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    Stevepd reacted to Iain in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    I saw that too - was going to ping you guys as I had exactly the same thought!
    Group is "Airliner hobby model world" https://www.facebook.com/groups/471475156211444/permalink/4304929599532628/






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    Stevepd reacted to GrahamF in Iconicair David Brown RAF Tugmaster Tractor   
    Hi guys, here are a few progress CAD images of our forthcoming DB Tugmaster in 1:32 Scale, still to do are the seat,Dashboard details,engine block and rear pulley and frame.
    Should be available early December.
    Iconicair David Brown RAF Tugmaster Tractor 004 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
    Iconicair David Brown RAF Tugmaster Tractor 002 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
    Iconicair David Brown RAF Tugmaster Tractor 003 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
    Iconicair David Brown RAF Tugmaster Tractor 004 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr
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    Stevepd reacted to Iain in MiG-21MF JG-2 "Juri Gagarin"   
    OK - reason behind the build.
    Our club Exped was in 2014 - an RAF flying club - so most of the crews were either serving, or retired, along with some ex. reserves and civilians.
    Most had a connection with/memories of the Cold War - either through the military, or working in the aviation industry.
    For most of us it was the first time crossing the old border between West and East Germany - something many at one time would have thought would be impossible in the future. Our boss was ex. fast jets of the period - Phantom and Tornado F3.
    This had been the enemy...
    Flying around Europe the borders are invisible - but one afternoon we crossed the former border/Iron Curtain at relatively low level heading for our first overnight stop-over in the former East Germany, Neubrandenburg.
    One of the first things we spotted was an old, disused, airfield with solar panels over where the runways had been: this was Wittstock - a former Soviet MiG-23/MiG-29 base.

    We were told later that day after we landed at the next airfield, of which more in a moment, that in 1994, when the Russians finally left, they left the gates to the base wide open. When we overflew, the hangars and accommodation blocks had been overtaken by nature in the preceding 20 years - you can see the trees growing through the buildings in the above photo.
    Wittstock before the MiGs departed:

    Our stop-over airfield was Flughafen Neubrandenburg EDBN - Trollenhagen - a former MiG-21 airbase, once operated by the Luftstreitkräfte der Nationalen Volksarmee (East German Air Force):

    What we didn't realise, until we shut down, was that the marshallers/refuelers/resident flying club staff were mostly all ex. Luftstreitkräfte - they were particularly taken with the RAF marked Bulldog that my friend Chris and I were in (aeroplane belongs to Chris) - and it sparked up some good banter and, after a very short while - quite a collection of spotters at the fence.
    Anyway - the airfield was formerly home to Jagdfliegergeschwader 2 "Juri Gargarin" - flying MiG-21MF (amongst other types) and I was fortunate to be able to purchase a wonderful hardback history of the until, covering the aircraft, operations, training and home lives of the unit. They seemed surprised that I wanted to buy a copy - but I've had it in mind ever since to build a model of one of 'their' MiGs.


    The people we met, without exception were hugely friendly and accommodating - and wanted to show us some of their 'toys' - my favourite has to be the Trabant that they'd converted as an airfield emergency vehicle:

    And a former Luftstreitkräfte crash truck:

    We stayed in a hotel in Neubrandenburg - and had an absolutely wonderful stay - if only for one night.

    Anyway - a bit of a ramble - but happy memories of a fantastic trip - and, hopefully, explains my choice of subject.


    May start building over the weekend - and will post some images of that book...
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    Stevepd reacted to Iain in MiG-21MF JG-2 "Juri Gagarin"   
    I've got quite a large stash of decals - so should be able to cobble together what I need.
    I haven't looked at the kit decals - but if usable that should cover the stencils - and I should have some Luftstreitkräfte national markings somewhere.
    If I go over to my workshop at some point I can cut masks for the aircraft number...
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    Stevepd reacted to thierry laurent in Boxart   
    Quite nice. I particularly like the Mustang one. However, such images still have that digital imaging artificial feel. 
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    Stevepd reacted to Captain Boogaloo in Boxart   
    Roy Cross uber alles!! Airfix made one their worst decisions ever when they stopped using his box artwork ( and it really was Artwork, I'd have no problem framing it and having some on the walls. Mrs Boogaloo might not agree, though.....!!)
    Blue Skies!
    Captain Boogaloo
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    Stevepd reacted to RadBaron in Boxart   
    I really love the simplicity and clarity of the Matchbox 1/32 range. The Tigermoth is a standout!

