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  1. The second kit arrived in the mail and guess what? The canopy was cracked, like big time. So, I will see what Amazon has to say and take it from there. Hopefully, a replacement will be heading this way soon. Plenty of things to do in the meantime.
  2. Thank you! The more I have looked at the Fine Molds pitot, the more I like it. Just a touch too long, so I am going to trim off some of the length, a little at a time until it looks right. Not very much though, something like three or four millimeters.
  3. The 1:48 scale Fine Molds pitot set arrived in the mail today and it's great. Here's a few shots for you to see what comes in the package.
  4. I think the oldest kit I have is the 1:48 Monogram Devastator. It's actually a very nice kit, better than most of its day, released in 1974. I built it in grade school, probably 1976 or 1977. I don't remember where or when I picked up this one but it is in fantastic shape, complete with the Shepherd Paine diorama tips and techniques supplement.
  5. Small diameter tubing has a very thin wall thickness and it is easy to crush the tube when rolling a X-acto knife across it, so use very light pressure. You can also slide brass rod in the tube your cutting or even styrene rod will add more support.
  6. I agree. When I first got them, I thought they might be a bit long but not now. Looking at the models profile after having the after burners stuck on for a bit, I've been thinking that a longer pitot tube might balance out the extended rear end, so I ordered a 1:48 Fine Molds pitot. It hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I did not see the actual length in the product description. It sure looks good. I have a Hasegawa 1:48 F-4E I can use it on if it's way to big.
  7. The last big hurdle as far as building goes, has been refining the fit of the canopy. The hope today, was that I might even be able to glue it in place. The canopy really is the worst thing about the kit and unfortunately, as I was working to perfect the fit, I saw some swirl marks in two places that travel through the clear plastic and can not be polished out. With all the work done to add interest to the cockpit, I want a much better piece to start with. A new kit is on the way (grand total of seven bucks) in the hope that the new canopy will not have such noticeable defects. I temporarily installed the tail pipes and intakes, along with the canopy in order to see if light is visible pouring through any gaps, into the interior of the Model. Didn't see any light creeping in so that's good. Only a couple more things to do before paint: a small amount of seem work and install the new canopy. Actually three, clean up the two missiles and pylons. The landing gear are ready for paint and will be installed when the painting is completed. You can see the overall lines of the model below, with the major components attached. The fisheye effect of my cellphone is really apparent in the view, showing the interior of the exhaust. I do like the way they turned out.
  8. After thinking about your post Jason, I looked again at the missile in the kit and I don't think it is a Sparrow. I believe it is a simplified version of the larger anti ship missile used by the JASDF. A Sparrow missile would be roughly, 1" in 1/144 scale. The missile in the kit is 1 1/8" long, so I think a 1/144 scale ASM would be perfect, size wise. Check out this set on the Hobbylink Japan website. Lots of choices for a loadout.
  9. The kit missile pictured below, is 1 1/8" long and 3/16" in diameter. Looking at the picture of the kit built OOB, you can see how it appears with paint. So far, my plan is to drill out the exhaust and call it good. If you have some ideas, post some pictures and let's see what your cooking up. Thanks Jason, I think the established and potential eggplane builders will be curious as well. Greg
  10. I think you are right on every account Richard. The bottom line is, if it isn't fun to do, don't do it! Eggplane prime directive.
  11. Your paint work is just so incredibly good. Right up there with the very best modelers on the site (or any other site for that matter). These are stellar. If I can produce a final result half as good as these I will be very happy. More inspiration! Thanks, Greg
  12. The kit landing gear stuck on for the first time. I measured the kit main gear doors to show me where to cut down the Monogram ones. I like the stance and height of the original landing gear so I'm just duplicating that with the grafted on doner parts.
  13. Hi Jason, the kit comes with what I think are supposed to be, two simplified AIM 7E Sparrow missiles. I am going to use those because a good paint job and some decals are all they need to look the part.
  14. I am the world's worst panel line scriber. I have been playing with the idea of drawing some panel lines in with a pencil. We will see after I try it on the paint mule. The local Hobby Lobby has a ton of all sorts of pencil types, so a trip there will yield a bag of stuff to experiment with. Maybe I can convince you to post some pictures of your Tiger Cute planes here? I think it will add some fuel to the eggplane fire!
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