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  1. Yes. It has been a while since it happened, but I believe it was on a Kinetic Mirage kit.
  2. That's what I thought. They behave like a lacquer and smell like a lacquer.
  3. I just finished a bottle recently. Sprays like the colors, thin fine pigment and has what I thought was a bit more "bite" in adhesion which has resulted in "slight" crazing on some plastics.
  4. Honestly..no I have not...BUT since you gave them your approval, I will indeed order some up next time I order from Sprue Bros or Hobbyworld.
  5. You must be using your phone to post...What exactly is "aki" paints? Are you referring to AK Interactive by chance? If so, which version of the paint? Real Colors? 1st Gen? or 3rd Gen? Also, do you prime before you spray a color or just shoot onto the plastic? One thing I have learned over the years (30+) is priming is essential especially when you are spraying water based acrylics. The other thing is I do not "trust" any of the water based (polyurethane) primers to include Mission Models, Mig Ammo, or Vallejo. Regardless of the formula they do not offer the level of adhesion that a good Lacqu
  6. That looks awesome Pete. You nailed the sheen and details perfectly.
  7. I just saw that. Is the Trumpy P-47 series any good? I might just grab a P-47N and do a VLR jug as well.
  8. Yes, those are the ones. Looks like I may have to source them from a P-38 kit. Thanks again!
  9. Excellent! While I have the interest, do you or anyone else know of the 165 gallon drop tanks in 1/32? I hope to build a VLR mustang.
  10. Hey guys. I am in need of the tree number from the F-51D kit that contains the 5" HVAR Rockets and the stubs. Can someone please check their kit and reply back? Thanks!
  11. I would use your way in a heartbeat Pete. On the other hand, the .3mm balls might come in handy for other projects as replacements OR for soldering photo etch.
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