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  1. Hi Maru. Unfortunately, none of the Verlinden Publications are in print anymore. There are several copies of this book currently on eBay and with a little time spent searching online hobby shops, it still can be found. I bought all of the, Modeling/Detailing/Painting/Weathering WWII Aircraft books as they were published. Here are the covers of the other books in this series. Greg
  2. For me, the aftermarket improvements I would like to have are new exhaust stacks and replacements for the spinner and propeller hub. I am not a 109E expert but the Airfix kit spinner and propeller hub do not look good to me when I leaf through my reference. I have always wanted to replace those items but have not felt that I am up to the task of making the hub. I will provide you with a complete kit if you decide to create more improvements! Shoot me a PM if that sounds like a plan. Here are a couple photos of the kit parts... And some of the real thing, which I took at the RAF Museum, in Hendon. One from the net to illustrate further, Here is a picture from a beautiful build of this kit. The prop/spinner is unmodified though and the photo is a good one for comparing what is provided by Airfix, out of the box and the pictures above. Thanks for directing some attention to these classics! Greg
  3. I am really glad to see you are making a wheel well upgrade for these kits. I have been wanting to do the Airfix 109 I have, so thank you for addressing that area of the kit. Any plans to create additional parts for the 109?
  4. GDW

    RAN A4G

    Wow! I am impressed with how good the landing gear repair looks after the dive. It's amazing that the refueling probe survived. Great to see this coming along, Chris. Looking forward to seeing more progress. Greg
  5. Guilty. Hasegawa eggplane kit: $9.00 Eduard Brassin exhaust set: $30.00
  6. Wonderful. Amazing job, really. This is a model you can look at for a long time and then just keep coming back to explore some more.
  7. Try this, there is a drop down list that gives several options for a link. Choose BBCode, then copy and paste the URL ( that is to the right of the green drop down arrow ) to the LSP post you want to insert the image into.
  8. Good! I hope it comes to fruition. A very fine volume it would make for sure.
  9. Right. Those will be added to my collection along with the new P-51 volume. These days, with the tremendous interest in 1:32 WW1 aviation modeling, it may not be so esoteric any more. However, if it is, I wonder if the unique subject matter might have an appeal all of its own? Certainly the quality of the work and the beauty of the aircraft (subjective I know) makes me think that it could be a popular title in the catalog.
  10. Really enjoying this incredible thread. Beautiful work! I this project should be another addition to the KLP Publications line up.
  11. A few quick shots of how the front end is coming together.
  12. It's funny how that goes. I used to really dislike the painting phase of model building. Detail painting being ok but not airbrushing. Not having a proper place to do it was a major issue for a long time. Slowly, it is growing on me and I am starting to enjoy it. If only I could say that about masking!
  13. I was curious after reading your post, so I visited the Trumpeter website, to see the tractor version. Do you plan to display it alone as a study of the vehicle or are you considering some kind of setting to place it into?
  14. I think you will enjoy building it. I would love to see you paint and weather yours. When you say "base" Trumpeter HEMTT, what do you mean?
  15. I was just reading the #1 LSP on your shelf of doom thread and it made me think of the first model I attempted to add a aftermarket resin engine to. This was in 1998 when I was inspired to try it after buying a Verlinden Publications book. I purchased the 1/48 Tamiya FW-190 D9 and the Verlinden update set and started cutting. This project would ultimately teach me a lesson about doing research and carefully reading instructions before charging ahead. A friend of mine who had already used this set, asked me how my project was going and I complained that the set didn't fit the airframe at all. I went on to tell him that I had to carve away a lot of resin on the bottom of the engine and it still was cocked up at to high of an angle. He informed me that sheet metal in the wheel wells of the D9 was removed and I had neglected to open them up on my model, causing the fit problems. Sure enough, I had overlooked the part of the V.P. instructions that illustrated that modification to the kit. Not to mention the Squadron FW-190 D9 book next to me on the table that showed the wheel wells in detail. Just went hell bent for leather and didn't take the time I should have to read the instructions or look at my reference. Even though I was so discouraged with my efforts on this attempt and it went to the shelf of doom, this model did give me the courage to attempt more involved builds and showed me that I could do this kind of thing if I took my time.
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