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  1. Late to the party.....way late. I cannot locate any photo of said P-38 nose. Does anyone have the photo or an active link for it?
  2. Spectacular build....beautiful. This brings me to the question of : Is there any real need for an Aires or other cockpit for the Tamiya Viper?
  3. How much work for a Fulcrum-C cockpit? Is there much difference besides the instrument panel?
  4. Wonderful work. A project like this would suck the life right out of me.....
  5. I've heard great things about S.H. but their on hand stock is hit or miss I guess. I wanted to get some of their F-16 & A-10 sets.........:(
  6. Absolutely a Museum Grade piece. I'm sure there are collectors out there who would throw down some serious coin for it.
  7. RAW is always better for editing. The format is after all considered a "digital negative".
  8. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to seeing the completion.
  9. Has this build been relegated to the "Shelf of Doom"?
  10. No wonder...you live in South Africa! No different when I order from Hannants nowadays. International shipping is pretty stiff on the pocketbook.
  11. Can you or someone explain this further? I was unaware of the pod being built for either left or right and thought it was merely the pylon that made the difference. The build is beautiful. I hope to someday build the Tiffie in 1/32 as well.
  12. F-22 F-35B & F-35C F-16D series from Tamiya Rafale Mirage 2000 Series Jaguar B-58 Hustler F-82 Twin Mustang B-26K (A-26) Counter Invader All not necessarily in that order.
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