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  1. Hi Starfighter, i can accept requests like your to all members from LSP. Send me a PM with your email address, please
  2. Sorry, don´t have anything of that model. They are a bit hard to find
  3. Hi Shawn, i have the Pilot Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions. (96 pages)
  4. Hello Craig, i am really happy that you enjoyed your purchase. I am also planning to build the HK B-17. May i ask you to take a few minutes and write a review on my site? Thank you very much
  5. Fellow LSP members, not wanting to spam you since i am new here, i have requested permission to the administrators to post this topic about my site. the URL is www.aerodrawings.net and i offer construction plans (blueprints), manuals, arrangement drawings, and many more. You can use what i offer to build models, restoration projects, or just for fun and historical purposes. Take a look at the site. I am offering a lifetime discount of 10% on all orders made by members of this forum (use the code has many times you want) Code: LSPdiscount If you need any help just let m
  6. Has anyone built the B-17 in this scale? If so, can i get recommendations for add ons (sorry, not yet into the modelling jargon)?
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