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  1. My good friend and fellow modeler Albert has also been hired by Dan to build some miniatures for his film. The three kits he gave him to build are two drones, the 1/48 MQ-9 Reaper and the 1/48 RQ-4B Global Hawk (both by Skunk Models Workshop), and a 1/35 M9 Ace Armored Combat Earthmover by Takom. Here are some pictures I took of Albert's work at Dan's studio.
  2. My cell phone camera really did not like the lightning in the spray booth. The effect of the burnt sienna paint on the chipped areas does not show in the photos but it's noticeable in other lightning conditions and to the eye.
  3. The last, finishing touches have been airbrushing some Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black, thinned with lacquer thinner and painting burnt sienna oil paint on the chipped areas. Below, I'm just starting to spray the 1:1 mix of XF-1 and lacquer thinner onto the forks. I chose to thin the black with lacquer thinner so that the paint would have some bite, providing the best possible adhesion to the smooth glossy clear.
  4. A good friend of mine has a restoration shop where he is fixing up the GTO and GTX. They don't belong to me. I do have access to the paint booth on the rare occasions I would like to use it, like when I wanted to spray the aluminum hull and gun barrel on the 1/16 Tamiya Abrams with epoxy bare metal primer. It's very nice to have a friend with a body shop!
  5. Hi Neo, it was explained to me that the bike as of yet, has not been filmed up close, so the difference in shape is not obvious but the color and condition of the forks need to match what was already shot since they are visible. Also, close up shots of the bike will be filmed in the future so thats what is behind the extra work. The orange car is a 1970 GTX and the one in the foreground is a 1967 GTO. Greg
  6. The moment of truth! It took me about an hour and forty five minutes to carefully remove all of the tiny bits of tape. They did need some encouragement to lift away from the fork. A single edged razor was used because I forgot to bring my Xacto knife to the shop. The plan now is to use oil paint to make the exposed rust chip areas more rusty looking. I like to mix the oil paint with AK Odorless Thinner which drastically speeds up the drying time and the paint also dries dead flat. Also, I will air brush on a little more grime and use oil dot filtering to round out the weathering. All that coming up next...
  7. Two coats of clear and the forks were left to dry overnight.
  8. The red color coat has been applied in the following pictures.
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