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    Gigant got a reaction from kkarlsen in 'Flying Circus' 'dreidekker's (Roden 1/32)   
    Excellent job working with the old Roden kits and their accuracy issues!
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    Gigant reacted to kkarlsen in 'Flying Circus' 'dreidekker's (Roden 1/32)   
    Hi Guy's - After finishing the 'skeletal' Fokker Dr.I - I've been working on a Fokker 'dreidekker' triple...
    Three of Jagdstaffel 11 (Richthofen's) 'triplanes'  - They will later become part of a diorama counterpart for the '74th Squadron' S.e.5a.

    Fokker Dr.I's 477/17 - 502/17 - 588/17. I've taken some 'artistic' liberty's in displaying all three 'Fokker's with early German Crosses.










    A little list of what was done to 'fix' the Roden Fokker Triplanes...
    External corrections:
    Tailplane contur corrected
    Depression in stabilzer's removed
    Front decking corrrected with filler holes
    Gun blast protection plates
    Fuel tank and filler caps
    Engine push rods and spark plugs and wire
    Engine access hatch - scratched
    Inspection window in upper wing moved
    Viewable ZAK stamp and Werk nr.
    Axle wing corrected
    Wheel openings detailed
    Rib tape added to all wings

    Internal corrections:
    Machine gun boxes scratched
    Fuselage plywood sections scratched
    Pilots seat reworked with seat cushion
    Bulkhead reworked with string
    Linen cover for shoulder belts
    Machine gun and throttle cables
    Map case scratched
    Internal rigging
    Magneto + instruments
    Fuel pump
    Aftermarket parts:
    Aviattic rudder
    Aviattic cowling
    Eduard photo etch set
    Eduard Linen stiching
    Monofilament fishing line for the rigging
    Infini Black Aero Rigging for control cables
    0,12 mm steel wire for eyelets
    0,5 mm brass tube
    Fokker bleached linen (homebrew)
    Fokker Turquoise  Tamiya XF-23
    Streaking camouflage: Windsor & Newton Oil.
    Raw Umber Green shade.
    Richthofen 'red' - Vallejo Cavalry Brown.
    Cheers: Kent
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    Gigant got a reaction from coogrfan in pilot and crews figures by Reedoak   
    And how about a complete WWII USN PAC flight deck crew:

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    Gigant got a reaction from sandokan in Trumpeter F4F-3 early - Back from the dead!   
    That F4F kit made me a "believer" for Trumpeter's 1/32 WWII USN kits.
    As I mentioned on another string, I frankly found it a better build then an Accurate Miniatures' TBF.
    As for the undercarriage colors, judging by the museum photos, I would use a mix of metallic (that might be a chromed piston rod) and gray upper with gray lower bracing:

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    Gigant reacted to brahman104 in HK's B-17F - 21/9 the photon steps up   
    G'day Guys,
    Well I'm doing something I've tried for a long time not to do; have two build logs going at once. The difference, aside from them being 2 different versions of the B-17 (I have 3 all up), is that for a while, this build will exist mainly as a virtual one. With so much discussion about the shape of the nose and what HK did or didn't get right, I've decided to embark on a quest to see if I can come up with a decent rendition that has the right "look." 
    My aim here is NOT to produce an aftermarket correction set to go on sale to the masses, more so to investigate where the lines of the kit differ from that of the factory drawings, and mainly centred around the nose. It's my intention to produce a 3D printed replacement section that is a blend between actual dimensions and kit ones in order to make the thing work. There will be compromises; as I have said, I'm trying to recreate the "look" of the B-17. The reason I am initially keeping this as a "virtual-ish" build for now is that I want to keep progressing with the C, but this will provide the groundwork for what will eventually become an F and an E build, but with most of the hard work already done here.
    Think of this for now as more of a study.......Hopefully you can join me on my journey!
    Phase 1 - Establishing the reference

    Ok guys, no surprises here. The HK kit in all its glory. Unfortunately with the way the kit is constructed, in order to establish a proper datum point for reference, I need to do some dissection. Think back to my early C model days, it gets gory here!

