for Alclad Transparent Yellow. I wanted to get as close as possible to the pictures you posted in your thread on the details of the Ju somewhere else in this forum. Here a picture: Not too good but good enough for me. What do you think, Guttorm?
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