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  1. As I suspected very good advice from very good people. I thought I would cut my teeth on a couple of Revell kits before stumping up the money for one of the Tamiya kits. The problem I've got it is that there are so many kits out there, I know so of them are complete dogs and before I consider buying, I'm trawling through the discussion forums to see which ones to avoid. I've managed to get a couple of cheap kits off Ebay with the intention of learning the ropes again and honing my skills before stepping up the ladder to the good stuff and joining the likes Tony T and others. What do they say you need to crawl, walk and the then run, well I'm trying to walk very quickly, I just hope I don't fall over, if I do I know I can look to you guys for help to get me back on my feet Thanks
  2. Again thanks for all the advice and assistance.
  3. Again thanks for the assistance, while I'm waiting for some Phantom bits I've made a start on a Revell ME262B night fighter B1/U1 kit seems good ordered a couple of extras for it, detail stuff from Eduard and I'm doing some scratch building on it. I've opened up a hatch on the starboard side rear and fitted out the port side with some made up bits, (sorry not accurate, but just wanted to try my hand at it) plus if its crap you won't see much of it, I'll also be making the new hatch cover out of a drinks tin to fit over the hole I've made! I've gone and got some lead wire and copper wire and I've gone to town on the back of the instrument panel with connections. plus some of the other flat panels, where I'm adding pipes and cables. My intention is to go to town on the engines with scratch built bits to make them more realistic. The problem I've got is I'm like a drug addict I'm scouring Ebay and other sites for kits, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop at the moment and I'm hoovering up kits and bits like no body business, ScottsGT right I've got the bug and my missus thinks I've gone nuts! The thing is there is so much stuff out there, yes I know there rubbish there, but in amongst them must be the odd golden nugget. I've managed to get a brand new 1/32 Revell Corsair for less than a £10.00 and the money Ive saved I'm buying Aires and Eduard stuff to tweak it. As another discussion point, do you guys think its better to get an older kit and fit it out or pay top dollar for a Trumpeter or Tamiya kit and just build them?I know you get what you pay for sometimes with some of the top price stuff re fit, but is the price difference justified? Thanks for all the hints and tips.
  4. Hi guys thanks for the welcome to the forum, yes its the green grey F4G from what I can see the hobby has moved on in leaps and bounds. Thanks for the great advice I remember the day when you used to do this on your own and just enjoyed it, its great to have such a great font of knowledge to dip into and to admire the work of others. Thanks again for the welcome a soon as I make a start i'll post some photos and get some feedback from you. Again thanks for the welcome
  5. Hi guys just joined the forum, this might be a male menopausal thing but I'm coming back to this hobby with money and enthusiasm that I could never have when I was younger! So please forgive me if the question sounds stupid, but if you don't know, you should always ask! I have a brand new F4G that i got for under £30.00, now I think the Revell kit is a really good base. The money I saved not buying say a Tamiya kit kit I wanted to spend some of this on enhancing it. Ive already bought Eduard Brassin 632001 1/32 McDonnell F-4C/D/E/F/G Phantom seats and wanted to add a new resin cockpit and some of the other corrections such a new tail pipes. One big I'm struggling with is getting a Revell resin cockpit, do you think I can use one designed for another kit? if so which one would you recommend. Or am I wasting my money and the Revell kits OK? The other thing I wanted to do was the nose and a radar enhancement to be honest im not that good at scratch building other than doing pipes and boxes! Folks your thought please. ThanKS Pat McKee
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