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  1. There is a shade tree mechanic way to do this. 1) Use a punch and die set to make a disc slightly larger than needed. Drill the hole as near to the center as you can. 2) Slide the plastic disc down the drill bit onto the shaft and glue with super glue. 3) Turn the disc at slow speed and use a sanding stick or small file to reduce the diameter. Frequently check with a circle template or calipers. 4) When properly sized, apply de-bonder to the part and slide it off the bit. It will take a couple tries but after practicing you will
  2. Following! This kit does look good and you are doing a fantastic job with it. Are you planning on painting it panzer grey or dark yellow? Greg
  3. Very nice Chris! This was a great thread to read through, congrats on a job well done. Greg
  4. Great! This will be good. Have you decided on what paint your going to use? Greg
  5. Eggplane and associated stuff survived the relocation with flying colors.
  6. Unpacking and settling in continues and the model room is finally showing some signs of progress.
  7. You were right! Now I want to build a 1/32 T-33 to go with it.
  8. Thank you Derek! Great job sleuthing it out and it didn't take long at all. After I read your post, I found pictures of a T-33 front panel online with the same lay out, including Dymo tape call sign numbers. The call sign on my panel is 0231, with that maybe I can track down pictures of the plane it came out of.
  9. Yeah, not much to go on here if you're not familiar with the type. I have been wondering if there is a missing center panel.
  10. Years ago, a good friend of mine who was a airframe and power plant mechanic, gave me some instrument panel sections when he was cleaning out his hanger. I've just pulled them out of a box while unpacking after a move. Do any of you know what kind of aircraft they belong to? It's been such a long time, I don't remember what aircraft he said they came out of. Just have the two pieces shown in the first photo. I have included pictures showing the front and back of each. Thanks in advance for any information identifying the panels, Greg
  11. Ask Mitko at DN Models, he does this kind of thing. He is also a LSP member, eagledriver here on the forum. https://dnmodels.com/ DN Models has made custom masks for me. The masks were high quality and the service is professional and friendly. Quick turnaround too. Greg
  12. Thanks a lot, Citadelgrad! In 1980, my Father was living and working in Grayling. I spent a couple summers there, always looking at the sky, watching the National Guard Hueys flying all over the place. In those days, there was a tremendous amount of activity at Camp Grayling and there still is during the summer. Polished Petoskey stones are still a popular item at local gift shops. Fudge and rubber tomahawks too, been that way since I was a kid. I love living here, all four seasons are beautiful and I have wonderful life long friends spread around Michigan. As you kno
  13. Hi Ben. Not only are the main gear turned around in that picture but the nose gear is too. I am three for three on that one. I was so interested in the hight of the gear when I took that photo that I guess I couldn't be bothered with turning them in the right direction. Adding and test fitting the main gear with the landing gear doors sorted everything out subsequently. Thank you for taking the time to mention it, I very much appreciate the assist, and the likes! Greg
  14. Hi Tzulscha. I want to see this get finished too! I was on a roll for a while, working on two enjoyable "small" projects at the same time (this one and my 1:48 Bf-109F), then... the last week of July, two back to back moves sidelined everything in my life! I helped my Mother and Sister move into their new home, got them situated and immediately had to pack up everything of mine because my landlord sold the house I have been renting for the last seven years. Yesterday, I turned over the keys to the old place and now I am settling in to my new home. Believe me, as soon as I can unpack and organi
  15. Hi Kevin. Where did you get the 1:16 bricks from? I have been looking for bricks and cobblestones in this scale. Greg
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