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  1. 2 hours ago, F`s are my favs said:

    Nice! I'm back and I'm glad to see the Mirage complete. I think I remember you had some mishaps with another model of Mirage or maybe I'm mistaken... you dropped it on the floor or something like that, and then cancelled the build... So I'm very happy that you continued and finished it, or maybe it is a whole new kit (if i'm not mistaken, of course)... :) Anyway, congrats on the final results! It looks splendid. The weathering is lovely! Maybe a very very subtle overal darker filter would be great... to soften the contrasts between the bright colors of the plane, and the black streaks from the weathering....


    Many thanks Milan! It's too late to make any adjustments now without damaging anything. I do think that the exposure exaggerates the contrast a bit though. But will see what I can do in subsequent builds.

    The other model you're referring to was the MiG-21UM. The decals were so bad I got frustrated and threw it on the floor. But I got another kit and plan to paint all the markings with custom masks.

  2. 2 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

    That's the nicest Mirage 2000 I've seen so far.  You absolutely NAILED the weathering for typically filthy Greek fighters.  Lots of dirt along the panel lines without it looking like an unrealistic "plaid" pattern, which is hard to do.  Your close-ups reveal so many tiny details that are not only fun to look at, they also confirm how well this model was assembled and painted.  Bravo!





    Thank you so much Chuck! 

    Really appreciate the kind words! ^_^

  3. 10 hours ago, blackbetty said:

    Very, very, VERY nice!!!!


    Many thanks! ^_^


    9 hours ago, Zola25 said:

    Really nice looking Mirage - Great weathering




    Many thanks Niels!


    5 hours ago, alain11 said:

    great build , I like the weathering , and the different shades of blue  ....well done !!!!!!!!



    Thank you so much Alain! ^_^


    5 hours ago, dutik said:

    Wonderful! Looks like the real thing! Very impressive!





    - dutik


    Thank you Dutik! ^_^

  4. Hi everyone!

    So here we have it! My first and only complete build for 2022…


    Kitty Hawk’s 1/32 Mirage 2000C constructed to depict a heavily used Greek EGM.


    Aftermarket products used include Grand Models’ resin cockpit and wheels, ResKit exhaust (since I messed up the one provided by KH) and LM Decals.

    I found the overall build quite enjoyable with minimal fit issues and good all-round detail. The amount of weapons provided is also impressive.


    What I didn’t like was the lacking instructions, general approach to the markings and poor quality of decals. The inadequate instructions are a perennial problem of KH’s and the modeller is pretty much left to their devices to figure out the correct parts for the version of the aircraft they are building. Suffice to say, lots of research and reference photos will be required. I managed to correct a few points including the arrestor hook but missed out on the tailfin… Most disappointing were the decals which were thick and had lots of carrier film while the stencils for the Greek version were wrong.


    I think the Grand Models cockpit and wheels are a must for this kit while the ResKit exhaust is a lovely piece of casting the offers even more detail than KH’s resin counterpart. The LM Decals do provide the correct markings and stencils. However, they are all printed in a single sheet and each marking needs to be cut individually.


    Despite the issues, one does end up with a lovely model of what I believe to be one of the most elegant looking aircraft ever built!  



















  5. On 11/19/2022 at 3:05 AM, Tomas Duck said:

    Hi Spyrosjzmichos, the seats are origin from kit, only sides plates are Eduard. I have also Eduard "Correct pilot seats" set, but I was a problem with construction of co-pilot seat. Not a problem with PE parts, only problem with my hands:D  So I have to use seats from kit even if it's not right. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the future construction!

    BR Tomas


    Thank you Tomas!

    You have done a really lovely job! :bow:

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