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  1. I'm working on the strafer kit now. It's a great kit. Joined the wings and tail surfaces last night and they went together flawlessly. Nary a seam to be seen.
  2. Just unboxed my Cameo 4 today and mucked with it briefly before having to shift to other stuff. I currently only have Tamiya mask sheets and was using them with the provided adhesive backing sheet. A couple quick questions. Any tips for smaller, tight cuts like lettering? I turned the speed, depth, and pressure way down, but there were some corners that lifted and others that didn't cut all the way through. I'm trying to do some stenciling on a 1/35 Sherman where the name "Big Bertha" ends up being about 20mm long and 5ish mm high. Second any good tutorials for importing scanned pictures? I'd like to do some custom tail codes for a Zero I'm working on. There are great color profiles online, so there's a great starting point available. Just need to figure out how to import and outline the desired image.
  3. Sooooo, what font is the bottom row then?
  4. I've been working more since quarantine started than ever... And I worked hard before. I'm the IT leader for my organization, so my team and I have been drowning in work.
  5. I made my own for the Swamp Ghost. I played around with MS Word and the USAF Amarillo font (I think, going from memory) until it looked about right. Wish I had had the information above, as it would have helped. I printed it out on regular paper and just carefully cut it with a hobby knife.
  6. Fair. Various flavors of "avengers at guadalcanal" didn't get me much. I got a half dozen or so photos out of your search, which is about 5 more than I had before, so... progress. This TBF sure looks like it has the holes in the wings for the .50s found on -1Cs. It supposedly belongs to VMA-131 which was shuttled between Henderson and Espiritu Santo between November '42 and February '43. Is this enough grounds to say that -1Cs were present at Henderson before the end of the Guadalcanal campaign?
  7. As I make progress on my Guadalcanal P-400, I'm considering my next build. I've already got a Wildcat done up to Guadalcanal specs, so I'm considering either a Dauntless or Avenger next. Both are kits I've already done in different liveries and both potential kits are in the stash. I'm having a hard time identifying when the production of the TBF-1C variant began production, though what I can piece together leads me to believe it was sometime after the bulk of the fighting around Guadalcanal island had happened. Is it possible that a -1C would have seen combat from Henderson field during the height of the Guadalcanal campaign? Else, I'd be looking at back-dating the Trumpeter -1C kit to a -1, and I think that's probably beyond my ability. All that said, I can't really find much information about the Avengers flown from Henderson at all. What units, what markings, anything. Very few photos exist that I've been able to find so far. Does anyone have a line on some good references for Henderson-based Avengers? Thanks!
  8. Thank you very much, gentlemen! In looking more closely at a couple of my references, it seems that most P-400s were left blank as TorbenD mentioned. I found a few pictures that showed a radio of some variety directly behind the pilot, but the majority show nothing on the engine deck. That bracket picture is helpful. Thank you!
  9. Thanks, guys. That's about as close as my reference materials get too. I know the P-400 was the export version of the P-39, but it's not clear to me which aircraft variants would have radios and which wouldn't. I'm kind of assuming the P-400 I'm building will have the radio on the deck above the engine, but I'd be fine omitting it too. If it's there though, I want to add some wiring detail.
  10. Does anyone have a pic of the radio deck of a P-400 or early P-39 Airacobra? I've googled, searched here, and scoured my P-39 reference books, but I can't find a single picture of the aircraft's radio deck behind the cockpit. Just looking to add some wiring detail if possible. Thanks!
  11. Napoleonic era stuff is a little harder to find, yes, but look at the catalogs from matrix games and slitherine games. Both are publishers of modern strategy games. I am a WWII guy, so I don't have much to recommend for the Napoleon era.
  12. Gazzas, we are kind of in the golden age of strategy gaming. FPSs are all the rage but good strategy games are all over the place.
  13. I don't know you, but know that from the bottom of my heart, I wish your family the best.
  14. Thanks for your efforts, Kevin. We all appreciate your work keeping this place going.
  15. Meh, I'll do what I did with their B-24: buy it, build it, and enjoy it as it's the only 1/32 option in town. Sure, I'd love for it to be more accurate, but it's not going to deter me from buying it.
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