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  1. Absolutely incredible! It’s exactly what this kit deserves and will take it from a mediocre kit to a masterpiece! Just ordered my set!
  2. What an amazing and inspiring build I definitely need to purchase the cockpit set as I am really struggling with the ip! Fantastic work and thankyou for sharing!
  3. Hell ladies and gents, my apologies for the absence a house move and a busy January has halted progress apart from adding the cover to the headrest. (Only a prototype) will be back with a big update at the end of feb!
  4. I’ve had a closer look and I see what you mean. The coaming is basically vertical, don’t know how I missed that as I felt something just wasn’t quite right but makes life a little easier when I tackle the coaming. Thanks again for highlighting
  5. Hi Steve, I’ve just checked the instructions and there’s no provision for centre line storage in the kit. I’ll take a look at my reference material and see what I come up with! LT
  6. Many thanks for the info Matt. I’m aiming to be close but if I’m honest I set a base line that an aircraft of this size should have 32nd scale detail at minimum so there will be some inaccuracies to the purists. All the building I do is by eye using reference photos and other points in the cockpit for scaling. Im going to tackle the instrument panel next and will construct it in layers (the white card in the image was a test) I plan on making the hud, the MFD’s and the the centre separately to get the correct depth. The sidewalls have all been sanded smooth and a basic re scribing done before I add the switches etc. Its a a great scale but being so large you either go basic or go all out! I will I’ll try my best to do this kit and the aircraft justice! thankyou again for following the build. LT P.S. any info in where to source reference materiel would be amazing as google is limited all bar a great exterior walk around of an Italian navy harrier
  7. Hi guys, another quick update. Managed to bring a travel build kit and the cockpit so have started adding the layers to the seat. Added some yellow that still needs black striping and also have made a start on the upper harness straps and buckles. just the lap straps to go a gloss, wash then Matt coat and I’ll call this done!
  8. Thanks Kev! She certainly is huge, going to be a big bill for the paint! She’s a modellers dream though and a good scale for scratch building, just not for the faint hearted. Displaying it may prove to be a nightmare but I’ll worry about that later!
  9. Good evening Gentlemen and ladies if your reading! My apologies for the delay it seems close protection isn’t as quiet as people would let you think! Any way as promised here are some more images of my progress. It’s been a little slow as I only had a 7 day break before being back on task. Threw some primer on the seat and decided I still wasn’t happy with the dimensions so broke out the milliput. Whilst I was at it I had a play with a prototype for the seat cushions. Primed seat Playing with the seat cushion highlighted to me the back was still to short. I’ve also added a set of seat belt harness mounts (white card) The seat after an extension (pre-sanding) With the prototype back rest With some colour before the highlighting just gave it a quick dry brush so the detail came out in the shot. Going to be a bit of trial and error to get the colours how I want them. Here she is in place in the next few shots and one with the nose installed just to start giving an impression on what a beast of a kit it is! And an an old full view mock up. Couldn’t resist! i am home next week so will start the cockpit side consoles and maybe the ip. Have also just realised I have missed the 1/32 b-24 release which may be a good thing as having this in 1/18 and a 1/18 aggressor f-16 disassembled ready for some serious detail I think I may genuinely need a hanger should I find the b-24! Really happy to see such an icon in an impressive scale! Although being a lover of aircraft and 1/32 scale or larger I’d like a kit of every military aircraft on the planet! Any way I hope you enjoy the pics and I’ll get some more up next week of the wings I’ve re-shaped/butchered. Happy modelling! LT
  10. Many thanks for the comments gentlemen, she is a beast but it’s been great fun working on her up to this point and a great scale to practice scratchbuilding on. The only issue will be how and where to display. I think there is going to be a long conversation with the missus! when I return home I’ll post pics of my work so far on the wings. Then my next project is the cockpit IP and side consoles. I’d scratch built the throttle but that was eaten by the hoover. Ill try and dig up some shots of my recent ju-88 build to show my external painting techniques. Yes I saw Harold’s awesome wheels! It was those posts that inspired me to share. I think they will be well worth the money and a great addition.
  11. Many thanks! Let’s see if I can get this to work! Puffer duct before Cut out built up with an old drop tank and some strip the ejection seat was to narrow and far to short sitting almost under the line of the canopy, Ive widened it and added some detail, its more artistic licence but close to the real thing. Will look good painted this image is to show the proportions I’m aiming for this is the beginning of the rear bulkhead the bulkhead with some added detail pre priming and after needs some clean up but again will come together with some painting thats all the images I have until I return home then I can share the huge amount of work required on the wing reshape. It will be worth the hard work in the end I’m sure of it!
  12. Hi Kev, I’m currently using my iPad. I work in private security and am currently on task. It’s not until I’d uploaded the text I realised I can’t upload images from my tablet. I return home soon so will upload from my desktop. That is unless there is a way it can be done!? Many thanks for for the help. LT
  13. Hi guys I’m new to the forum and have never shared my work online. After seeing the lack of builds online for this model I thought I too would share my work. I will try my best to live up to the great work posted on this forum. To that end I’d like to share my progress so far on this great 1/18 harrier kit. The kit kit is massively out of proportion in many areas. But due to its size I think the main area of focus for anyone who sees it in person will be the cockpit. (It’s too large to be picked up when finished!) here are my progress pics so far. I have completed the nose puffer duct and started the mamoth task that is the cockpit. And reshaping the wings!
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