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  1. As I understand it, the Black Cats were all field modifications mounting various ordnance under the wing - some carrying a torpedo, some with bombs, I even saw a comment about one mounting a depth charge. Therefore, any armament combo you can imagine, using ordnance available in the period and minding weight limits, is fair game. Ok, so the paint scheme might be a bit flat (pun intended), but the cool factor would be in what armaments to install. Maybe a pack howitzer gun pod............
  2. 1.8 miles??? Okay, I'm officially jealous now.
  3. School is out of the way, graduation this Saturday so I'll be able to jump in on this one. My problem will be choosing the plane. Fortress, Liberator, Lightning, Mitchell, Catalina, and several others are all viable candidates...
  4. Squadron Mail Order sent me a pre-order offer, free resin wheel set if I made the purchase. I would have given in to temptation even without the wheels I think, but regardless - it's a done deal. Told the wife and I'm still alive..........
  5. Possibly it was a typo and they meant 70kg...........
  6. Hey David, What about just using clear plastic sheets? Every time I buy a new monitor or television I save the screen protector they tape on the front. Other possible source is sheet protectors from an office supply store. Although I haven't yet tried the technique, I am sure there is some clear plastic film somewhere that can be gently heated to make it conform to the curves. A couple of experiments might show what works best. Maybe cling wrap from the kitchen coated with future? *Edit* - Sorry, just thought of something else. The airline industry uses a product called MicroMesh to polish up their windows. It's kind of expensive but it has a process using several gradually smaller abrasive particles. As a student taking aircraft mechanic classes I used the stuff on a class assignment to restore a plexiglas window - got an A on the assignment.
  7. Gaah! I get busy with school and drop off the radar for a bit just when you guys run a GB of my favorite type of plane - night fighters! Okay, I'm getting a delayed start but I'm going to really try to play catch-up here with a 1/32 P-38M Lightning. Bought a conversion kit months ago knowing I'd need it someday, ha ha.
  8. I also am not familiar with your specific interests, but mine lean toward WW2 aircraft. So, when I think I've lost something and can't quite put my finger on it I seek my inspiration in other ways - looking at the work here on this and other websites, binge-watching Black Sheep Squadron, visiting an Air Museum (always take a camera) or an Airshow, going to Barnes and Noble and browsing books on modelling/fighter-ace stories/something with plenty of period photos. Oh and once you open the box of that next kit, turn off or put away the cell phone and tablet as well as other distractions. If your life is busy like mine then "make a date" with that next kit and put an hour for it into your calendar every couple days.
  9. Hi all! First post in the forum and I've been browsing all the work you guys do - makes me anxious to get started on one of my shelf-sitters. I'm not sure at the moment of how Group Build subjects are chosen but after browsing the list of previous builds I noticed one type which was conspicuously absent - Nightfighters! And now with the upcoming release of HpH's A20G I'm just dying to turn it into a P-70. I've already bought their Catalina (fortunately I was single at the time so it's existence is a fait accompli) which is destined to become a Black Cat. Anyway - I'm so inspired by the Iron Rain theme I would really like to take one of my P-38's and equip it with the rocket trees. Not sure I can make it fly (pun intended) as I am taking fulltime online college courses, but I'm giving it some serious thought.
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