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  1. GDW

    Contact for Trumpeter for parts

    I just contacted Trumpeter, requesting the clear parts, sprue Q, for the kit I'm working on. Sprue Q has the front and rear canopy sections. I used the same e-mail contact listed above. I received a response just a few hours later! The person emailing me said, "Dear sir, I have asked my workmate to go the the factory to search the parts you need, Today he told me that he have no the stock. So,I'll make a note of you requeirs, Once I got them, I'll inform you at the first time.Ths!" I thought that was pretty fast! We'll see how long it takes to get the parts. Greg
  2. These two photos next to each other, really illustrate the difference between the two models.
  3. As you know, the canopy for the A-4M is different from earlier models. What version of the A-4 is the RNZAF one based on? The pull strap stayed however. The AF-1 is really a A-4M. It looks like the RNZAF A-4 is based off of a earlier version before the M, so the canopy is not the same.
  4. https://imgur.com/m27Wv50 I recently found a product at Wal Mart that I thought would be great, but when I checked it out at home, its way to thick to use. I will look for the silver Sellotape for sure. Thanks for the tip! Greg
  5. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    Our friend from Sao Paulo, HerculesPA_2, let me know about the 1/48 Caracal Models decal sheet (#CD48070) which I picked up. Here are the color call outs according to this guide:
  6. Does anyone out there know of a true mirror product which one can use to make rear view mirrors on a canopy frame? I really don't like the look of painting mirrors silver on a model.
  7. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    Man, I'm new at this. Sorry for the multiple picture sizes! Anyway, maybe someone out there has some expert knowledge to share on what shades of grey adorn this aircraft?
  8. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    More on paint... I have a instruction sheet, included with a set of decals, which indicates these three Federal Standard numbers for the AF-1: FS 36187 FS 36314 FS 36515 I don't know if these are accurate or not, but I have found three colors that correspond:
  9. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    Right. As a baseline to experiment with, I have: - 50/50 Gunze 337 & 308 - 50/50 Gunze 308 & 311 - 50/50 Gunze 73 & 69 It will be great to see what these mixtures look like, sprayed out. Gonna give it a try.
  10. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    Here is the test bed. A blank canvas! This kit has also been a testing ground for a technique I read about in Chuck540z3, P-38 kicked up a notch build. He demonstrates using Tamiya extra thin cement in multiple applications to close thin gaps in styrene plastic. I played around with that on this model to get the feel of it. Worked great. Even a very large gap where the forward portion of the avionics hump meets the top of the fuselage (right behind the cockpit) began to fill and close up after some treatment. Almost no gaps now. And no filler whatsoever.
  11. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    Yes, I paid particular attention to the painting process in that article. I'm just not sure I can adopt his process and achieve a similar result. I like the idea of starting with the 50/50 mixtures you have provided and adjust those to personal taste. If anyone else wants to chime in, the more the merrier! Thanks Kagemusha for the third color combo.