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  1. thanks Richard for your words, I'm following your awesome Mustang build, cheers! Thanks Master Mark , I 'm glad cheers thanks Tom, yes. those footages are pure Mustang gold indeed! cheers little update, today I recreated the canvas cover for the landing gear tail, used some milliput putty, some very useful reference pictures by Laurent Boulestin, cheers
  2. thanks Tom, always a pleasure mate! cheers thanks Mark, pure High-tech So today's update, the kit I bought is the "silver color plated" version which I did not know at that time, I personally would not recommend it as surfaces need to be sanded to let the glue make its work... I used a spare non fin tail from my previous Mustang the fuselage halves have been closed I decided to sand and engrave the fasteners on the cowling since tamiya represents them raised, this operation was done with the binding tool n6, the cowling piece is very thin and easy to go through.. so careful is needed! also the small panel next to the windshield has been deleted as not in use for this early model. Also been working on this, applying putty about the 40% of the front wings to delete the rivets and panel lines like in this very nice diagram by John Terrell showing the procedure used in NAA in order to maintain the laminar flow characteristics of the wing. thanks for watching, so until next one, cheers Antonio
  3. the masks went perfect, smooth job, you are about to have fun with the weathering, you got it Tom! cheers
  4. Thanks Tom, good eye mate, yes, it looks also like there is a strap in which the hose is clipped, I should revise that, thanks and cheers!
  5. thanks Peter, glad that you like it and are follow it, cheers Thanks Mark, glad to hear that you had fun in my country, I'm sure you enjoyed tapas and the sun of the south cheers Thanks Bevan So, the other sidewall is done now, hoping to close that fuselage halves pretty soon and move to the wheel bays which will be the next big task, thanks for looking, cheers
  6. incredible attention to detail Mark, this will be very handy for my wheel bay as reference! cheers
  7. Thank you Mark, I can't say less about your work, truly inspirational mate! cheers been working on the right cockpit sidewall, again Terrell's sims as a guide, used Barracudas cockpit resin and placards decals, added some white punched decals to represent the NAA inspection stickers also, cheers
  8. Thanks Mike and Tom, glad that this stuff is useful, John is a devoted Mustang expert, cheers talking about seats, yesterday I decided to change the back cushion color in to yellow, also wanted to use the Barracuda decal for it cheers
  9. thanks Tom, yes there were 2 type of seats used on the "D" model the Warren Mcarthur model and the Schick Johnson, I can quote some explanation from John Terrell himself written in the Mustang SIG forum time ago: The more I have looked at photos, the more it seems that the metal SJ seat only became prevalent, or at least more prevalent, in later D-models, past the D-15-NA era blocks. It seems that P-51D-5-NA's and D-10-NA's, if at least mostly, were fitted with WM seats. I don't recall seeing much, if any, photos showing WWII-era P-51B's or C's fitted with anything other than a WM seat, though a few of the P-51B/C's flying today are fitted with a metal SJ seat to the stock seat posts, while others have a WM seat (of which there are multiple types) installed to the stock seat posts. You really start to see metal-SJ seats on P-51D-20-NA's, D-25-NA's, and D-30-NA's, though I believe you can also find WM seats mounted to these blocks as well. If I were to model a P-51D-5 to D-15, I'd be more inclined to model it with a WM seat, and if I were to model a P-51D-20 to D-30, I'd be more inclined to model it with a SJ seat (without looking at actual photos of the individual aircraft before starting). and some reference pictures, first the Warren Mcarthur seat a view of a P-51 D-5NA cockpit with the WM seat Secondly the Schick Johnson seat SJ seat visible in the 339th FG D-20 picture
  10. Thanks Gazas, much appreciated cheers thanks Albert, it's all for the Mustang passion cheers jejej, gracias Tag, rock duro! Thanks Thor, glad you like it, kind words! Cheers Glad you like it Sepp, hopefully will keep it going ! cheers Progress from last session on the seat, printed some dashed lines on white decals and some barracuda leftovers also, hope you like it, until next, cheers Antonio
