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  1. Sophie, I haven't used BMF as a over all finish. I use it to mask canopies. Like anything, it has a learning curve but a modeler like yourself will be up to speed after a little playing around. Sometimes, if left on a canopy for a long time, adhesive residue will remain on the canopy after the foil is removed which stubbornly refuses to release from the clear plastic. Tamiya pointy Q tips soaked in Isopropyl alcohol will help remove it. Also, the Tamiya cotton buds are good for burnishing down the foil too. Greg
  2. Ok, thanks! The painted tape looks really good. It occurred to me after I posted my question that Bare Metal Foil would do the job nicely as well. There are always leftover scraps that can be trimmed into tiny narrow bands.
  3. The wheel well looks fantastic. What are you using to replicate the bands on the heat shrink? Thanks, Greg
  4. GDW

    The cold

    I really enjoy the seasonal changes and fall color here in northern Michigan but it's always tough to winterize the bike and put it away for six or seven months. The cold does mean more build time though!
  5. These are excellent! Once upon a time I started a PBY, someday I'll get back to it, really enjoyed seeing yours. Fantastic work here Giangio, welcome to the forum! Greg
  6. I read Samurai! in junior high school and that book left an indelible impression on me. The Bantom War Book edition, substituted line drawings for the photographs in the original publication of the book, which I discovered when I found an original first edition copy in a library. Given your interest in the subject, I would encourage you to find the earlier publication, the photographs might help with this project and they are fascinating images that flesh out the text. This build is a follow! Greg
  7. Thank you, I appreciate the field report. I've looked at jigs made by three different manufactures. Your endorsement carries a lot of weight with me, so thats it then. A JH Modeles stand it will be.
  8. Absolutely this is looking good, appearing very sleek perched on the new stand. How do you find the JH Models jig now that you've used it? Easy to position the uprights? I have never used one and I'm wondering if having measurements on the base is important or not.
  9. Yes, that would be Gary, LSP moniker: ghatherly.
  10. Great! This will be fantastic, it is awesome to see the collective knowledge focus here and show itself. Good subject too...
  11. So, I haven't received a response from rose-ridge.com regarding the decals I was after, time to engage Plan B. One of my fellow club members is creating a decal of the squadron symbol on the tail for me. I have some Woodland Scenics dry transfer numbers that will work for the tail code and numbers on the side of the fuselage. The Model Art Profile book on the F-4EJ provided the information needed to make the squadron symbol.
  12. I am glad you are enjoying this too! My hope is that we all find real pleasure and fulfillment doing this.
  13. After I read A Higher Call, I became curious about the painting on the cover, which I liked. It was quickly apparent, after looking it up online, that buying a giclee print was not going to happen. It was only available on the secondary market and the asking price had skyrocketed due to the popularity of the book. I gave up the idea of buying a print and thought ok, I'll build models of the B-17 and Me109. At the time, I didn't scare up much information on the paint and markings of the two planes, so I called Liberty Studios in order to see if John Shaw would talk to me about the paint schemes. Must have been a slow day at the studio because he answered the phone! Turns out, John is also interested in scale modeling and we had a great conversation that covered many topics. Super nice guy. At one point in the conversation, John said, "Greg, all of the forty giclee prints sold out but a customer of mine that reserved one, backed out of the deal. It's the last one here at the studio, it's yours if you want it." Of course I said I'd like it. John still needed to paint in the finishing touches and when it arrived in the mail, the smell of oil paint and turpentine permeated the package. I am lucky to have it in my living room and I really enjoy studying it closely. I asked John how he painted flesh tones and it was interesting to hear him describe a method which includes using washes (his term) in order to achieve the effect he's after. I think the term filter applies as well, from the description of the technique.
  14. Wow Mike, nice to see this again. Fantastic job, really. Greg
  15. Yup. Very good. Extremely well done. Especially for a first go with a new paint line!
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