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  1. Thanks, guys. That's about as close as my reference materials get too. I know the P-400 was the export version of the P-39, but it's not clear to me which aircraft variants would have radios and which wouldn't. I'm kind of assuming the P-400 I'm building will have the radio on the deck above the engine, but I'd be fine omitting it too. If it's there though, I want to add some wiring detail.
  2. Does anyone have a pic of the radio deck of a P-400 or early P-39 Airacobra? I've googled, searched here, and scoured my P-39 reference books, but I can't find a single picture of the aircraft's radio deck behind the cockpit. Just looking to add some wiring detail if possible. Thanks!
  3. Napoleonic era stuff is a little harder to find, yes, but look at the catalogs from matrix games and slitherine games. Both are publishers of modern strategy games. I am a WWII guy, so I don't have much to recommend for the Napoleon era.
  4. Gazzas, we are kind of in the golden age of strategy gaming. FPSs are all the rage but good strategy games are all over the place.
  5. I don't know you, but know that from the bottom of my heart, I wish your family the best.
  6. Thanks for your efforts, Kevin. We all appreciate your work keeping this place going.
  7. Meh, I'll do what I did with their B-24: buy it, build it, and enjoy it as it's the only 1/32 option in town. Sure, I'd love for it to be more accurate, but it's not going to deter me from buying it.
  8. Oooo, that's sexy. I can't wait to see this thing in the flesh.
  10. Super helpful, Jennings. Rog, if you Google for Tamiya color conversion charts, you'll find a lot of great references that will at least start you down the right path. Some more specialty colors may be difficult to recreate, but most can be done.
  11. Brian, Miloslav, thanks for the heads up. I tend to be wary of some modelling products as they're often just an off-the-shelf product rebranded and marked up. Thus, I've tried to stick with hairspray, but MRP has always resisted my chipping attempts with it. So, I'll give one of the chipping mediums a shot and see how it goes. Thank you both!
  12. What method did you use for chipping with those lacquers? I never have any luck with them using the hairspray method.
  13. In box previews mean little to me. I want to hear how well the kit goes together.
  14. Dang. Ah well, the build was fun anyway.
  15. Hi, all. Just wanted to share this positive customer service experience. I'm not associated with DN Models in any way other than being a first-time customer of theirs. In mid-November, I bought a set of B-24J masks from their webstore. Not realizing they were shipping from Europe, I emailed them in early December looking for tracking info. They replied very promptly, but - to my own mistake - I hadn't paid for tracked shipping. They encouraged patience, and with the holiday rush hitting, I waited. Having not received my order, I emailed them yesterday just to let them know. I wasn't looking for them to do anything, but within 10 minutes I had a reply asking me to confirm my shipping address so they could send me a replacement set. This type of customer service is rare these days, and I'm really appreciative of them going the extra mile for a relatively small order.
  16. Interesting that 14 replies in and no one has even mentioned the kitmaker network sites. The seizure-inducing sidebar ads kill it for me there too since I tend to do most of my forum browsing on mobile platforms.
  17. I have all but abandoned Hyperscale and Missing Lynx since they moved to Tapatalk. I'll admit that they were in dire need of a software update, but the amount of ads slammed into both forums is unbearable. You hit all the others pretty well. https://reddit.com/r/modelmakers is pretty good, but tends to lean towards the beginner end of the spectrum. That said, there are over 150k subscribers, so it's worth watching as some really interesting stuff pops up from time to time.
  18. Contact made with both "donator" and "donatee!" The rest is in the hands of the postal service and Sprue Brothers. Thanks for organizing this, everyone.
  19. Merry Christmas to pretty much the only modeling forum I frequent. You guys are great and the mods/owners are great too. I hope you all have a wonderful and fulfilling day. I got the HB B-24J from my gal and my 8 year old son bought me the old Monogram 1/48 P-61. Helluva kid.
  20. That's a good route. I've also mixed white with a drop or two of whatever the upper surface will be. On my Swamp Ghost build, all white surfaces had a drop of OD green in them. Alone, they looked weird, but on the completed kit, they tended to mesh more effectively with the rest of the kit.
  21. Yeah, after ruining a thunderbolt project due to terrible decal issues, I'm ready to check out of the decal game - insofar as is possible. Any good resources for getting started with a mask cutter in this hobby?
  22. The early Pacific air war nut in me longs for a quality Devastator. Neither of which will be coming from trumpeter.
  23. Thanks. I used to collect them and have owned around 20-25 of them at some point or another. I've more or less gotten out of guns and don't have any G43s anymore, though. Fascinating firearms, both mechanically and historically.
  24. I would like to register as a contributor and recipient. I will also contribute a $50 Sprue Brothers gift card.
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