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  1. Superb finish! I especially like the engine area! Emil
  2. Wow, the Viper is coming along amazingly. The paint job is spot on, inspiring work! Emil
  3. Thanks again gents! The fit is actually really good, plastic is alittle bit on the soft side. The only problematic area is the underside with the engine bay doors, but apart from that I had zero issues. Emil
  4. Thanks everybody, really appreciate all the nice comments! All the painting can be seen in the WiP thread. After paint I applied a gloss coat, decals and then a dark grey pin wash to highlight some surface detail and a more brownish wash around the engines. After that a matte coat followed by weathering with different shades of oils. And then I applied some more corrision control painting with the airbrush. Basically it is all about looking at reference and thinking about how to replicate the weathering with all the available techniques. Yes, I think the same way about the bombs, but after I was working on the kit for a really long time I just wanted to get it done. Emil
  5. Hello everybody, I want to present you my finished Trumpeter A-6E in the markings of VA-35. The kit is rather good, the only aftermarket used is: - Quickboost GRU-7A F-14A Seats, which were very kindly sent to me by Lothar and slightly modified to make them more accurate. - AMS main wheels - 3D printed nose wheels from Ben - Profimodeller pitot tube - AOA decals "The Intruders Sandbox" The build was documented in a very incomplete WiP-thread: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=67216 Cheers Emil
  6. Good day everyone, as I am currently working on a 1/32 Blk. 30 F-16, I decided to add a Sniper ATP. Picked up Eduards` nice Brassin pod, but now I noticed that I missing a pylon to mount the sensor on the fuselage . Is there a way to source that pylon: The shape is rather complex, so scratch building that one from plastic sheets will most likely exceed my skills. Emil
  7. Nice build. How was the kit, any major issues? Emil
  8. Wow, this is amazing, weathering in so many layers! Top notch Phantom! Emil
  9. Thanks again everybody! Well, I have good news for you, she is basically finished, just waiting for these front wheels https://www.shapeways.com/product/DL8PSVRZG/3201-1-32-a-6a-e-intruder-ea-6b-prowler-ft-whe?optionId=58674509 to wrap this one up. Emil
  10. Ok another update gents, the Intruder is all decaled and weathered. The AOA decals performed beatifully over a gloss coat, and I had zero silvering. Then I progressed with some dark grey panel line wash. I applied it using a pin wash technique, which gives me more controll over the amount of wash and which surface detail I want to highlight. Especially on these intensely riveted Trumpeter kits, just slapping on a wash could look to strong. This was followed by a matte coat and some oil weathering, according to reference. After the oils have cured I sprayed over some light grey touch ups. Right now I`m on track to finish her by the end of next week, currently working on all the bits and bobs. And she is already standing on her own legs, I had a feeling that this one might end up as a tail sitter, but appears I was wrong. Anyhow here are some pictures: Criticism and ideas are always welcome Emil
  11. Great 190! The WiP-thread is also super helpful, very explanatory. Emil
  12. Jes, I will post on the traders board, but I don`t own a kit yet, just making plans. Emil
  13. Thanks Pete, good news, I feared something like a complicated conversion. Is there some sort of resin replacement for the landing gear doors available? If not, I think I can live with that. Emil
  14. Good day everybody, I have a couple of questions to you F-16 experts out there, regarding F-16C Aggressors. As soon as I saw the new Alaskan Aggressor scheme, I thought this is a must build for me. And as Two Bobs released a decal sheet I just have to find out how to build a proper 1/32 F-16C Block 30. This exact aircraft is #86-0314. After a little bit of research I found out, that every F-16C Bl.30 onward #86-0262 is F110 powered and has the the Big-Mouth MCID intake, right? Which would mean that this specific F-16 could be build by using the Tamiya F-16CJ Bl.50 Kit. And what about the landing gear, I read somewhere that Bl.30s have a light weight landing gear and are missing a bulge on the landing gear door. Maybe someone knowledgeable could enlighten me about the best way to build a 1/32 F-16 Aggressor, with the Thunderbirds kit being sold to prices I`m not willing to pay. Thanks in Advance. Emil
  15. Awesome! I really like this paint scheme, might have to pick up one of these romanian 109s. Emil
  16. Thanks again everybody, really appreciate all the positive feedback! Gazzas, go for it, you can`t go wrong. But back to modelling business, while the gloss coat dries I continued work on all the bits and bobs. The TRAM pod has been finished, I added some generic wiring to make it more interesting: In addition to that I decided to add a center line tank, so I worked on that, the MERs and the Radome, which has a very persistent seam line. Emil
  17. Small update: I painted the exhaust area and the radar. In addiation to that the Intruder has been prepared for a gloss coat by light sanding, to get rid of any kind of orange peel surface. Furthermore the outer wings have been finished, I painted the red parts on the control surfaces and the white wing fold mechanism. I dryfitted the exhausts for this pic And last but not least a shot of the whole model from the front, that thing has quite a wingspan! Next up a gloss coat and decals. Emil
  18. Thanks Jari, that is some great info. Another thing to implement into my build! Emil
  19. Thanks again everybody. I`m actually quite suprised that the walkways vary that much and they haven`t been standardized, don`t they feature some sort of anti slip coating? Jari, these cruise books are a really great source, I now know how to paint that arresting gear: Additionally I just noticed the blue grid on the aivionics bay door, is that a container for counter measures? As always, I appreciate any input Emil
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