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  1. Max, I use different diameter wire for different scale figures but they vary in type; copper, brass, and normal garden stuff.
  2. Hellcat pilots build log. Part: The Third The smudgy snaps below show more progress with the Fleet Air Arm pilot. I have worked on his shirt and refined some of the detail on the shorts. As with the shorts, his shirt is made of cotton so some liberal creasing was added. I was fairly pleased with the progress, but my smugness was soon shattered (if you can shatter smugness) when I realised most of this work will be invisible once his life preserver is added! I have also included some snaps of progress for the US Navy pilot. He has legs! As will be seen in
  3. Thank you for the information about Lt John ‘Jack’ Haberfield. Adding individual experiences really helps with getting into the feel of the sculpting. I'll post part three tomorrow.
  4. Thank you for the feedback. The photo of the bearded FAA pilot was one of the references I used. I had to do extra research into the object on his life preserver, which turned out to be a dingy knife and will appear on the completed figure. The pose is not the same, as will become evident as this log develops.
  5. Hellcat Pilots build log Part: The Second The second part of the build log (with accompanying smudgy snaps) shows the development of the Fleet Air Arm pilot. After basic mannequin build up I always sculpt the head next. While proportion is key to a figure, for me the head is the most important part. If its wrong the whole figure will feel wrong. The head was sculpted using Bees Putty. I wanted a bearded face, to make the figure a little different and ensured I had reference for this. If a commercial piece is being sculpted accuracy is important. Any error will be criticised by someone!
  6. I appreciate this thread might not fit in this section but I thought it might be of interest to members, please feel free to move it or delete. The announcement at Scale Model World of a 1/24th scale Hellcat being released by Airfix in 2019 got my sculpting senses twitching. Here was a subject that would be ideal for an accompanying pilot (or two) I thought. Wouldn't they fit well into the Elan13 Miniatures range I thought. So here is part; The First, of a log that shows the process of bringing a figure (or two) from clay and putty to being available commercially. Stage 1
  7. Elan13 Miniatures will be doing two different standing pilots to go with the Hellcat. Sculpting has already started on both.
  8. Thank you to Mike Swinburne for the review. Mike C I look forward to seeing you at Telford. Elan13 Miniatures are in our usual position. I should have the masters of a couple of new for next year figures too.
  9. Here are photos of the 1/32 German WW1 pilots released this year. They are EL73 Jasta Pilot and EL75 Late war German Pilot with parachute Below are some of the other 1/32 scale German WW1 pilots in the range
  10. I seem to have worked out how to post pictures (thank you Kevin) Below are some snaps of our three 1/32 scale RAF WW2 pilots All available from the website www.elan13.co.uk
  11. https://imgur.com/a/cW59cno https://imgur.com/a/cW59cno Here are some snaps of Elan13 Miniatures new 1/24 scale RAF pilot WW2 Resin kit figure Sculpted by Robert Lane Box Art Edward Sage Available from the Elan13 Miniatures website www.elan13.co.uk
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