  11. thanks Mark, it's great to have this wonderful build back cheers
  12. wow, great cockpit John, really stands out!!! one small detail of the control column caught my eye, the central portion was also black not grey, some ref here, keep that beast forward mate, cheers
  13. Thanks Tom, glad you find it interesting and useful, cheers Thanks Gazas, hope it is worth it although won't be much visible when he canopy is on lol, cheers progres from today is the Instrument panel, used as reference guide the amazing work of John Terrell simulators, they are so accurate. Used mostly the Revell kit decals which are for the D-5 block, it's been a labor of love, had to cut each one independently to transfer to the panel, neck hurts but I'm satisfy next is the seat, cheers
  14. progress from today, I try for the first time ever the hairspray technique to create the wood floor chipping, seat and instrument panel are base painted now and will be ready tomorrow, cheers some actual reference
  15. great Job Tom, love how the mottling came out!! cheers Antonio
  16. Thanks Mike for sharing, it's a beauty, great job and love the fact that your model is at the Bottisham Airfield Museum!!! cheers
  17. pics from today's session, some paint on the fuel tank, although the radio rack will cover mostly of the surface, cheers
  18. Thanks John, I was very tempted to do a Korean war Mustang, maybe next one, cheers! thanks John, I'll supply reference for sure! thanks mate, would love to see your version , post it here please, cheers! thanks Madmax for your words, stay tune! cheers
  19. Bellisimo!!! amazing job Filippo in those interior details!!!! cheers
  20. looking nice that seat, maybe some comfy lumbar cushions? cheers
  21. Thanks Tom, gotta love Mustangs mate, on the verge of insanity added some Archer rivets on this part cheers
  22. Thanks Misha, I'm glad you like it, cheers small progres from today, gotta love Barracuda's pedals with NAA logo Added with milliput the attach buttons of the control column fabric missing in the kit started with one of the tank pipes and a clear plastic for the little jar some more elements just for a visual view
  23. Thanks a lot Brett and John for your words, cheers I represented the Dynamotor for the SCR-522-A and the thin wall between the seat and tank although it won't be any visible at all once the rest of the elements will be installed
  24. starting with the fuselage tank, gave it some texture with putty
  25. Hello everyone, going to build this bird flown by Ace Wallace Hopkins of the 361st Fighter Group, here some reference pictures of "Ferocious Frankie" as I'm intended to represent, "Ferocious Frankie”, named in honour of his wife Frankie, coded B7 H of the 374th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group. Wallace Hopkins was born in Washington, Georgia and flew a total of 76 combat missions with the 361st where he flew as Operations Officer. He was an ACE credited with 8 victories and 1.5 damaged. His decorations include the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross both with Oak Leaf Clusters and the French Croix de Guerre, one of four awarded to members of the 361st. A native of Washington, Georgia, “Hop” Hopkins enlisted in the US Army Air Corps in 1939 and a year later entered pilot school. After graduation on July 1941, he flew P-39s, P-40s, and P-47s with the 8th Pursuit Group at Mitchell Field, New York. Reassigned to the 361st Fighter Group in 1943, Major Hopkins was appointed Group Operations Officer and flew P-47D, P-51B, P-51D and P-51K aircraft on bomber escort and ground attack missions from Bottisham and little Walden in England, St Dizier, France and Chievrers, Belguim. Having been promoted to Lt. Col. In 1944, Hopkins was appointed Deputy Group Commander in April1945. During the Korean War, Col. Hopkins served as Deputy Wing Commander, 8th Fighter Bomber Wing, flying F-80s. He retired on February 1968. Colonel Wallace E. Hopkins, USAF (Retired), died on 26th April 1992 at the age of 74. Victory Credits 29th May 1944 2 Fw 190’s destroyed (Air) Vicinity Pitka, Poland 29th June 1944 4 Fw 190’s destroyed (Gnd) 1.5 Fw 109’s damaged (Gnd) Oschersleben A/D, Germany 8th August 1944 2 Fw 190’s Destroyed (Air) Vicinity Evreux, France cheers
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