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  1. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    I did not like the look of the indentations in the canopy frame for the mirrors, so I blanked them off with the evergreen sheet. I figured even with the kit mirrors in place, those areas would be noticeable without filler work. The back sides of the photoetch got a little Sharpie treatment as well.
  2. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    One cool thing I'd like to mention while on the subject of canopies, is this... Notice how the front of the plastic glued to the canopy is white, while looking at it from the rear, it is black. I colored the back side of the thin evergreen sheet with a Sharpie marker, then glued it to the canopy with Tamiya extra thin cement. The Sharpie ink blends with the glue so that the canopy frame looks like it is painted black when viewed through the clear plastic. Read Chuck Sawyer's P-38 Kicked Up A Notch WIP, where this technique is shown in detail. Thank you Chuck.
  3. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    I sat down after work today and thought I was going to finish with the wire and Eduard parts. The more I looked at it, the more I realized I didn't like what I was seeing. The photoetch pieces are too flat and gluing the wire down scares me. After seeing what CJP did on the canopy of his A-4G, I would like to emulate his approach. That looks really good Chris!
  4. GDW

    RAN A4G

    If you haven't already, check out these two builds by alaninaustria and ericg: Both are incredibly good.
  5. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    Trying to come up with a way to do the pressure seal around the canopy. The Eduard photoetch parts are designed to be placed together, but I have separated them in order to have the seal pass between the two. I was initially going to use the copper wire for the seal but I'm rethinking that now. Fine plastic rod? Solder? Not sure. Gluing the seal is the issue so maybe stretched sprue or evergreen rod is the way to go.
  6. GDW

    RAN A4G

    Welcome to LSP Chris! Looks like we've started our own A-4 group build. I was on Britmodeller earlier checking out how you went about detailing the landing gear. The nose gear looks great. The leading edge slat parts you made out of metal are impressive as well.
  7. Bruce

    did you get your F-15 instruction sheet

    1. GDW


      Hi Bruce. Yes, BloorwestSiR is scanning a set for me. Thank you for asking. Greg

  8. GDW

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Wow Lain, incredible work here! This is a particularly good WIP. How do you position and draw such precise, straight lines on the form for the canopy? Greg
  9. GDW

    Building Japanese

    Ok. I'll continue to look around online. Thanks
  10. Do you have any "before" pictures of the unpainted cockpit and ejection seat? Fantastic job with this classic!
  11. GDW

    Building Japanese

    Hi Dan. I've been following your build here, great job with the challenging paint work! Question, what color blue does the Revell instructions call out for the inert practice bombs? I was looking at the photo on the box earlier in the thread. I went to the Revell website to download the instructions but they are for a more recent boxing that does not feature the same weapon load-out. Thanks for doing this WIP, nice to see how you are progressing along, Greg
  12. GDW

    1/32 Me 262 A-1a/U4 Kanonenvogel Conversion

    Looking very, very good! The Kanonenvogel version is a great choice to do up on 1/32, nice to see.
  13. GDW

    Gunze thinner vs leveling thinner

    Here in the States, you can get Mr. Leveling Thinner through Sprue Brothers.
  14. Here is the ADU-299 temporarily white glued to a couple kit parts.