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  1. Picked up the new Revell P-51-5NA yesterday at Hobbytown. Given the price, I'm pretty impressed with the effort they put in on this kit. I had gathered a few aftermarket goodies many years ago when I was considering taking on the old Hasegawa kit, but thankfully I didn't waste them on that kit. InSight gun sight, Moskit thin metal exhausts...and best of all a set on Mike Grant decals for George Freddy's early Cripes A'Mighty Mustang. I don't think he makes them any longer, so I lucked out by having those in my stash! Looking forward to finally building a nice model of that airplane.
  2. Just got mine. Many thanks to Eli for including The Red Gremlin on this set!
  3. I've just ordered mine from Sprue Bros...any chance I could get just the updated F mount from you when they are ready? Cheers.
  4. Yes, I would definitely be interested...thanks! Anyone have any info on making the fix manually?
  5. Can anyone help me with the correct height of B-17E/F tail (serial) numbers? I want to make sure I order the right 1:32 Maketar masks for those numbers. Their masks are listed according to the actual full-sizes (8", 12", 18" etc.) Thanks!
  6. You would think that we would already have aftermarket decal options for such a highly anticipated new kit. Let's hope they are on the way...
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