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  1. Very exciting to see more SAAF planes being converted/built. Ek is moerse bly. I’ll be following this build intently. Cheers Neil
  2. Holy hell, you’re doing both sides. Bravo. Looking absolutely amazing. Cheers Neil
  3. Superb build Alain. I grew up marveling at these aircraft so brings back fond memories. Closest I got to one was about 20 mins in the cockpit drooling, although it was a D and not a C. Sadly in a hangar and not in the air. I don’t recall seeing a build thread on this one? Cheers Neil
  4. Hi Iain Your attention to detail is quite something. My Dad used to fly the Hs-748 which I’m building for him in 1/48 scale, also from Onemanmodel. Bit tired of sanding but I got to say it’s a really good kit. Watching this build very closely. Thanks Cheers Neil
  5. Hi John Great to see this build starting up again. I’m looking forward to seeing it finished as your skills are incredible. The world sure is an interesting (to say the least) place at the moment. Cheers Neil
  6. Hi Pat Very entertaining start to the build, thanks, I had a good laugh. Seriously though, the orange used on the first model, what ref do yo have for it, I may need it for a South African Air Force Harvard I’m doing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this build, it’s a great model. Cheers Neil
  7. I just bought some paints from my local hobby spot. Think I might just take them back. Humbling to watch your work. Great work!!!
  8. Want one too. Looks amazing. I’m astounded it’s never been massed produced, as I think it would be a great seller.
  9. Truly a fine work of art. Amazing craftsmanship and skill. I’m looking forward to final photo shoot. Cheers Neil
  10. Hi Sean A bit further east of DXB “flying rubber dog .....” and indeed the 777. I’m hoping that the more a 1/32 F1 is mentioned, the better the chances are that someone in the know might make a kit. Here’s to hoping. Still am looking forward to the next build though, whatever master piece you make. Cheers Neil
  11. Amazing job Sean Adding the story of the imps really gave “follower” value to an incredible model. Looking forward to your next build. 1/32 Arthur Piercy Mirage F1?
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