    Most discussion so far has been centred around the incorrect shape of the #3 bulkhead. Unfortunately as I have discovered, correcting the #3 is not the end of the story. I had always had suspicion that not only was the bottom nose profile off, I also suspect that the profile is wrong when viewed from above. If you study pics of a real Fort, the HK version always looks a bit too fat for my liking. To me the best place to start is the #4 bulkhead, as at least I can reference any changes to the cockpit from here too. Despite the #4 bulkhead actually being on a receding angle in the real thing, the HK part is installed at 90 degrees. I'm not going to lose sleep over that, and in any case I need the shape at the #4 as my master reference dimensions to allow the new nose to graft hopefully seamlessly onto the existing fuselage......

    Next up I scaled and traced the outline of the E/F nose profile for comparison in Rhino.

    I then traced the outline of the HK fuselage, shown here in blue. I overlayed the factory drawing and this is what I got..... As you can see, it's not only the top, but also a large portion of the bottom which is oversized (agreeing with my original suspicions). I'm not entirely sure about the overall length, as this really has to do with where you take the datum point to be on the #4 bulkhead, but in any case, it would really only be a mm or two longer at most.
    In order to be able to match up any new sections I make with the existing fuselage, matching my work to the #4 bulkhead for size will be critical. This is where I am deviating a little from strict dimensional accuracy - remember the priority here is "the look." When I scaled up the factory drawing to the match the kit, this is what I got....

    Looks like the kit nose cone will be about 0.8mm too tall, so I'll have that challenge to look at when I get to it, and I get the feeling it may be out on profile too, but my next update will address that.
    I haven't had a look from the top down yet, and I suspect that similar to what I saw with the underside profile, the kit will be too fat. I get the feeling that the nose of the real thing tapers a lot further back than the #3 where HK have it, but we'll soon see.....
    Anyway this has been a lot of fun so far, and something I've been going to do for ages. I certainly hope this answers some questions for a lot of you out there.....
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    Gigant got a reaction from Anthony in NZ in Make the others jealous   
    I finally got my Trumpeter 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback today from Squadron.com via FedEx:

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    Gigant got a reaction from Rick Griewski in Make the others jealous   
    I finally got my Trumpeter 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback today from Squadron.com via FedEx:

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    Gigant got a reaction from Martinnfb in B-17G Little Miss Mischief   
    Very nice-good job on the tank retaining straps.
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    Gigant got a reaction from Rick Griewski in Revelamiyastang ...   
    If I got it right, it might have been bought from an independent supplier named John who features them on this website:
    When I called he answered his phone promptly, was very helpful, they ship priority and take PayPal.
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    Gigant reacted to Jennings Heilig in Best early 1/32 BF 109   
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    Gigant got a reaction from DeanKB in Resin2detail 1/32 B26 Marauder   
    For the record I personally spoke with Brian Watkins, the owner of Resin2details just last August about a couple of items advertised on his website, and here is what I encountered:
    He did not apologize for the fact that is was not possible to place a secure order on his website. Basically he blamed it on whoever helped him set it up. Although they were listed on his web-page, he told me that the items I wanted were only available by "pre-ordering". That means before he even begins to pour the resin into the mold, he needs the money to pay for it, and he does not commit to a particular shipping time frame. Over the phone he personally told me that resin is OK for details, but does not work well for major assemblies like aircraft fuselages, which both of the following examples attest to: As one example here is a WIP string for RB's Ohka, and the constant pitfalls the builder ran into on this very website for what should have been a much simpler build then a 1/32 B-26:
    And here is a member's worse experience with a typical Anigrand large all-resin kit in Non KSP Works:
    I can understand getting a subject not available in a larger scale injection-molded plastic kit (my 1/48th scale B-29 IS BIG!) in resin, 
    For me, "Pre-Order+Resin+Undefined kit details", including decals, when I have a nice 1/48 scale B-26 kit unbuilt, is a "No-Go".
    BTW, the pictures posted in the blog are only the same half a plane, without showing the other half, or both fuselage halves assembled, which goes back to the main "hobgoblin" for resin kits-fuselage halves fit.
    Is the reason that they might be gapped and warped so far?
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    Gigant got a reaction from BiggTim in 1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress   
    I would have to think about scrounging an engine's details from another 1/48th jet fighter kit and duplicating them by casting my own copies.
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    Gigant got a reaction from karimb in RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG   
    A refreshing change from the subdued war-bird schemes. 
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    Gigant reacted to Out2gtcha in RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG   
    After a few months shy of 3 years work I finally got this little kit done. This little thing fought me ALL the way tooth and nail. That is not to say its a bad kit, I just made a few blunders along the way, and the build seemed to be cursed. The manufacture of this little kit was very nice, and although hard to get in touch with at times, served me very well, even going so far as to get me a new engine for a separate display (I will finish that one day too)
    I started work on it in November of 2015, and for anyone interested in getting a kick out of my misery, you an observe here:
    Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC
    This is the Icerodesign Exta 330 SC aerobatic aircraft. The little extra is designed for extreme maneuverability, and in the class the pilot competes in with N73KG some of the abilities of the aircraft are utterly amazing. Here is Jeff Boerboon, and N73KG performing at the  IAC (International Acrobatic Club sponsored by the EAA; Experimental Aircraft Association) US Nationals back in 2014:
    It took everything I had to finish this little kit. I mean everything...............every ounce of modeling courage I could summon, and ever single drop of modeling knowledge I had, and some I didn't even have until this model came along. 
    It came about a hairs breath from getting subjugated under my boot, many times, and only a suggestion by our own K1 saved the model. Without any further junk about me destroying this little thing, Here is the little guy, finally finished after all these years, hope you like (bear with me, its pretty pic heavy   ):




















