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  1. This us fun to watch!!!! You're doing a great job! Remember seeing that aircraft back in the 80s when I was at the Black Sea with my aunt and my uncle. Felt in love with it and always wanted to build one...but never did :-( Is there a good Arado kit in 1/48? Поздрави от Германия ;-) Alex
  2. Great job Reimund!!! It's really impressive!!
  3. Reimund, didn't we talk about those problems yesterday? ;-) I think I would leave it as it is and try to "hide" it with a bit of putty and some pipes and hoses.
  4. Thanks a lot Tiberio!!!! Those are wonderful reference pics Cheers, Alex
  5. Great job on the engine parts Reimund!!!!
  6. Great reference pics Tiberio!! Thanks for sharing! @Reimund...I think I have to come over and pick up my Gina. Before you start a second one ;-)
  7. Beauty!!! Just sad that there is still no AM for that kit. A decent air intake would be great.
  8. Servus Reimund! Great progress so far!!!! Thanks for the very kind words my friend!!! May I introduce myself...I'm Alex who had the chance to take all the reference photos at the GAF museum in Gatow I might be as crazy about modelling as Reimund, but he's the guy who's actually building and finishing models Alex
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