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  1. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    Have you found one to build yet?
  2. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    A few applications of Mr. Surfacer 500 were needed to fair in the windscreen. This picture was taken midway through the process. Super glue gel was used for the wingtip lights.
  3. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    This model is the 1/144 Revell Airbus A380.
  4. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    When Dan hired me to build some models for his film, he first gave me a Revell, 1/35 SnapTite M1, so he could photograph that and see how good or bad it looked when placed into a shot. Here are a few pictures showing how it looked when I gave it to him and then how it looked after Dan applied some pastels and digitally altered the color and lighting. This experiment showed that his idea worked. If a SnapTite model can look this good, when it was basically just dropped into a scene (without much effort because it is a test), a more highly detailed model, with more time spent on lighting, shadow, texture, etc, can look real. So here are the before and after...
  5. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    I will post still pictures of the movie showing the scenes with the models when I can. BTW, Sprue Brothers is selling the 1135 NBC RV Stryker for $36.00.
  6. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    On the Stryker, the vision blocks and the sight on the .50 cal. have received Mylar taken from a party favor, purchased at the Dollar Tree. The Mylar comes in gold, silver, red, green, blue and purple. The small round purple disc was punched out using a Waldron Punch and Die Set. Place some plastic sheet under the Mylar because it is too thin to punch cleanly through the die without it. For the vision blocks, I put some double sided Scotch tape on a piece of glass, then pressed the Mylar onto that and cut to size. Lift it up with a razor and place the adhesive backed Mylar on the model. Note the reflection of the bolt in the vision block.
  7. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    Pictured here with the Tamiya HUMVEE, is the Cyber-Hobby 1/35 M1A1 Abrams Kit #25
  8. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    This is the Trumpeter 1/35 M1135 Stryker NBC RV, Kit #1560. Very well detailed, good fit, OOB. Over 500 parts, most of which are tiny so this kit takes a while to build.
  9. GDW

    Armor kits for a movie

    Eagle Driver asked me to post something about the armor kits mentioned in my Brazilian AF-1 WIP thread. One of the members of the modeling club I belong to is also a film maker. He has hired me to build some models for his film. The models needed, range from an airliner (1/144 Revell Airbus A380), several armor kits, 1/35 shipping containers and more yet to be decided upon. Dan, the film maker has asked me to paint all of the models with light grey paint because he is going to digitally superimpose the colors and markings onto the models after they are inserted into the shots. This is the 1/35 Tamiya M1025 HUMVEE Armament Carrier. A fantastic kit which was a delight to build.