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  1. For a diversification - just finished the helmet/visor of one of the pilots:
  2. Thanks a lot. I was thinking, how is the situation with the bleed air valves/ramps in F-15. I know that in F-14 the air is visible when the ramps are open and at a certain angle... but how is this situation with F-15? I couldn`t find photos. The intake ramps are similar in both planes, but i`m not sure whether to make the ramps on the top fuselage open and thus the air will be visible through the intake, pretty much like in F-14. If anyone can help me with a reference photo
  3. O yes, o yes, one is in the can. A couple of photos: - with the intake in upper position - the ramps are lowered... - and with the intake down - the ramps are open... I was thinking about using magnets, but the innermost ramps will be quite difficult to reach. So this this is the complicated way. I made a short video. In motion is way more surreal Now the difficult part - to make the exact same thing with the second intake...
  4. Tres bien, awesome, formidable, clean and elegant!
  5. Wow, geedubelyer, i checked out in the search engine and found your article from the last decade Man, this is an awesome model you have done! And i strolled through all the pages and honestly i`m kinda puzzled about what i have to go through. Then i saw another article of the E version... In all cases - awesome suggestions and i will try to apply them in my model too. Thanks and cheerz again!
  6. Hi. Yep, definitely i will keep that in mind. I should see what will happen when the model is in its full weight. Yet the total weight will be spread almost equally over 3 spots. Thanks for the hints on gluing the metal parts! Btw, is this a real plane in that photo, or a model?! Wow, i`m 70% sure it is a real plane...
  7. Thanks Gary for the hint, i think i suppose the right thing. The intake duct is smaller, which is visible as a gap, perhaps this is the 1.5mm, only when the intake (with the two ramps) is down. Otherwise the intake (with the ramps) when is in up position, covers the gap and matches perfectly with the fuselage. PS: i searched for "F-15 intake" and can not find something precise... I would be glad to see some refrncs. PS2: these C eagles in your signature are good. Verry very
  8. Well, they are in 1/48th scale, but i would like to share the best photos from a photoshoot from a few weeks ago. Just a presentation of F-35A and F-35B as standalone models. The B version is with landing gears down only. The A version is with lights. Here are two videos of the A with lights switched on: 1, 2; and the two videos of the B version: V1, V2. And the photos. Enjoy.
  9. Yep, quite an imperfection in the shape. Although i`ll probably leave it like it is OOB, because i prefer make it stronger to sustain rotation. Btw this photo is... wow
  10. 10x for the info! The two metal parts (after cutting the curved arm/fork) were glued with what type of glue? Is there a glue at all that is strong enough to hold these thin parts? ... while i`m thinking about drilling another hole for the screw a little bit higher than the old one, and then cut/file down the corner where is the old screw. In this way it will reduce the length of the squared arm and will still stay in one whole piece. However, making a hole and then threading it to accept the exact size of the screw... not easy... uff... i don`t know... The goal is to make the wheel turning and... okey okey, i should think about that again.
  11. Just the inner sides of the intakes are ready with their coverings. Now - covering the gaps on the outer sides...
  12. oh man, i realize now that this is probably the same Tamiya kit that i`m building too Awesome, these 1/32 beasts are much more interesting than i have expected. How you plan to convert it into I variant? The main differences are only in the camouflage and in the decals, or...? PS: the cockpit looks strangely very beautiful with the turned off screens!
  13. While for the landing gears, i`m thinking about something... I recently noticed that there is a "small" imperfection in this kit - in the pylon of the nose landing gear. There is a bit larger gap between the upper part of the wheel and the adjacent metal frame... ...which should be really smaller (behind the thing at which points the red arrow) Is this an issue in the C version too?! So i`m thinking what to do with this wheel... whether to leave it like that or not... Perhaps i will try to adjust the big "anti-vibration thing" to cover a little more from the gap. Cutting the metal somewhere through the metal and then "gluing" again is not a feasible options as the wheel will be rotating and it should not compromise the structural support. However, i wonder how is it going with the cutting/gluing aspect of metal parts. If someone tried to glue two metal parts - i will pretty much appreciate some clues - with what type of glue, the joint becomes stronger like a whole piece of metal or not? Is it possible at all...
