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  1. Thanks all ! Yes. Yes, I add rivet to all model.
  2. Hi all, One my Phantom. Building last year. Interior: Aires F-4J conveted to F-4B Real Model: F-4B wings conversion. CAM decals All color Gunze Sangyo
  3. Preshading is again more visible, causing higher contrast in photos. For all of my models, permission is granted. Miloslav
  4. Model Coming Soon. For all codes, roundels, stripes I used masks that I made. All colors Mr.Paint.
  5. Parts are resin prototype from Special Hobby. Miloslav
  6. Hi all, Now I build two Tempest MK.II (F.2) . This is an upcoming kit. The front part is a prototype of resin. Because Mk.VI kit already includes parts Mk MK.VI, there is no problem building.
  7. Currently I am using only two colors on the company. Gunze Mr. and Paint. With Mr. Paint colors are very easy to work with, but they must be applied in multiple layers - not once, but gradually. It is good to try it. Cheers Miloslav
  8. The preshading not really so significant. Yes, for all of my models, permission is granted. Miloslav
  9. Hello All, My second Tempest 1/32. All color Mr.Paint
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