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  1. Project 16/22 1/32 Revell model, Eduard cockpit (ED 632022), undercariage legs (ED 632079) & exhaust (ED 632020), Eagle Cals EC#132, Barracuda gun cover, Aires bulges, All colours MRP.
  2. 1/32 Revell model, Eagle Cals EC#99, Barracuda wheels, Eduard cockpit, HGW Rivet set. All colours MRP
  3. My Corsair Number 15. 1/32 Tamiya model, Barracuda wheels, Quinta studio 3D cockpit decals, HGW wet transfers 232903, All colours MRP.
  4. 1/32 Tamiya model, Barracuda wheels, HGW wet transfers 232903, All colours MRP
  5. The problem is the printer. The blue edges are more pronounced, but it distorts the photo a lot. It is necessary to adjust them a bit with a filter. In the photo, the center is lighter than the propeller blades. That's why I chose the silver color.
  6. Thanks all! Thanks. When the final base is done, I'll use the same dust on the wheels to make it consistent.
  7. Tamiya Model HGW wet transfers, seat belts, stencils Barracuda wheels Eduard instrument panel & engine cowling set Grey Matter Figures Engine bay All colours MRP
  8. 1/32 HGW model & extras, Dragoon decals, All colours MRP
  9. Thanks all! I bought the Black Box set on ebay, about five years ago. I also have a copy of it, but only the side panels and seats. The rest is just a slightly added part of the kit. I can have Eduard Pe Parts produced, but I have to have at least 4 -6 buyers, because there is a minimum purchase.
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