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  1. Hi guys, who makes the dry transfers mentioned here? I like using dry transfers, especially for stencils. I've got the Wolfpack conversion and a set of dry transfer JASDF F-4EJ markings would be a great find for me. In the past I have used the verlinden dry transfer aircraft stencils. I like the realism, ease of use and the absence of decal film...
  2. GDW

    1/32 Me 262 A-1a/U4 Kanonenvogel Conversion

    Following your WIP makes me want to read again a book on the Me 262 that I thoroughly enjoyed when I ran across it three or four years ago.
  3. GDW

    1/32 Me 262 A-1a/U4 Kanonenvogel Conversion

    You are to be commended on the paint job here. Just great Alan!
  4. GDW

    Zoukei-Mura Do-335 A-12 Unboxing & Review

    Thanks Mitko, good, helpful review.
  5. GDW

    Great Canadiana Fighter Pilot biography

    Great article Alan. Thanks for posting a link to it.
  6. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    Hi Mark. Thank you. I am chomping at the bit to get back on this so the down time is serving to build up a lot of steam for some more progress, ASAP. I expect to have something worthy of posting by the end of next weekend. Here's to more free time! Greg
  7. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    Hi Mitko. Sorry, not at this time. Have been very busy and currently I'm away from home and will be for the next two weeks. Once I get back, after settling in, I will pick up where I left off. Glad you checked in, I very much appreciate your interest. Greg
  8. GDW

    Display Bases??

  9. The cockpit and figures are fantastic! Really great work there.
  10. Looks fantastic Anthony!
  11. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    This is good though, because at some point I will be doing a version where this will apply.
  12. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    I did not like the look of the indentations in the canopy frame for the mirrors, so I blanked them off with the evergreen sheet. I figured even with the kit mirrors in place, those areas would be noticeable without filler work. The back sides of the photoetch got a little Sharpie treatment as well.
  13. GDW

    Brazilian AF-1

    One cool thing I'd like to mention while on the subject of canopies, is this... Notice how the front of the plastic glued to the canopy is white, while looking at it from the rear, it is black. I colored the back side of the thin evergreen sheet with a Sharpie marker, then glued it to the canopy with Tamiya extra thin cement. The Sharpie ink blends with the glue so that the canopy frame looks like it is painted black when viewed through the clear plastic. Read Chuck Sawyer's P-38 Kicked Up A Notch WIP, where this technique is shown in detail. Thank you Chuck.