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  1. Hi Paul et al you have my interest on the A-37 but would love to see the T-37 also and those two are different animals for sure. Attempted to convert the old Monogram kit back to the trainer but would have been major surgery. I still think the trainer would be popular as numerous countries operated them as well.
  2. Hi Jennings and good luck to Iain with your conversion. Heck I would like to see a further conversion to the Model 39 / XR2Y! The 4x2 that now resides at Pima is former tanker C30 buno 59819. I was lucky enough to work on that plane when she arrived at Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston back in the 90s. Thanks to years of research by Nick Veronico co-author of your Ginter book we were able to learn much about the unique blister turrets and many other items thanks to Nick allowing us to copy these materials. I still have all of this info and can scan the dimensions station numbers etc if you would like? Please pm me and we can discuss further. I will not be able to work on till after next weekend as I will be busy with the Spirit of St. Louis airshow. Cheers Dan
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