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  1. Everything looks so good: canopy, wing fold, paint! You are a bona-fide, old school aircraft modeler when you do a vacuformed model. Where did you find this kit?
  2. Well, look who dropped by, the other member of the miniature team! Welcome to LSP! Looking forward to seeing some more of your work here, since I'm not on Facebook. I am a big fan of how you paint. The requirements of the project dictate that all of the models have to be painted grey. It would have be nice to see how you would have painted and weathered the drones and M9. Dan and the computer will be doing that in our case. Nice to see you here friend, Later
  3. Glad your back and things are looking up! Beautiful job on the gun bay, you painting skills have not suffered at all during your absence.
  4. Below, the plastic parts are test fitted before final sanding, which I think will be easier to do after everything is glued together. Really, this was an excuse to practice using the jewelers hand vise. I would rather start fooling around with something like an eggplane gun, than landing gear for a 1:32 P-38. Looking kind of rough at the moment but the bulk of the work is completed. A real good way to spend the evening!
  5. I copied the photoetched fret from the set above, on my printer. The image was increased 150%, which enlarged the holes to the correct size, that fit the Albion Alloy brass tube I have on hand. The image was taped to some sheet styrene and a fine point was pressed into the center of each barrel location. Then, progressively drilled out.
  6. The Hasegawa F-4EJ Eggplane kit originally was issued with a figure, holding a M61 Vulcan gattling gun. The boxing I have, kit No. 60105, does include the Phantoms cartoon mascot but the gun was not present. Since on his left side, his hand is molded as if holding a handle, I decided to make a Vulcan for him to intimidate MiGs with. The gun came from the 1:48 AMT A-10 Thunderbolt. The barrels were removed and I grabbed a jewelers hand vise (that I bought originally to help me build 1:32 landing gear), in order to make six uniform gun barrels out of brass tube.
  7. Fantastic! Yeah, just like my 109, your F-18 deserves to be finished. A worthy cause that will deliver something extra upon completion. I have a 1:32 SOD kit that needs help too. I have personified that thing as if it has feelings. Gees, I guess CoVid has affected me more than I thought!
  8. I really like the, "revisit the joy" advice. Consider customizing an eggplane. Here are some benifits to such a goofy suggestion... - It's a small project, so not intimidating. - Perfect for blowing out the cobwebs on your skills. - I know you have left over parts and raw materials on hand that you can adapt to modify/detail the little kit. - Rivit counting isn't even possible! Only add or subtract what feels good to do at the time, no rules. - The best part, it's ridiculously entertaining, fun and creative.
  9. FYI Pricy, but it will easily and precisely cut 3/8" holes and discs in thicker plastic sheet. https://www.micromark.com/Precision-Disk-Punch-Set
  10. Well now, leave it to you Maru, that is a glowing endorsement! And, very much appreciated by me, truly. Thank you sir, Cheers
  11. I will be very interested to see the result! I do not know much at all, about how the 109 was set up and used for reconnaissance. Hearing about your build makes me want to look into it more.
  12. Thanks Derek. The fact that this model had not seen the light of day for so many years, makes me feel even better than I normally would about finishing it. It was perilously close to the great stash in the sky on several occasions. Also, I can't help but think of what was going on in my life when I started it. Still using many of the same tools, that carved/filed/drilled and sanded on it way back when. They are now old friends too.
  13. It sure would be nice if they chose to stock the Tamiya paint line. Are there any indications of a replacement?
  14. I know you can't rush good work... but it is getting hard to wait for more! Have you decided what paints you are going to use? Greg
  15. Thank you very much Jennings, I really enjoy that kind of feedback! I hope to successfully pull off some good looking layers of weathering once the decals are down and sealed. On this build, I followed the Hasegawa instructions for the paint scheme. I am going to backdate the 1:32 Hasegawa Bf109 G4 to an F4, with the same markings. The 1:48 model is a practice run for the paint work. I will appreciate any and all help when the time comes, since I am not in the Luftwaffe experten ranks.
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