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  1. bigz28man

    F-14A Miss Molly

    I know this is a old topic, but I ordered 3 of the vf-111, (set 1) decals. I only wish I ordered the decals when it was solely the vf-111 ( hi vis. and low vis set) I love the white shark mouth fuel tanks. I'd really like to see this decal set 1/32 32024 F-14A VF-111 Sun Downers Miss Molly Decals (OOP) come back
  2. bigz28man

    Some f-14 sundowners

    Sounds good thankyou
  3. bigz28man

    Some f-14 sundowners

    I have tons of pictures from my builds just can't seem to find an easy way to upload photos. Also have a revell 1:32 f-15 build as well.
  4. bigz28man

    Some f-14 sundowners

    https://pin.it/djcevyjxujdgyf https://pin.it/xtvt3zgj4j6goqHey guys new to the board here. I just about done with my revell 1/32 tomcat vf-111 sundowner ( miss molly) and my trumpeter 1/32 tomcat vf-111 sundowner. Looking for some marble or granite to mount wire into to display these two birds in flight. Really looking for another set of decals that zotz did (zotz decals 1/32 32024). I'd like to get the white shark mouths for the fuel tanks, also do a low visibility miss molly as well. I can't find this decal set anywhere.