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  1. The Green Tail Trilogy was a very limited production run for whatever reason. It wasn't produced in the same numbers as the regular WnW kits. The BR1 Camel sells really well so I wouldn't be surprised if that is the first of the Camel kits to sell out (whenever that happens). However that is just my opinion purely based on the sales I see and not on any 'whispers in the wind'. Duncan B
  2. Done and found that there is another member less than 10 miles away. Duncan B
  3. I am guessing each panel was done individually, did you apply pieces larger than the panel then trim them back when they were dry or were they cut exactly to size before being applied? Duncan B
  4. What a day that was! Manic doesn't come close, 12 hours from me finding out about the existence of the kit (from this very thread) to having it ordered, uploaded onto the BlackMike Models website and the first 12 pre- orders taken! Not bad considering I was actually at my day job at the time and having to do everything from my phone (yes, I am a Neanderthal technophobe). So that is one of the missing numbers from the Camel sequence now made an appearance (32073), what do we think 32075 is going to be? My money is on it being a post war Dolphin further on down the road. Duncan B p.s. Thanks to LSP for providing me with such a fun packed day yesterday
  5. That came out of left field didn't it? Wingnut Wings know how to deliver a Christmas surprise. Duncan B
  6. Matt you've hit the nail on the head with the ERLA mottling, it looks perfect. I'm looking forward to Eduard's G-14 and echo your hopes for the AS models and a G-12 as well. We can live in hope. Duncan B
  7. I had seen that. I think the shipping, Tax and the Post Office Hi Jack....erm 'Handling charge' etc will take the £120 up to the £172 mark or near enough. We'll find out when they arrive in the UK I guess. Duncan B
  8. I'm guessing it was a Show Special price as I've seen £172 quoted as a SRP in the UK. Will be interesting to see what they are actually selling for when they arrive. Duncan B
  9. That is a really good price, I take it that ZM had a promotional price on it? Duncan B
  10. I'm really enjoying this build, some great tips for those of us who haven't yet built a Wingnuts kit but want to at some point in the future. I will wait and see how the rigging looks before making rash statements about breaking one of these out of stock and making my own start though Duncan B
  11. That is exactly the way to look at a purchase like the larger ZM kits, it's all about the hours of fun that the kit will provide. When you look at them that way they are actually good value for money (I'll keep trying to convince myself of that anyway ) Duncan B
  12. Yes, I'm really looking forward to the Show. It'll be my first time trading there although I did come up for a look around on the Saturday last year and liked what I saw. Duncan B
  13. I might still have a few available but have stopped taking pre-orders for just now to make sure I don't over sell. I will get more in at the same price once the first batch have sold anyway. Cheers Duncan B
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