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  1. Hi Michael. I have not been feeling very well for the last two months. Just had some surgery yesterday and I am happy to say that after a bit of recovery, I will be back to normal. For now, I am enjoying perusing the site and lying low. Glad you checked in. Greg
  2. Try Last Calvary Historical Toys and Hobbies, in southern Michigan: https://shop.lastcavalry.com/rp-toolz-hexagonal-punch-and-die-set/ I purchased my RP Toolz punch and die set from L.C. Great service and Dave the owner, is an incredibly good modeler that knows his product line inside and out.
  3. This is looking fantastic! Nice start, great subject, will be fun to follow!
  4. I have this set. Hard to find but worth looking for. Walking poses perfect for converting figures to fit fighting compartments. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2014/05/ac-models-132nd-scale-wwii-b-25.html
  5. Kevin, it looks to me like it might be a Master Details set... Good images of the instructions below: https://www.ultracast.ca/product-p/md32002.htm
  6. Thanks Damian. I have shopped locally for these but they are not available near me in any retail stores, so the link is really helpful. Much appreciated.
  7. My oldest S.O.D. project. In 1994, a friend of mine asked me to make a cockpit for his 1:20 remote control P-38. I started it and then he lost interest in the project. Here it is, loosely taped together.
  8. Pictures Rick, ya gotta show us some pictures of this project! Greg
  9. Nice Tom! All of the above look incredibly good. This is another great topic idea too.
  10. Thank you Moe and Bob, just what I wanted to hear. I will pick up both products based on your recommendations. I will not have regular paper towel in my workspace again!
  11. Wow Brian, awesome! The polished foil looks perfect, hell of of job on this!
  12. I second that! Shawn, I have to say, I really like what your doing here. This is turning out really good. When I was in fourth grade (1979), my friend Bob and I were absolutely mesmerized by his Dad and older brother, who were building a 1:32 Revell F-4 together. They were doing a great job of building and painting it OOB. It looked great and the two of us were inspired to continue building our own models. This has reminded me that I would like to pick up a Revell F-4 and build it, just for old times sake, so this project is really fun to see. Plus, it's ju
  13. The last few times I have painted with my airbrush, I've noticed much more dust and lint than usual in the paint on the surface of my model. As always, I wipe down the model with isopropyl alcohol and use a tack rag just before spraying. Normally, there is not anywhere near that much stuff contaminating the paint. Turns out, I had not noticed how much the roll of paper towel (Brawny) I was using was shedding a ridiculous amount of super fine fibers, all over the place. The fibers are hard to see generally but are very noticeable when they settle into the painted surface of your mod
  14. Worth a look, Weathering Magazine, Aircraft Edition: Seaplanes and Water Effects
  15. Mike, I can relate. I moved in August and in the unpacking process, found all kinds of things I had looked for and could not find previously, or forgot I had! Overall, a very good thing because the end result was that I became much more organized. Greg
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