    STILL MORE.............. (I know right??)
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    Gigant reacted to Out2gtcha in RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG   
    And a final HUGE thank you to our own Hubert, K1 and all others who helped along the way, contributed and/or just laughed at my misery. Thanks to one and all for following along, and contributing in such a positive way! I could have never made the 2018 US NATs without your help. 
    And just a final two self-horn-tooting pics from the US Nationals in the 1/48 & 1/32nd Civilian, Air Racer Air Taxi Class where it took a second in class with some very nice models in competition:


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    Gigant got a reaction from MARU5137 in My TBF Avenger   
    Excellent job, especially with your accent-work on the panel lines and exhaust staining not being overdone!

    Having a built one in my collection, I know what you went through many would classify it as a "PITA" build:
    Their "no-illustration instructions".
    "Over-engineering" the cockpit interior so the panels all being too wide to simply fit into the fuselage interior require extensive sanding and filing.
    And then the gyrations you go through to fit the gun turret...
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    Gigant got a reaction from MARU5137 in BF 109 walkway markers?   
    Or use a red paint marker:

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    Gigant got a reaction from Ryan in Does the plastic kits are made from age?   
    Knowing how rubber car tires "dry rot", I would take some nice digital pictures and store them in more then one media/device (I use both storage cards and a website) and don't worry about it looking the same 100 years from now.
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    Gigant got a reaction from cnq in Tamiya Patton tank   
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    Gigant reacted to cnq in Tamiya Patton tank   
    Hope you like the pics

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    Gigant reacted to RBrown in BF 109 walkway markers?   
    The walkway marking were factory standard and painted initially in RLM 28 Weinrot and later in RLM 25 Rot.   Weathering, field repainting, and just poor photography are the likely factors in the marking not being readily identifiable in period photos.

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    Gigant got a reaction from Gazzas in BF 109 walkway markers?   
    I think they look nice if you feel like adding them to your build, but not even having any such markings in my Luftwaffe references, I am skeptical that a typical war-production factory model would worry about such niceties.
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    Gigant reacted to cnq in A4 Skyraiders   
    My two Skyraiders (Tamiya 1/48) in South Vietnamese Air Force schemes
    Hope you like the pics

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    Gigant reacted to Gazzas in BF 109 walkway markers?   
    Hi everyone,
       I was just over at cybermodeller online looking at their walkarounds of the 109E's at Duxford, Munich, Oberschliessheim, and the Heritage museum.  I was curious about the walkway markings on 109's.   Only the Heritage Emil had the red walkway band on the wings.  The other three didn't.  And I have to say photographic evidence on period photos is pretty scarce.
    What does everyone think of these?:

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    Gigant reacted to scvrobeson in Sopwith Dolphin WnW   
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