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  1. But nothing compared to your scratch building abilities Thank you for sharing this, but I already have all of them on my hardrive Emil
  2. Yes, I really can`t wait to paint this beast. I made some progress today and slapped some paint on the cockpit and the seats The colour came out a little bit too light but weathering will hopefully darken it. Next steps are finishing the detail painting and then weathering the cockpit up Emil
  3. I already started working on the cockpit and the radar with adding some wiring. It is not really like on the real thing but it makes things look busier In addition to that I got the seats ready for paint, they are Gru-7 seats for a F-14A, so I just had to modify the ejection pull handle to make them suitable for an A-6E Emil
  4. Hello everybody, I`m going to build, as the title obviously suggests Trumpy`s 1/32 A-6E TRAM Intruder: The aftermarket items which will be used are AMS Resin A-6E wheels, FOD covers, a pitot tube from Profimodeller, Eduards´ exterior PE and Quickboost seats which Lothar very kindly sent to me. For the markings I`m going to use AOA Decals´ "The Intruders´ sandbox" and I will depict exactly this version: I hope that I can achieve this typical touched up look. Emil **** EDIT **** Pictures continue on page 5 ****
  5. Thanks for all the nice comments. That is very interesting, I wasn`t aware of the restoration, thanks for posting this. Emil
  6. Many thanks guys Yes sure Kev, I will just add a couple more pictures: Emil
  7. Hello together, I just finished Eduard`s P-47D, and had great fun building it. It is the reboxing of Hasegawa`s P-47D with some photo etched parts, beautiful resin wheels and decent decals. The construction was pretty straight forward, the fit is really good on this one. The photo etch does improve the kit quite a bit, especially around the flaps and in the cockpit. I just added the Master Models Barrels, but I think Eduard could have added them when charging so much for a kit. This was my first experience with a natural metal finish and boy, it really shows every little surface flaw. I used Ak Interactive`s Xtreme Metal Range for the NMF and Tamiya colours for the anti glare panel etc. The decals are on the thicker side but with some work, they came out beautifully. For the weathering I used oils and Mig`s enamel products. Anyway here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy them. Comments and criticism are appreciated Emil
  8. Really no GRU-7 for an A-6E? Well if I could get away with the Aires seats for the F-14A I guess I could use the Wolfpack ones aswell? I just don`t like dealing with all the fidely Pe belts... Emil
  9. Hello everybody, I plan on building Trumpeters A-6E, exactly this one: But I don`t really know wether to use a GRU-5 or a GRU-7. So maybe someone with more knowledge could help me out and maybe recommend a resin option? Thank you in advance Emil
  10. I am glad you like it, but I only build aircraft Emil
  11. Thanks all for the great comments, I really appreciate it. I`m right now working on Eduards P-47D. Emil
  12. That looks stunning! I especially like these repainted markings Emil
  13. Yes of course, I would be honored! Emil
  14. First thank you all for your kind words Really? They were a pain to install For the weathering I used reference pics like these: ... and I like weathering Emil
  15. I used them once and I found them to work best on a glossy surface and using Microscales Micro Set as decal solvent. I used a cotton bud to make sure they really settled down into all the surface detail. After letting them dry for 5-6 hours I removed transfer foil carefully with a toothpick. But still a few tricky ones, like walk lines didn`t want to stick on the surface, thats why I have mixed feelings about them. Emil
  16. Yea you`re right but I left the ailerons moveable and thats why they fall in this position. Emil
  17. Thank you gentlemen for your feedback @rafju Yes I still have the prop cone, it is all painted and done I just didn`t made the photos without it Emil
  18. Hello everybody, After reading for quite some time on this great forum I thought why not share my models. So here is my latest effort, Tamiyas Spitfire which is a great kit. It was built mostly out of the box, the only aftermarket items used were HGW seatbelts, Montex masks and HGW wet transfer stencils which are pretty much hit or miss. The model was painted with Tamiya colours. This is my second LSP so please be gentle Enough waffling here are the pics, I hope you enjoy them: Comments and criticism is appreciated Emil
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