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  1. My fifth construction Ta 152H from ZM. I started the construction two years ago, but postponed it for a while. I'm finishing it now. I used a Yahu dashboard, HGW belts in the cockpit, I would use Barracuda wheels. Painting mask are my own production. Stencils data I used HGW wet tansfers.
  2. MRPs were waiting for a color assessment from experts. Unfortunately, it took them a very long time. I do not know why. Currently, the MRP is moving to a new large hall. After the move (in the fall), the IJA / IJN paint should go on the market. This is the info from the company owner.
  3. Project. 22 1/32 Hasegawa model, Eduard colour PE part, homemade riveting, Dead Design painting mask, all colours MRP
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