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  1. This evening I went after one of the jobs on the list above. I was in the mood to see if I could figure something out for the intakes on the lower forward fuselage. Rummaging through my kits, I found two air scoops that fit the bill, in the old, Monogram 1:48 F-105D kit. Part number twenty one, shown on step six. About two thirds of the length was removed from each scoop, then the aft portion was shaped with a course sanding stick. Then, the parts were sanded with progressively finer grit sanding sticks until smoot
  2. Not just yet but soon. This project was set aside to push another model on the bench over the finish line, which is almost done. Also, I have needed to think about and decide, how many more details or features I want to add. Here are the final additions that I've arrived at before calling it quits and moving on to paint: Hinge detail for stabilators out of thin plastic sheet. Scoops for cabin air conditioning. One one each side. Air intake at the base of the vertical stab. - Slots on the leading edges of th
  3. Ok Rick, the first link I thought you should see went AWOL but check this out, might be worth a look... Greg
  4. The seat looks like a very good starting point. The side consoles and map pouch look great too, well done.
  5. How about showing us some more pictures of the ejection seat? Is that available as a stand alone item or was it only released with the OOP Isracast set?
  6. The AF-1 has been calling out to me but is behind two other projects in the queue. One thing that got me excited about it again is the new Duke Hawkins book. Frustratingly, the U.S. release date has been pushed back until January 7th. Pre-ordered it and waiting! Great start on the IP.
  7. Major, impressive comeback! Truly, this thing is looking great again after such trauma.
  8. This is just so nice to watch as it comes together. Fantastic job. Just like all of the other high level work on this site, once again I marvel at the transformation from built and unpainted to painted and weathered. It is so interesting to see the process I don't ever seem to get tired of it. Very nice.
  9. Really nice! Great job. Too bad your not in the U.P. anymore. You could bring it to the club if you were. Oh well...
  10. Hi Chuck. I am going to suggest another thing for you to experiment with. I just reread the part of the thread where you used a damp micro fibre towel under the model in order to minimize static electricity. When I used to work in a body shop, plastic bumper covers gave us fits. Ultimately, we found that by spraying the floor with water and using anti static wipes (made by PPG), we had a dramatic reduction in dust. Occasionally, almost none. Pretty great. Might be something to try before doing the next, gloss black finish. Greg
  11. No, I have only seen it online. I have a 1/16 WWII Kafer on the back burner, so I run across large scale armor stuff like that, when looking around at things online for my VW project.
  12. I recommend using distilled water if you go this route for the best result.
  13. Rick, is this something that might fit the bill? https://www.bimfico.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=577070 Greg
  14. Looks fantastic! Great job. Inspiring, informative and fun to follow! You can take a moment and enjoy a big step forward here. This part of the build was challenging and you expertly took it on and produced something incredibly good. Its very helpful to tag along and see a skillful, talented builder sort something out like this. Thanks, Greg
  15. In the mail today, I received a Master Model detail set which is a 1:72 version of the 1:48 details shown earlier in the thread. I immediately opened the package and took a couple quick pictures comparing the pitot tubes. I am going to go with the 1:72 version which I think looks perfect. 1:48 1:72 1:48 1:72
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