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  1. Jaw dropping Brian....Just a wonderful build and paint scheme... Mark
  2. Cheers Kevin, that is sort of my way of thinking but its just......Not sure how to put it into words!! Thanks Mark
  3. I have my 1/32 Lib,my 1/32 Lanc is on it's way..... That leaves the Mossie....Tamiya or HK? Read reviews and builds on both and not sure which to go for.....Ideas folks PLEASE??? Cheers Mark
  4. Bruce, Will be following this very closely as it's one kit I have wanted for ages but couldn't afford. Now due to some good fortune I can get this but first it's my all time fav aircraft 1/32 Lanc!!
  5. John, Just read this WIP from the first page today while listening to the wind and rain courtesy of storm Freya and I am just blown away ( not sure if that was a pun ) by your work. I have the 1/32 B-24 on the way ( yup I know about the problems ) and the way you weathered your 262 is a great inspiration to me. The whole a/c just looks right!! I just hope I can get the Lib to look as worn and used as your 262 as I have some great pics to work from. Just a shame your finished now but I have book marked this WIP....Hope you don't mind? Regards Mark
  6. Thanks for the link very useful for me. Cheers Mark
  7. Many thanks for that info Mike. I was looking for one or two letter codes not just a tail flash as an Id....Know wonder I couldn't find it!! Now just to find the 12 AF 47 BG which was based at Bury St Edmunds in Dec 42 and that's the last piece of the jigsaw so I can get on with step two of this mad project!! Once again many thanks Mike. Mark
  8. Just realised a mistake I've made. I said they were based at Bentwaters but it should have read Bungay ( also know as Flixton ) in Suffolk. Hope that may give someone a clue to work on? Cheers Mark
  9. Thanks Brian that's what i'm hoping for I need those codes to start my project but all i'm doing at the moment is banging my head against the wall Mark
  10. Thanks for the reply Rick by the look of my empty inbox I've posed a question that people can't answer? Cheers Mark
  11. Hi folks can anyone help? I am trying to find the Squadron code for aircraft of the USAAF 12 AF 428 BS who were part of the 310 BG. They were based at Bentwaters in Suffolk for a brief period ( Oct - Nov 42 ) with B-25's before moving to Italy I think. I have been going through all my books and come up blank and tried searching the web under everything I can think of to no avail,that's where you peeps come in!! Does anyone have a clue? Cheers for the help... Mark
  12. Give this a go http://www.littlefriends.co.uk If no joy get in touch again and i'll see what I can find... Mark
  13. Don't know if this help anyone with research info etc but I stumbled across this website several months ago while in the middle of doing research for my project. It's a site dedicated to those who flew in the 8th AF fighter command and has some great info. I dare say loads of you already know of this site but for those who don't well worth a visit. Cheers All Mark
  14. Thanks for the intrest Mike. Yup its a huge project but its something i've wanted to do for ages. I was ready to start but lost my job in Aug so money is tight hence no spending on kits!! Does give me time to sort out and decorate my hobby room on a shoestring budget and do more research though!! Any info you have or pics i'd be glad of will be asking for more help I dare say in the future!! Cheers Mark
  15. Don't know if any of you very knowledgeable people out there can help? RAF sqn codes are really easy to find but some of the USAAF ones are proving a real pain any good ref books or websites you can recommend? Trying to find info on the 12th AF 47BG which was at Buy St Edmunds ( Rougham ) for a brief period in Dec 42 with A-20 Havocs but can't find codes and what mark of Havoc.... Cheers Mark
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