  14. Thanks dsahling1 and Shawn. Btw the F-35B endeavor was a kind of improvisation to see whether it will going to work. I`ve previously build F-35A but with lights and was a lot of fun, so for the B version i wanted to try something different. It turned out really good. They are just two completely different models... in one But it all depends on the quality of the kit (mostly for the fit of the doors). The Kittyhawk kit is impeccable. And i`m planning to try to build all my further models with at least retractable landing gears, if possible, cause honestly - i prefer the clean smooth flying silhouettes of the planes rather than lurking on the ground like "Christmas trees". Here is a link to the build of the F-35B and a link to the F-15C topic, if someone is interested. It`s in bulgarian, but i hope the pictures can tell enough.
  15. The overall color of the plane is awesome! I will check out the whole thread for sure...
  16. PS: the part behind the seat - is it resin or you modified the standard part? The flat part with the little rhomboid textures. It looks very naturally in the cockpit thanks to the shapes - so this is the OOB part after a treatment with heat (i suppose) or is it a resin part? ...
  17. Then - the engines. The first stage variable guide veins are altered by second stage guide veins, and how it looks from the intakes: Just finished the both viewable parts of the engines, now - on the intakes` kind of motion thing... Thank you all for the feedback and motivation!
  18. The landing gears are done or at least the basics for the retraction. I know that the retraction is not realistic, but they barely fit between the bays and the doors. Here they are both in place. Before the wiring, i realized that it should be better/safer to finish the rest of the parts on/near the intake ducts. The intakes will move (drop and rise) in a synchronization with the three ramps, so i cut the third (innermost) ramps from the intakes to make them movable. A view from the engine`s point of view:
  19. @ Chuck: man, you are an inspiration! It would be something not like a provocation, but let`s say a race with our models. I really admire your artwork (the A-10 was the fist topic since i know about you) and it really is something like a luck to build with you almost the same model in the same time, an honor, well, you`re kinda more ahead in the build than me, but i could probably catch up quickly. While for the model - i`ve been planning to make most of the parts movable, like in F-35B, and as soon as i opened this enormous kit i saw that Tamiya made some parts with the thinking of motion. They have miniature pins as hinges for the canopy, the gun door, the radar equipment door, the speedbrake, and i probably miss something. The C version probably has the same features. That was quite a surprise, so these parts will need a little less upgrades. I`m planning to build an airframe from the "Chiefs" Squadron (btw this is my inbox review of the kit in an article on the Mitko`s blog ). Overall i envision the plane in the both "in flight" and "landed mode", well, i will probably use a long pylon with a stand (again like for the F-35B) so to represent a moment for the approach for landing when the landing gears are down and the intakes are lowered for the high lvl of att., or respectively the same arrangement but for an imaginary situation when the plane is just taking off. While for the masking tape - yes there are some very thin and delicate bumps or rivets or knobs or i don`t know exactly what, even i don`t know whether they should really be there at all. But it`s something like a basic protection due to the touching, the turning, etc. during the jazz up of the model Here they are visible in a couple of photos that i earlier made on the detailing of the fuselage:
  20. Hi Hi from tomorrow Chek, yes - the F-15E site is one of the main sources for references that i use. Btw here is one photo from there that depicts how exactly i`m planning to make the ramps of the variable intakes. They will be somehow connected with the "casing" of the intakes (which goes up and down) so to lower the three ramps when the intake is fully open, and vice-versa - the ramps should rise when the intake is down to simulate the plane at lower speeds... Uh, i forgot to introduce myself - i`m Milan, 29 and a half years young, from the southeastern edge of Europe, i`m into the hobby from a kid but i have as much as about 10 "normal" models, this is my first in 1/32 scale, my interests are quite strange - mostly in the snails` food kind of domain, but i have several hobbies favorite planes - the F`s and mostly the modern ones... okey, i`m continuing with the topic...
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