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  1. It is impossible to really make a color selection premised on print media or on the web. The best way is to get the actual color chip and then (some may disagree) "scale it" to 1/32 etc. Red Dog is onto the right colors I bet...I also have the MRP colors on hand and will use those.
  2. Super job on the finish of the GAU-18. I'm going to try it it myself on my large scale aircraft and on my Armor subjects.
  3. Per request: My ZM He-219 DB 603A Hope you like.
  4. Exactly. I became a "student of effects".
  5. Thanks for the tip on the upcoming book. As far as fit goes I have completed both engines and about to complete the cockpit. It seems like when I feel it's about ready to be glued together, I'll see something else I need to work on painting wise. The fit of the engines and cockpit are fine as long as you dry fit first and watch the photos and drawings in the instruction manual. I am looking forward to the fuselage fit and will be dry fitting the heck out of it as well. It is an enjoyable kit to build and the detail is fantastic without buying a bunch of aftermarket or making a ton of correctio
  6. Just checking to see if you have been working on the ZM 219 kit. I have the kit as well and I am about to wrap up my cockpit. The Concept note is no where to be found, I have checked everywhere and would pay good money for one if I can find it. I have used the Zamarbide while working on it which has been useful as far as the painting techniques which adds to the enjoyment of the kit. I also purchased several books on the subject which has really brought about respect for the design and implementation of the Uhu in combat. Not only was it a unique design, it was one deadly combat aircraft.
  7. Well, I feel pretty certain that at NATS you would be a show stopper with this chopper.................hey, that sounds cool.
  8. Amazing work Pete. Are you taking this to the Nats this year?
  9. Thanks for the tip...I'll make certain to experiment before using. Without further hijacking this amazing thread, do the SMS paints cover better than the MRP?
  10. Agreed. I have ordered from them before and checked my account this morning. Low and behold, I did order two (2) of the SMS sheets back in August. As a matter of frequency...I forgot all about them. So, I placed another order with them for hard(er) to find supplies. I have heard good things about the SMS paints which are much like the MRP series....only made in Oz.
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