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    Stevepd reacted to Grant_T in Revell 1/32 Hawker Hunter   
    I just needed to finish something after a bit of a break from 1/32 so this is out of the box. The kit is okay, but detail is lacking in some areas and the gear are super flimsy. Not my best work to be honest, but nice to have it done.

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    Stevepd reacted to Anthony in NZ in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    Hey Steve
    As Mike says the order book is not closed as such.  Drop me a PM if you definitely want to place an order.  I understand though when the Andover family is complete and other projects are being developed/printed after this then the book will be closed.
    Cheers Anthony
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    Stevepd got a reaction from Anthony in NZ in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    Is the order book closed?
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    Stevepd reacted to seiran01 in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    The order book won’t close really, as the kits are print on demand and he’s still adding final details to the design. Those of us who have committed have not been asked to Andover the money yet () so if you’re interested, definitely let Anthony know and maybe we can all save a few more dollars!
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    Stevepd reacted to Scalefighter in Mirage IIIE Italeri EC3/3 1:32   
    One of the Major problems of the Italeri kit are the intakes, which are looking too slim, which I have reshaped until they looked satisfying.
    An other problem was the canopy. The one in the kit was warped and completely useless. Italeri and the German importer were kindly enough to spend a free freplacement, junfortunately which wasn´t much better either. They looked blurry and hours of sanding and polishing were spent for a nice result.

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    Stevepd reacted to Anthony in NZ in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    I went down last Saturday to the RNZAF Museum (after getting clearance to see the Andover) and take some detail photo's for this new large model  the 4 of us are getting (are we insane???). 
    Mr Toshihiko Shimizu was very appreciative and has been able to add extra detail and 'tweak' the back end shapes.  
    He is really going to a lot of effort to get the shapes/details very accurate.
    Here are some of his latest renders...

    Will also include standard and 'kneeling' options now

    Cheers Anthony
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    Stevepd reacted to RLWP in Rivet counters of the world, unite!   
    Now just a minute there...:

    Count them rivets!
    TBH, that's the wrong company and era for me, I prefer mine like this:

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    Stevepd reacted to jgrease in 1/32 Mirage 2000-5F, Kitty Hawk   
    Yeah - that whole assembly was fiddly. It didn't help that the nose gear had to be installed early in the build...
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    Stevepd reacted to Iain in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    I've slept on it.
    I've taken advice from someone that has a few of these kits - taken advice from a good friend that's a bit of a 3D print expert - searched the web for photo's/schemes - realised there's an Andover on display at RAF Cosford - revisited the xe.com currency converter a few times - checked bank balance.
    These aircraft have a long association with where I live - Oxfordshire - and entered service the year I was born - so the tea-leaves are in alignment - perhaps. 
    I'm in - as long as costs don't go up (exchange rate fluctuations excepted).
    Could make a stunning model - either 115 Sqn - or ETPS - if my skills are up to it.

