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  1. Okay, time for a real content update. First, a thanks to my incredible wife who was a-ok with me essentially sequestering myself in the modeling room for the weekend. I've been at it pretty much non-stop since Friday morning. Happy to say, I'm making good progress and am hopeful that I'll get it finished by the deadline. My goal for the weekend was to get the seam work done. As you will see, I made it a little further than that. Here she is after the majority of the seamwork, riveting, and scribing were done. The two flanges for the early E model are installed. Horizontal stabs installed. Windows back colored with aluminum. Primed with Mr Surfacer 1500. Wings base coated and walkway markers done. Props are dry fit and need to be decaled and have their tips painted. The belly of the beast. The mottling looks a bit more pronounced in photos than it does in person. The tail complete. In looking at the couple of photos taken during the war showing this aircraft in the swamp, you can clearly see that the vertical stabilizer was a lighter color as it was likely produced and painted by a subcontractor. I noticed in the same photos that the horizontal stabs appeared to be the same lighter color. So, I duplicated that here. Also, I'm really happy with how the masking and painting turned out for the rudder. Current state. The tape on the nose guns is simply there to keep them from falling irretrievably into the fuselage when I inevitably knock them off. :/ Not that it's already happened four times. Anyway, I've got things like the upper turret, wheels, and a few other bits to paint, and then it's on to decals, weathering, and the finish line!
  2. My bad here. I didn't realize Maketar made custom masks. I've placed an order and hopefully it will be here in time to complete this for the group build.
  3. Hopefully this is the right spot for this. I'm getting close to painting the Swamp Ghost for the group build and am starting to think forward to decals. Unfortunately, decals tend to be a weak spot of mine, so I'm not looking forward to doing them, least of all the huge, 6' diameter waist roundel. I'm looking for masks, but none of the big houses (relatively speaking) - Montex or Maketar make roundels large enough. Does anyone know of a mask set for this? Can anyone make a set for me? I'd gladly pay for them. I basically have to recreate this monster:
  4. myentireday.jpg On the plus side, sanding, rescribing, and re-riveting is more or less done. (!!!)
  5. Thanks! Getting there. I have everything built and all sub-assemblies ready to go, so I'll be pushing forward on it this weekend.
  6. I took the day off today and decided it spend it at the model bench. This weekend is pretty light, so I'm hoping to get some good time at the bench most of the weekend. If all goes to plan, I just may be able to pull this off by the end of the year. I've still got a long way to go, but we're moving and I feel motivated. After shelving this one in June, I worked on a T-34 and something completely different for me, a derelict CCKW truck. This is what it looked like when I pulled it from the Shelf of Doom the other day. Today, was a milestone as I was able to seal up the fuselage. The sanding work will probably begin tonight and last through the weekend. The seams on this are kinda gross. Lots of cement, superglue, and tape in this one. As an aside, I cracked the box on this on February 19th, 2017. It has taken me 994 days to reach this point. I also have the left wing and props built. I'll be cleaning all of that up this weekend too. The turtle deck is dry fit here (most everything is, really), but my goal for the weekend is to have all wing, fuselage, and turtle deck seams filled, cleaned, and sanded. After that, there's really not much left to build... then it's on to the gallons of paint. :| Here is the current status: Bring on the sandpaper!
  7. Thanks! Not much in the way of photos yet, but the interior construction is complete and base coated. Both horizontal stabs and the right wing are primed. Next comes some light weathering/washes on the interior, then I button her up for the arduous process of sanding, rescribing, and re-riveting. Here we go!
  8. Thank you for the compliments! I followed this method for the broken glass: https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/tbconstruction-broken-glass-effects Worked like a champ and was pretty easy.
  9. She's back on the bench, gents. Can I finish her before the deadline? Updates to come!
  10. Hi, everyone. This is my rendition of a derelict GMC CCKW pressed hard into post-war civilian service, then left to fade away where she broke down. It is the 1/35 Tamiya kit with extensive scratch building. Hope you like it!
  11. If you market that, I'll buy a set.
  12. Oh boy. I'm pretty forgiving on shape issues, but that's a tough one to swallow.
  13. Yep. Calling it now. It will have "fatal flaws" and be "unbuildable" within minutes of the first sprue shot.
  14. A logical, level-headed, and fair approach... Three characteristics not often found on the internet. Well done, Iain.
  15. My wife is super supportive. She knows modelling is a cathartic creative hobby for me. She has her hobbies too. She doesn't complain when I buy modeling stuff and I don't complain about her buying stuff either. She dutifully ooo's and ahhh's when I show her something I've built lately.
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