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  1. No, the email listed on his web site is correct.
  2. I was able to make contact with him and am good to go. Thank you all for your help, again:)
  3. Scott, Bruce from Parts-R-Parts sent me an email and instructions for buying the part. I’m all set, thank you again for the referral. John
  4. Scott, I have sent multiple emails to Bruce at Parts-R-Parts and so far no reply. His web site does not appear to have any method for ordering his resin sets. Do you or anyone know if he is still in business? Thanks, John
  5. Scott, Thank you very much! John
  6. I am looking for a resin aftermarket auxiliary air intake set for the Tamiya F-4C. The QMT set, QMTR32016, appears to be out of stock everywhere. Any help is great is greatly appreciated. John
  7. Albert, I'm a little confused. I need a replacement sprue, are you willing to part with it? If so, I am willing to pay for it. Thanks, John
  8. Dave, So far I’m guessing you are right. The information I’ve read is that the J’s were created from modified B models. Much was added including a larger radome, tires, leading edge slats on both the wings and horizontal stab. So far no mention of changes to the canopies. Thanks, John
  9. Albert, I don’t know if they are different or not to be honest. I can try to look at some on line references to try and see if I can tell. What are you asking for them? Thanks, John
  10. Chuck, Interesting approach, I’ll have to experiment with it. Thank you, John
  11. Tony and Theirry, Thank you for your input. My parts had been subjected to some stress before I received the kit, so, the crazing was already present and hot knife or meticulous saw and mesh removal won’t help. The crazing goes far enough into the canopies that the thin sealing tape painting would end up looking like an amateur paint job for something so minimally visible on the real thing. Im hopeful that Tamiya replies with a clean replacement sprue, fingers and toes crossed! Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board. Very frustrating to say the least! onward and upward. Thank you, John
  12. The method of attaching the canopies to the sprue “D” by Tamiya in this kit is horrible. Every piece has stress crazing at each sprue attachment point. They all extend well into the clear section where no paint is applied. I have tried every method in the book to eliminate these flaws to no avail. Even tried applying extra thin cement hoping it would bleed into the plastic, no joy. I use Bondic a lot in my assembly processes and tried cutting out a section of a scrap clear plastic piece. Made a dam around the piece and filled it to lay in the Bondic. The result was great except you could see where the edge of the plastic was cut, so while it is a great product that cures with UV light crystal clear, it does not melt the adjacent plastic thus leaving the mating surface visible. I have sent requests directly to Tamiya explaining the problem and asking for a replacement sprue but have not heard back. I found one sprue for sale on eBay, contacted the seller and unfortunately only two of the pieces on his sprue are free of this issue. If anyone has any ideas that can fix this problem, or if there is a vac form company or third party vendor selling these parts, I would appreciate the feedback. I can’t believe they elected to attach these pieces directly in the no paint area, I mean it’s not like it’s a critical feature of any aircraft model kit!! Thanks in advance, John
  13. Over 24 hours later the piece was still tacky and showed no sign of drying out. Believing the solvent in either the lacquer or solvent based acrylic paint was leeching something out of the “uncured” resin, I stripped the piece, dried it and tried coating the piece with Alclad water based Aqua Clear Gloss. The thought here was that this layer would contain no solvents and would hopefully not draw anything out of the resin. Long story short, no joy! I will attempt to scratch build using another ramp that is all one resin type that has geometry flaws in it. Hopefully this will give me a usable piece to continue my build. Im posting this simply to let others know that under these conditions the resin is not usable under any conditions I have tried. If you receive resin items that appear marbeled it is my suggestion you return it to obtain a replacement that is obviously a homogenous piece. Thank you all again for your feedback :)
  14. I will see how it sets over the next couple of days. If it’s still tacky I’ll try the alcohol trick, if that fails I’ll drop the vendor a line. I don’t want to name the vendor as I know sometimes s#($ happens! Thanks for all the help, I’ll post my final outcome and actions to solve the problem.
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