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  1. Thanks Kev, I will try to shoot some pics tomorrow at open air, hopefully more sexy angles will appear, greetings to Melbourne, I lived there for 2 years, cheers! Antonio
  2. absolutely gorgeous build, really enjoyed the process, can't wait to follow your next project! cheers
  3. thanks chaps! yes the pilot came with the kit but did some detailing, been working on the prop blades and drop tanks, cheers
  4. Thanks for your words Taff, the goggles come with the kit, they are nice indeed! cheers
  5. Hi gents, I would like to share the progres on this great kit, I hope to finish it very soon and do a decent photo session, cheers! Antonio
  6. another superb update Peter, now that you are plumbing this can be useful cheers
  7. lovely detail work as you do Peter, you are going to be entertained on that wheel bay, so many parts, it will look amazing for sure! I have seen different color configurations on unrestored Mustang's wheel bays, most of them have the top cover in bare aluminum showing the Alclad lettering like the pic you posted, are you replicating that also? cheers
  8. Superb update Peter, this footage shots are good material for the dog's house even though they show D models cheers
  9. Hi Peter, this pic comes from the manual I think, not sure if it is a B/D model I personally would think it was left bare metal cheers
  10. Hi Ryan, I have the same feeling about my tamiya Mustang, also started mine in 2014.... hope we get enough strenght to finish up the build this year, YES WE CAN!!! cheers Antonio https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2758-tamiya-p-51-mustang-betty-lou/?tab=comments#comment-37533
  11. Hi Chris, that canvas could be open to acces to the control column and linkage mechanism wich sits on the wing part under the cockpit, as well as ventilation system. I recomend watching my friend's build in wich many aspects like this were ilustrated, very Mustangly educational speaking lol : cheers https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235029538-missouri-armada-p-51d-mustang-documents-and-partial-scratch-from-the-tamiya-148-kit/&page=3
  12. Hi Miloslav, very nice cockpit and proyect, will follow it closely mate! can I point out that the radio rack was painted black and not green as tamiya intructions say, they came out black from the North American Aviation factory as this shot from the video 1944 line factory shows, hope it helps if you are looking for historical accurate rendition. cheers
  13. congratulations miroslav on this georgeous rendition, beautiful work mate! cheers
  14. those are position lights, non standard, visble in this picture cheers
  15. The angled in toward the cockpit black stripes on top of the wings were supposed to be used as an aid for dive-bombing. Your height and distance aside of the target before you dived dictated which line to use
  16. the pictures work on his thread at Britmodeller forum
  17. so cool Peter, even the little details like ink stamps, gotta love this build! cheers
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