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  1. Short, but informative review. Just as I like it! Thank you! As you said, the IP decals are sadly useless. Yahu to the rescue!
  2. Javier, as a native German speaker I just would like to get you the correct spelling: Vater u. Sohn Please also note the upper and lower case letters. I cannot read the the word above " Vater u. Sohn", maybe there will be a better picture posted here? Hope my little contribution will help you to do a wonderful build!
  3. Fulda? Just about 362 kilometres form where I am. Straight up North. Traffic jams, and a Russian tank here and there...
  4. Absolutely amazing! Beautiful works so far, simply fantastic!
  5. Looking really great! Any idea on the price so far? "Friedensengel", what a name! Translates to "Angel of peace"...
  6. Joe, the only other one I know would be MDC's Ar 234. A full resin kit, designed by artist Radu Brinzan. Having seen both kits I tend to say Radu's is the better one, imho. I have got my hands on it, so, if you would be interested in details, you know where to find me!
  7. Maybe I could join the comparison with my 1/16 scale RC kit. If it gets build some day. What a beast!
  8. Absolutely. Thanks for sharing this video. So touching, see this veteran being back with a Lanc.
  9. Same here! The shape of the Jagdpanther cries power and destruction. A superiour running gear together with well sloped armour and a gun that could blast anything in reach. What a combination!
  10. So I am back here on this so informative topic, only to see the the "forum´s menace" has struck again... Initially I wanted to thank all for this valuable exchange of information and help, but now I am somehow shocked to see Vincent remove his contributions. I feel sad that a fine thread has gone down the drain. As another no-native speaker I think I can understand the problems of people interacting in a language that isn´t their mother tongue. Too bad this sometime gets personal, with consequences for all of us who enjoyed the information shared here alot, especially yours, Vincent! Don´t know what to say, I feel sad. @ Vincent: I hope you might be able to have your posts restored. What a loss for many of us because of this!
  11. Yes, the Euro 359 is including our 19% VAT.
  12. Here we go the same lane: I also don´t like to get photographed.
  13. Ah, the benefit of being a native German speaker! A video review of my favourite German model shop, one of the most large ones we have here. It has been said that the first limited edition of this kit will comprise not only clear parts for the front fuselage, but also the complete rear one! Fit of those parts is mentioned (and shown) as excellent. They couldn´t show the wings, for they haven´t been in their first samples due to not having been ready for shipment then. Modellbau König will do another video when the wings have been arrived. What I am really impressed are the amazingly polished clear parts! On the other hand, not having seen the kit parts in reality myself, the non-clear fuselage parts could possibly have been done from the same moulds as the clear ones, means, those are highly smooth on the outside, too. Could possibly need some primer for acrylics to bite. But we will see. MBK expects their first kits in October. Their website mentions the kit to be available for sale from beginning to middle November 2018. Price is given as Euro 359.00, not taken into account the benefits a power-buyer as me gets from them... 359.00 Euro equals 413.92 USD, or 586.89 AUD for our Aussie friends. I personally prefer such video reviews due to the possibility to have a look at kit parts from different angles. As being German, for me there is no need to understand English to follow it (though I do).
  14. On the first try simply nothing happened. When I tried now, after your reply, the new page opened and showed the download link.
  15. I am in no way connected to Peddinghaus, but I have made no negative experiences when doing my Ju 88 build. My sheet of Balkenkreuze and stencils had a continuous carrier film, but I expected this. What I did notice was how incredible thin those decals have been, in a positive way. So, nothing to complain. So far I haven´t used any of his other sets. Maybe there has been a change in material or manufacture, reading the comments above?!?
  16. Finally! Found this one on ScaleMates a minute ago, added to my wishlist. Had no luck looking for a website or company with this name. Anyone with a link?
  17. Love the drawing and the pictures of the real aircraft! Watching!
  18. I would remove the Tamyia primer, than clean the resin parts in 96% Iso alcohol to degrease them. Reprime with Alclads Grey Primer. Good luck!
  19. Jan, the metal lower surface looks ace! A pleasure to follow this epic build!
  20. +1 on the 3D IP! What a build!
  21. Got my Skymaster kit these days. Good to see some aftermarket decals are on the horizon! Now I am waiting for Roden to reply to my email, asking for replacement fuselage parts. Mine, too, are badly warped. Soft plastic, all sprues in one single bag including the clear parts(!), maybe not the best way to package a kit...
  22. Alex, watching at the box art this exactly was my first thought, too.
  23. The best way to go for everyone doing one of AIMS´s Ju 388 kits! I have their L-1 conversion set, and one of the roadblocks of this are their resin propeller caps. These are cast with a rather thick wall thickness that has to be thinned a lot to enable the hub to get in! Much easier and more detailed to model Henri´s set! The other roadblock, in my opinion, is the bomb bay pan; the recessed panel lines on this one are done shakey. I don´t expect someone to do an improved one, so maybe I will fill the recesses and try to engrave clean ones...
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