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  1. Now to work out if I can add pics from my iPhone???
  2. hH all It will be my first build in 1/32. I'll start by saying that the viper is my favourite aircraft and there is a bit of a story to this. I have plans to do quite a few. One I really want to do is a HAF F-16C block 52. To do this I need to rob a few parts from the thunderbirds kit and swap them with a block 50. It would be a big waste of the fantastic Tamiya kit so with the contents of the block 50 and the swapped parts I can do a block 30 which leads me to this project. A 1/32 Tamiya Block 30 in an Arctic Aggressor scheme. It took a while to piece this together and a big thanks to a couple of mates; Miro for his advice and technical know how and to Kev for kindly letting me buy his Afterburner decals for the Aggressor as these are really hard to find now. I'll be trying to do a step by step so critique and comments welcome, again this will be my first big boy build so all assistance will be welcomed.
  3. Great looking star fighter, what Decals did you use?
  4. Thanks all, I'll have a look at the Hunter and A-6 but I will be very keen to see what the Su-33 is like. While I love jets I will also look at getting a Tamiya P-51 and Zero, I'm not anti-props at all cheers, Mark
  5. Thanks, I heard that the Starfighter is a bit weird in that one side is more heavily engraved than the other? Don't worry, I'm not a fan of F-35's either
  6. I'm in Australia, but I am after a 27B, wonder how much postage will be?
  7. Hi all, I'm stepping up to 1/32 and have not ever really paid much attention to what's out there so I'm looking for ideas on kits to buy. I already have Tamiya f-14 , F-15's and F-16 kits and am looking for a Su-27b but what's next? Mostly interested in jets What good kits are out there? Any good Russian Mig's or Su''s? Is there a good F-5 kit? Hit me up with your thoughts. Cheers, Mark
  8. Love it! I'm putting together what i need for my BAZ which will be my first 1/32 kit.
  9. Hi Gary, I'm new to 1/32 land and have recently come across your great resin bits. Cant find anything on ebay, is it possible to still order? cheers, Mark
  10. Thanks guys I'm also going to try to install led's in this so I won't be able to mount in the exhaust point Was looking aft behind the stores so getting something strong enough is imperative Agree on getting a heavy base- might start looking Cheers
  11. Hi looking at my first 1/32 build. I'm wanting to display it in-flight but am worried about the weight of the kit. Anyone done his before? What do you reccomwnd I could use as I don't think brass tube will cut it? Cheers. Mark
  12. Wow, thats amazing! Gotta luv an Aussie Hornet! Where are you from?
  13. Thats Beautiful, I regret selling my kit now!
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