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  1. Taking a guess that the factory cast parts might be the grey ones? John, are the resin propeller blades direct copies of the Revell Ju 88A-1 ones?
  2. Hi John! I wonder how good your German is? What exactly is written in those circles?
  3. John, any pictures so far of the propeller blades? Maybe of the full propeller attached to the engines? Any update on the release date?
  4. You might check the orientation of the engines in the frame here...
  5. No worries from my side, John. As long as the production pieces will meet the quality you are after I gladly will wait.
  6. No. To be exactly it´s an illustration. I also did not mention having a photo in the opening post. If it would have had a photo of this new version be assured I would have posted it. Sometimes I simply don´t get it...
  7. Rog, according to the diagram on Fw 190 radials ZM had been shown on several occasions during shows the first version should be a Fw 190A-3, the first kit of all to appear in their new SWS Basic Series. This new Basic series will be more like the "normal" plastic kits most manufacturers do these days, with reduced parts and detail in comparison to ZM´s SWS Standard Series. I have the file of this diagram of Fw 190 radial kits here with me. Will ask in Japan if I am allowed to place a link to it.
  8. So far, having got the file this morning, all I do know is what is written on the picture: it is a re-design of the previous SWS #02 kit. Given ZM´s dedication and attention for specific details I would be very surprised only to see the exactly same sprues in this new issue. This will not only be a simple re-box of the existing kit as far as I would go today. The specific differences will get ZM´s attention, but which and in how far, nobody knows as today.
  9. As many here will know the Ta 152H-0 was a series of about 20 pre-production aircraft build. The later series was re-designated Ta 152H-1 and differed by having additional six fuel tanks in the wings. This should be the only and most obvious difference between H-0 and H-1.
  10. Rog, IIRC Bill had posted a picture of the 1/48 scale Ta 152H-1 as it is shown from ZM on shows as the Nuremberg Toy Fair. So indeed it is the same type of aircraft, albeit different sub-type and scale. The original Ta 152H-1 release is indeed sold out, as it is mentioned on ZM´s website. The kit itself still is available as the Manga, or SP series in a different box comprising all the plastic parts as the original SWS release #02. Nonetheless this original SWS #02 release is gone.
  11. Peter, there is only one picture so far as I have posted it above in the opening post.
  12. This morning SPAModeler got new advertisement files to publish from our Japanese friends in Kyoto. On this advertisements Zoukei-mura first shows the announcement of SWS #11: the 1/32 scale Ta 152H-0! Shown here is an extract from these files. I thought why not share it here with our friends on LSP? It is a re-design of their long sold-out SWS #02 kit, the Ta 152H-1. More news as soon as we get it!
  13. There is nothing to "open" on this website. The German text just gives a very general overview of the museum, it´s history and exhibits. :-(
  14. Welcome to LSP! What a good looking Raiden! Good job, like it!
  15. I wonder how you levelled out those plastic shims without damaging the rivets and the surface beneath? Or did I miss this info in a previous post? The best build of the Do I have seen so far, btw.!
  16. Looking great! A fine job having those panels opened without doing the beautiful line of this bird too much harm.
  17. I like your careful, slow and dedicated approach to this kit, Ryan!
  18. Have seen a fully build up HPH Me 410 at a show here in Germany recently. Talked to the guy that build it and he wasn´t really enthusiastic about the design and fit of this kit... But, resin kits never are the same, so maybe yours will fit much better? Hope so! Wouter, I will follow your build for sure! Interesting subject and an impressive amount of stuff to assist you in your build! You also got the good old Revell Omega compressor, as I see! Did you ever build a resin kit before? Getting some of Radu´s PE saws was a clever idea, won´t miss them.
  19. Radu, congrats to your very cool build in the Concept Note book! An honour for me to have my build next to yours!
  20. With all those Ho 229 kits arriving at your homes now don´t miss to get this here: Mine arrived yesterday in a direct flight line from Japan!
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