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  1. Any idea when the HK 1/48 B-17 is going to be available? I want to build a 1/48 B-17 (version doesn't matter) and although I've built one before, I'm not sure I want to tackle the Monogram version again.
  2. Thanks for the compliments and welcome, everyone. The Eduard kit really is nice and I can't wait to try another.
  3. While I can't speak to the Spitfire, I can the Bf109G-10 they released a while back, and the Fw190F-8 (although it is no built...yet.) Both are very nice and the fit is excellent. I think these are a great way to get into LSPs without a bunch of potential cost. For some, like myself, it is easier to try out new things without fear of screwing up an expensive kit. There is one modeler that has been building the RG 1/32 new releases straight out of the box, and getting excellent results. My plan, now that I am stoked up on the RG kits and 1/32 scale, is to build them all! Preferably in order of release.
  4. Here are some more. I wasn't sure photos would work during the moderation period, but glad they do.
  5. The Eduard 1/48 Bf109E-4 ProfiPack. My third aircraft kit since I got back into this hobby four years ago... and that after almost a thirty year hiatus.
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