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  1. Mark, I grabbed some great images online, combined with a fantastic book by Sabot Publications. Here is a picture of the cover...
  2. Because the tank will be photographed with the turret hatches open, Dan asked me to make some interior details so that that the turret does not look empty. His instructions were just to simulate the main things that can be seen and not worry about recreating a complete or even totally accurate interior. The angle that the images will be taken from is quite shallow so the turret floor was not represented at all. Yes, there is lots of gizmology and liberties taken but the overall layout is simulated. Looking through the hatches when the turret is assembled, it looks busy enough for the needs of the photoshoot.
  3. I boxed in the front of the lower hull with sheet styrene. The kit does include some photoetch. The screen for the turret basket is very nice and so are the ones on the engine deck.
  4. Alright, another completed model for Dan. The 1/16 Tamiya M1A2, static display version, which is the RC kit without the motor and electronic stuff. It does retain the working suspension along with metal and rubber tracks that are pre assembled. The lower hull is made of aluminum while the rest of the parts are a combination of ABS and polystyrene. Next to a 1/35 M1... Many of the grab handles and other details are molded right to the hull and turret. Seems like a scaled up version of the 1/48 scale M1A2. I replaced the details that I thought needed it, a few looked good as they were.
  5. Ok, good to know. I am looking to find some 1/48 (preferably plastic) items to modify and graft onto the F-4 eggplane I have.
  6. Because many modelers use aftermarket exhausts, I am hoping that someone out there has a leftover set of 1/48 Hasegawa F-4E kit parts for sale or trade. Would like to get exhaust tubes and fan blades as well as tail feathers. The following image is a aftermarket 1/48 set (Aries I think). Couldn't find a photo of the Hasegawa kit parts to show what I'm after so I used this to illustrate. Greg
  7. There is a fantastic book on taking pictures of models for the novice by Juan M. Villalba, published by Andrea Press. It is called, How To Photograph Scale Models A Complete Guide To Digital Photography. The author shows how to use cell phones as well as inexpensive and higher end digital cameras. So easy to understand, you can quickly make better photographs with whatever you've got.
  8. I found an image that might provide what you are looking for. The link below will allow you to purchase the profile which I think, will give you a clean representation of the tail marking in question. I hope this helps, Greg http://www.flyingart.co.uk/SHOP/contents/en-uk/d6.html
  9. I like the fact that the game designers wanted your models in order to mimic the paint schemes and markings. That is a tremendous boost to get that kind of interest in something you've made! Just like you purchased the game to see the final result, I want to bring home the movie and watch how the models have been transformed and look on screen. The movie is still a few months away from being finished though.
  10. Hi Mark, thanks! All of the models on this post had clear plastic lenses that you drop into the light housing. I airbrushed Tamiya clear red (X-27) or orange (X-26) on the back of each lens. The grey paint is a 1:1 mix of Tamiya Flat White and Sky Grey, thinned 60:40 paint to thinner, which is 99% alcohol. I spray this at 15 psi using a Badger 150 airbrush.
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