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  1. 1/32 Hasegawa model, Aires cockpit, wheels & exhaust, HGW wet transfers, Painting mask homemade, All colours MRP, CMK figures mechanic & Herman Graf by Roman Fittl
  2. Project 9 1/32 Revell model, Aires cockpit, exhaust, wheels, AIMS gun cover, HGW wet transfers, Painting mask homemade, All colours MRP
  3. Project 8 1/32 Revell model AMUR conversion set Aires cockpit, Eduard wheels, exhaust brassin legs, instrument panel HGW wet transfers Painting mask homemade All colours MRP Finished
  4. Project 10. I'm starting to build the upcoming Infinity model. I am adding the first photos from the point of view to the box.
  5. Project 6. 1/32 Revell kit AMUR Erla cobversion set Eduard wheels, exhaust, HGW seat belts & wet transfers, Painiting mask homemade & Propeller 77, Barracuda decals, Aires cockpit, All colours MRP
  6. Thanks all! I have supplies and I'm buying on E bay
  7. 1/32 Hasegawa kit, Cockpit, wheels & exhaust Aires, HGW wet transfers, Painting mask homemade & Propeller 77 All colours MRP
  8. Thank you for your beautiful words. They made me happy. Miloslav
  9. It's quite simple. I work from home, so I can make models every free time. I mainly have great family support.
  10. model Revell/Hasegawa 1/32, RB product PE wheel bay, Eduard wheels, HGW seat belts & wet transfers stencils Aires cockpit, Yahu instrument panel, Painting mask homemade, Propeller 77 All colours MRP. Reference JaPo book KG(J) 6
  11. Hasegawa 1/32 model Eagle cals, Aires wheels, exhaust & cockpit, AMUR propeller & scoop, painting mask homemade, all colours MRP. reference:https://www.forcedlandingcollection.se/LWe/LW136-Bf109.html
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