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  1. I did a dissection of a paint piece which fleaked apart, I used a scalp to go through the different layers starting from the bottom one, what I found was: the first layer on to the wood was the green antifungal, as I continued scrapping a thin metallic layer appeared, I have no clue what it was but was very supercicial, then a grey layer shown, very thick, it remind me of squadron putty texture, there was a lot of it, next another thin layer of the metallic paint, this was the last before the superficial paint layer, at this point it was so thin that it started to break which also demonstrates that the top coat color paint was super thin itself. cheers
  2. Thanks Vincent, I didn't know it was an antifungal, I guess it is the same type like the yellow/green one used in the radio wood panel as well. cheers
  3. yes mate, the mottling was applied quite fast and superficial and with a gesture movement, as you said modern reproductions fail on this, using masks or oversaturating the paint over the mottling. cheers
  4. here are some examples of other polywood 109 examples, they also show that distinctive green protective undercoat paint and dark magenta stains, I'm guessing it is the glue used
  5. Hi everyone, wanted to share these pictures from a polywood tail pieces from a Me109 G10/U4 W. Nr. 611008 that I recently acquired. it crashed near Schoenberg due to flak fire, they are in great condition and show RLM 74/75/76.
  6. Hi John, looking good this build, the computer cockpits and Flickr album belongs to John Terrell, a superb cg artist and a very knowledgeable Mustang expert which does flight simulator models, he also did this illustration regardless the wing putty and smoothing application, but since you are doing a Korean war Mustang era, this procedure was not in use after ww2, yes the book "Building the p 51 Mustang" is a must have for Mustang lovers! cheers Antonio.
  7. impressive cockpit work Peter, it can't get better than this !! cheers
  8. I personally wouldn't add the lower cushion on your build, you can show some interesting chipping instead, the cushion you made has good textures but I think is a bit bulky and oversized comparing to the yellow one, some other interesting pictures here cheers
  9. Hi Brian, the line is so defined and straight that I'm inclined to think that the cushion had to be fixed acting like a mask and was later striped off to show this effect, rather than a chute that was occasionally put on, also the holes on the base seem to be attach points for it, cheers
  10. these are some interesting related pictures cheers
  11. There was some kind of cushion attached to the seat at least seen in some "D" models, as these pictures proof and in George Preddy's seat you can see the paint on the bottom preserved by the cushion.
  12. No problem Chris, glad to help. I think it belongs to a post war swiss Mustang, I post it because the floor view, as you said there is some modification done on that cockpit here some tuskegee pictures, happy modeling mate! cheers
  13. Hi Chris, nice work on that cockpit, on the Mustang floor, what you painted in green was a fabric cover, I quick colored your picture as a guide, hope it helps, cheers!
  14. here some interesting documents cheers
  15. Hi John, from what I remember reading in the p51 SIG some years ago, back in ww2 there was already a normative from the end of 44 to paint everything visible in black behind the pilot seat in order to avoid sun reflections in the cockpit, if the Korean Mustangs keep like that I don't know for sure but seems more like it, this is a replication of that in a warbird Mustang, cheers
  16. this example at DAYTON, Ohio is still wearing the black paint over the I.G.
  17. great project John, I'm looking forward to see the build going on, I am tempted to do a Korean Mustang too, about the differences with ww2 don't forget the cockpit were painted entirely in black, best luck mate! cheers
  18. HI Derek, cool project mate, however using Hasegawa's kit as a base wouldn't recommend it, it has big shape issues all around... a cheap option is the revell kit which captures the Mustang shape perfectly, anyway good luck mate, gotta love those oussies ponies!!! cheers
  19. Hi Peter, about the Wing finish All Mustangs even Allison engine models had their wings treated, this diagram by John Terrell is very illustrative, also attached is the NAA prodeceture, hope it helps! cheers
  20. wonderful Miloslav, really like the flaps, did you carve the stressed skin or is it some kind of aftermarket? cheers
  21. thanks for your words, I appreciate it, some PS composition with my model, thanks to Raul and Andrew Forrester cheers
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