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  1. Now I'm really in!! I'll be building my HK B-25.
  2. I have a Bf110 and B-25 that could fit here.
  3. tjtx


  4. If you use Google chrome it gives you the option to translate to English.
  5. tjtx

    RAAF Spitfire

    This was my first try at water. It was a learning curve but I've got the basics figured out now. I'll be doing another water base with a Corsair shooting down a Zero. Its actually a lot of fun.
  6. tjtx

    RAAF Spitfire

    I drilled out a hole the same size as the supplied screw used to mount the model to Tamiya's supplied mount. On the inside of the kit I glued on the supplied nut. Then I cut the top off the screw, sunk it into a hole drilled in the rod and presto! I'll be using the same technique on a Corsair and Zero in the near future.
  7. tjtx

    Looking for recommendations.....

    I enjoy Hasegawa kits for exactly this. I just started a P-47 as a simple relaxing build. They fit good, look good, and always help my mojo.
  8. tjtx

    RAAF Spitfire

    Here's my recent completion, a Tamiya Spitfire wearing RAAF colors. I built it as a test for NMF. I need to clean up the metal work a bit, and I'll probably switch to airframe aluminum for my P-47.
  9. tjtx


  10. tjtx

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - NEW ORDER!

    It's a bit of a squeeze but once I'm in it's not to bad.
  11. tjtx

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - NEW ORDER!

    Got my t-shirt yesterday and gave it a proper break in this morning:
  12. I'm about to do my first "real" attempt at NMF. What's the best color for a slightly weathered look vs bright and shiny? Also, can I mask over Alclad without worrying about it lifting? I'll be using Montex mask and I'm wondering about the best painting order...
  13. tjtx

    San Marcos, Texas in 2020

    I hope to make this one since it's only 4 hours away.
  14. tjtx

    1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D!