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  1. If you happen to have enough engine containers and sandbags handy: Jari
  2. Some ECM pod details that may be of use: https://www.docdroid.com/CvOI64D/an-alq-119-an-alq-101-and-an-alq-131-ecm-pod-configurations-pdf https://www.docdroid.com/VNYpbth/an-alq-131-modular-ecm-pdf Jari
  3. Blast walls would be easy to make, and paint, the matting on the other hand: from here: https://imodeler.com/2018/10/f-4c-cam-ranh-bay-s-vietnam/ Jari
  4. Another example of matting was the AM-2 which is still in use today: Back in SEA: https://samenews.org/tme-looks-back-vietnam-aluminum-matting-runways-in-vietnam/ https://www.seabee71.com/stories/keeping-the-sats-runway-open.html looks easier to scratchbuild, full scale 12' X 2' X 1.5" thick. Jari
  5. Here are a couple of examples of matting used in Vietnam: Jari
  6. There were some smaller, in height, blast walls as well: Jari
  7. Look here: https://public.fotki.com/tsumner/scale-modeling/revetments/ on page 2 there are a couple of drawings giving dimensions. Jari
  8. I wonder what he has tucked under his left arm? Jari
  9. Nice photos John, getting back on topic, a little extra detail to add to your Cobra crew, some self protection in case they went down: Jari
  10. Ignore the caption of the Lancaster dropping "window" from the bomb bay, they are 4lb incendiaries but some Window info here, including a video: https://tailendcharlietedchurch.wordpress.com/operations/window-radar-jamming/ Back on topic, some interesting B-24 details: https://freepages.rootsweb.com/~webermd1/family/Liberator-Info.html Jari
  11. Peter in case you want to add the chaff chute: https://www.cafmn.org/news/wwii-radar-jamming-chaff scroll down to see a video of it in "action". Jari
  12. Here are a couple of photos showing flares and chaff being loaded: Jari
  13. Here is the gunner's strut: edit: a look at how the tail rotor handled the SEA air: https://www_criticalpast_com.global.ssl.fastly.net/65675037373/big/65675037373_002070_3.jpg https://www_criticalpast_com.global.ssl.fastly.net/65675037370/big/65675037370_001886_3.jpg Jari
  14. A B-24 hit the tail of another B-24 on a mission: 3 of the crew bailed out while the rest stayed with the aircraft and they made it back safely, with extra parts. The other B-24, 42-52454 SOUTHERN GAL went down and only 2 of the crew got out. Jari
  15. There are some walk around photos here that be of help: https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/a-10/a-10_walk2.shtml Jari
  16. Sorry John, here is another video, how to get out in a hurry: Jari
  17. One more thing, it's hard to tell from your photos of the kit but the electrical connector from the pylon to the rocket pod looks to be just forward of the front lug: Jari
  18. Here is another video for you John, loading of the 40mm: as for the rocket warheads, you can always scratchbuild them, and the fuzes : https://www.bulletpicker.com/rocket-warhead_-2_75-inch-he_2.html Jari
  19. A nice belly view of a Hog: It's testing the SDB, which is suppose to become operational on the A-10 this year, up to 24 can be carried. Jari
  20. Here are a couple of view of the fuselage pylons: Jari
  21. A close up view of a AIM-9 on a F-8 on the Oriskany, going by the nosewheel, it's about 3.5 planks: https://www.navsource.org/archives/02/023497e.jpg from here: https://www.navsource.org/archives/02/34.htm Jari
  22. Some good photos here: http://twentyseven-charlie.blogspot.com/ edit: some photos here of the Hancock, scroll down a bit to get to the Vietnam era: https://www.navsource.org/archives/02/19.htm Jari
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