    Got to be easier than a vac-form - and I'm not a big fan of complete resin kits - this will be something new for me, and the CAD shapes do look good.
    But would much prefer it all printed in HIPS rather than ABS.
    Don't need anything in way of markings - just the printed parts.
    So - 4 kits now?
    A mini Group Build perhaps, so we can crack on and encourage each other - rather than have them as loft insulation? 
    Sending PM Anthony.
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    Stevepd reacted to Mark_C in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    The man seems to do good, thorough instructions:
    Very nice kits . . .
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    Stevepd reacted to Anthony in NZ in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    Tomorrow when I have a final number (3 so far) I will email him with you and Mike copied in.  So we can discuss the kit in 1/32.  He is looking for details of the kneeling set-up on the main undercarriage and rear cargo bay details as he wants to add a lot more detail in this kit.
    Cheers Anthony
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    Stevepd got a reaction from Iain in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    ETPS Boscombe Down is what I’m thinking. I’ve done a 1/72 version some years ago now. It was on display in the Salisbury model centre. Somebody wanted to reverse engineer it to make a mould but I couldn’t let them do it. It’s now intact in the BD Museum at Old Sarum.
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    Stevepd reacted to seiran01 in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    They’re 3d printed on an FDM (plastic) printer, the main drawback is that you need to do surface prep to smooth out the surfaces which will be time consuming on a model this large. My friend has one of the models this guy has printed and it actually looks a lot nicer than I was expecting it to. Still a lot of work, but a very solid model 
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    Stevepd reacted to Iain in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    From his Ebay account:
    Short L.17 Scylla
    Handley Page HP.42W
    Others can be seen here.
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    Stevepd reacted to Landrotten Highlander in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    Would be nice if I could see his work other then attempting to use farcebook or fleabay.
    can anyone pm me his contact details or link me to a useful website where I can make contact re some of his other kits in 1:48?
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    Stevepd reacted to red Dog in Completed - Desert Storm Air to Air refuelling: KA-6D&A-7E   
    I realised I never posted picture of the finished setup. Sorry about that.
    With both model finished, I needed to make the link between the two.
    The basket was done with different parts from the scratch box (rods, guitar wires and photoetch parts initially meant for a EF2000 exhaust fan,...)
    The guitar wires are a bit larger than what the real part should be but at least give proper structure to the basket.
    The PE part for structure was then hidden under strips of paper towel washed in PVA glue + water and let to dry and the process was repeated until I was happy with the texture of the basket.
    The A-7 probe fits nicely into the basket allowing proper connection between the 2 aircraft.

    The fuel hose is a metal hanger cut to length and painted black. distance marks were painted light brown every 10 feet scaled down to 1/32
    The metal rod is inserted into the KA-6D reel

    The base is made of black painted MDF. I wanted the base to be sober not to attract too much attention from the eyes of the viewers.
    Getting the support transparent rods angle right took a few attempts  
    The 2 aircraft are offset from each other as clearly seen from the following picture:

    Pictures of the finished setup:
    First the final intruder:


    Then the A-7

    And the finished diorama:


    Attempt on a blue background:

    And a photoshop essay on a sky background

    Sorry for the time it took to uplaod final pictures, after finishing the model, I discovered dust inside the A6 canopy and had to remove it, clean it and reassemble it in place. It took me quite a while to get there.
    But this one is finally complete. And it was quite a journey !!
    Thank you all for looking.
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    Stevepd reacted to Landrotten Highlander in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    Me too choose not to use farcebook.  Might be tempted for thatkind of money if delivery is somewhere near end of Q2 (may or june).
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    Stevepd reacted to Anthony in NZ in Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1   
    Hi all
    There is a chap in Japan called Mr Toshihiko Shimizu (One Man Model) who is producing 1/72 and 1/48 HS748 and Andover 3D printed kits.
    I know a couple of people who have already ordered his kits, and although extra work is involved in sanding and preparing the surface the kit is very good and incredibly accurate in shape and 'look/feel' of the real airframe.  I asked him if he would make me an Andover C1 (that is currently in design, several HS 748's in various guises are already produced and sold) in 1/32 scale, he replied no he dosent do that scale, people wont want one in 1/32 etc. 
    Anyway he has finally come back to me and said yes he would make some design tweaks etc and print me one. He thinks the surface detail will come out better than the smaller kits due to the level of detail he is putting into the design.  I asked him if he might be interested in doing a couple if anyone else is interested when I get one done for me.  he has agreed to do a bigger print run at the same time if anyone else wants one and will reduce the price if more than one is ordered.
    He is going to sell me one for 36000 Yen, pretty sure that includes shipping.(approx. 327USD).  Here is a link to his FB page so you can see his who he is
    Here are a few images of his CAD




    Anyway, let me know if you are definitely interested.  This wont be an easy kit, but it will be a great starting point for those who want one. Cant see anyone else doing one of these so might be our only opportunity to get one.
    Please PM me if keen to have one done
    Kev and team, I wasn't sure this was the right place to post the possibility of a 1/32 Kit possible availability.  Just wanted fellow LSP'ers to know and have the opportunity rather than keep it to myself
    Cheers Anthony
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