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  1. gwana

    German F-104G red lights (spine & belly)

    I think I'd find a clear red toothbrush handle. Better color.
  2. gwana

    CO2 airbrushing dangers

    You won't be able to use enough volume of CO2 while airbrushing to pose a danger unless the room is hermetically sealed and you have a very large tank of it and leave it open. CO2 is the fizz in soda and an ingredient in fire extinguishers. With a vent fan? No worries whatsoever.
  3. gwana

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Part of me thinks this could usher in a new business model sort of like Zoukei Mura, but aimed at the lower end of the market. Develop a decent platform with the basics and no display engines or crazy detail. Keep the price low. Then issue 'upgrades' and add-ons for those who want them (or just let the aftermarket take care of it because they're going to anyway). Why design and mold 4 marginal radials in the box if Eduard is just going to do it better? Why spend the time engineering a detailed 'pit when PE will be out next week? Those who don't care will build it anyway, and those who want more will buy it regardless of the kit parts. I'd feel less wasteful putting really nice AM on a $150 4-engine bomber kit in 1/32 than I would putting 'slightly better' AM on a $200 Tamiya kit. Or I might consider $400 for an heirloom-quality kit like WNW's Lanc appears to be - if it's all in the box. And I don't think anybody's going to make the argument that HB is on par with WNW.
  4. gwana

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Looking at the renders that were shown of a finished surface, I think scale effect is going to play a big part in how these turn out. On a slab of blank gray plastic, the effect is jarring. With some good (and tedious) painting techniques, the look could be extraordinarily realistic. I guess we'll see when someone with skill paints one.
  5. I bought a set of the resin Merlin engines from another member here for my Mosquito build, and while putting them together I noticed that several small parts of the castings were broken off and missing (no fault of the seller, the stuff is awfully packaged by Eduard). I wrote to Eduard via their website and asked how I could obtain replacements, fully expecting to pay for them since I'm not the original owner. They asked for part numbers and my address, and they showed up at my door in less than 2 weeks, no charge.
  6. gwana

    Trumpeter P-40F

    Shorten the spine a little bit and it can be a biplane!
  7. gwana

    happy B-day Out2gtcha

    Happy, happy!
  8. gwana

    Two JAL Aircrafts Near Miss...

    It's amazing what can happen when people get complacent and small mistakes add up. ATC with wrong callsign. Two pilots ignoring onboard TCAS warnings. If the simulation is at all accurate, they were within sight of each other for literally minutes before the incident. The DC-10 could have made a left turn to pass behind the 747, or could have contacted ATC about the traffic. If they were in clouds, then all bets are off. The simulation certainly had them passing closer than 135m. More like two. Not sure how I feel about a prison sentence for an ATC trainee. IMHO, a trainee keeping aircraft from crashing into each other and terrain should have a supervisor watching his every move, all the time. It should never have gotten to that point. The supervisor was negligent. The trainee was ignorant. I think there's a difference. But this is how accidents happen. A bunch of small things that individually may seem insignificant.
  9. gwana

    Another Tamiya Mosquito

    Well, I'm still slogging along on this. Having succumbed to detail-itis, I've obtained a set of the Eduard engines from a member here, and I'm beginning my foray into resin. Pretty sure I'm going to try to modify their engines into Merlin 23's. If I don't go blind first. Individual spark plugs... It's like trying to put a leash on an ant.
  10. Ugh. I've been in the office machine business for decades. We used to have a solvent-based cleaner with MEK that we used to bathe IBM Selectric typewriters in to remove old dirt and grease. One of the guys in an old shop we bought out had been doing it for 35 years before I got there with no protection whatsoever - even spraying the stuff in a booth. His fingertips were... gone. The nails were gone and he had no fingerprints. Deep cracks in the flesh of his fingers that just bled all the time. He also smoked like a freight train. He retired when his liver failed, shortly after I got there. I can't imagine how many types of cancer he might have had.
  11. I'd be inclined to mix some with Klear and dip a spare canopy.
  12. Another vote for Mr. Color thinner. I mixed some Tamiya smoke with clear blue and it worked great sprayed on brass gun barrels over a metallic base. I'd say 60% thinner 40% paint, but I was doing almost filter coats. I now use Mr. Color leveling thinner almost exclusively with Tamiya acrylics. Much less tip dry than X-20A.
  13. gwana

    1/24 Airfix Spitfire

    Try a thinner that does not react with your top coat of paint: If it's acrylic, try white spirits. If it's enamel, try Windex or alcohol. TEST FIRST. The thinner may attack the carrier film and leave the paint alone.
  14. gwana

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    At least it's not Daimler Chrysler.
  15. gwana

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    I've posted similar topics in my short time here. For me, the enjoyment only comes when I let go. I see all of the wonderful work here, and aspire to be as good or better - but I have to earn that. To get good, I have to accept being bad, making mistakes. And I can't do that when I'm focused on making a kit into a miniaturized version of a real object. When I'm so concerned that a 1/32 throttle lever doesn't look just like the reference photo. This came to light just recently when I picked up a vintage Hasegawa FW-190 kit with a bunch of vintage AM in the box. Hasegawa just calls it an FW-190 A. Is it an A-4, A-5? It has cowls for an A-5 or an A-8 from the look of it, and when I found myself deep in the study of how large hatches need to be or whether it has inboard or outboard guns in the wings, I stopped myself and wondered why I cared so much. Part of me says it needs to be right. Another part of me says it needs to look like an airplane at the end, and having to fill and scribe panels to make sure everybody knows it's an A-8 and not an A-4 is an exercise I'm only doing for myself - and it's not fun for me. I'm into the assembly, not the research. I'm sure people are more into the real aircraft than I am, but I didn't get into this to be able to know on sight if the model I'm looking at is historically accurate or true to the dimensions of the original. The rivet counting discussions and especially the pages and pages of criticism of kits that aren't even out yet make me feel sometimes that nothing I build will ever be "proper" or acceptable to some of my peers. Not directed at anyone here, just that sometimes the hobby can be intimidating - what with 'correction kits' and all the AM stuff that try to highlight shortcomings of the boxed kit to the point that OOB just doesn't seem like it's good enough. Maybe it's not, with a hallmark build here and there that you want to give your full effort - and I'm doing that with a Tamiya Mossie. But it's big, it's complicated, and it can be frustrating. So I'm going to slap this FW-190 together with the parts I have, accuracy be damned.