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  1. Thanks thanks Shelby, i`m following you too with the cockpit. You good, you good!
  2. Oh, very nice plane. Graceful plane. Very good so far, btw what`s your intention about the final display - the doors for the engines will be open or the engines will be on a dolly outdoors maybe?
  3. The front cockpit is ready, well, almost. There are plenty of small things to add + the wiring, but when all is glued. It`s all still a test fit: - i started with a few improvements: - then, after the main colors: - And it`s ready, without the pilot/seat. I wonder how bright are the 3 main displays if, let`s say, the pilot adjusted the brightness to the max? I tinted the displays and, are they still a little too bright, for daytime config... I don`t know... - and with the seat/pilot. Some photos are with artificial light from the top: Thanks!
  4. A little bit from the front instr.panel. The journey started with the grey color, then masking the grey areas to expose only the black areas for painting with black. Then a little bit of contrasting colors for some buttons, and here is after the main colors: After that, the final touches were a lot, + i flipped the displays to expose the flat part of the glass. In this way the decals are attached from the curved side and still provide a great in-depth effect. The glass pieces were thoroughly polished, then tinted, and the upper console was glued. And it`s done. The next 3 photos are on a direct sunlight beam.
  5. I just wonder is there any scheme or a map or something that depicts the extensive riveting of F-15. I can find only partial photos where are seen the rivets, but these photos cover only small areas of the plane. Thanks in advance if anyone can help in this (i admit - quite difficult) research.
  6. Yeah, but the beauty is to DIY from something difficult. I`m not pursuing selling purposes of visors, so i should make just another one for the 2nd pilot and i postpone it for a "double" pleasure. This is my first and perhaps only kit in 1/32 scale that i make so this is something like my strategy for a more interesting build This is quite unusual for me (indeed the first time) to start building a model from 1 visor, 1 pilot, 1 helmet, 1 nozzle, 1 intake, etc. but after a couple of months i expect to feel like i`m building a completely new pilot, nozzle, intake, cockpit, etc in 1/32nd scale. And the best thing is that 100% the finished two of a kind will become just slightly different. Wonderful. I hope it will work. That`s a little lyrical deviation
  7. ...the jazz-up continues with the (3)rd step.
  8. Hi kvlazer, well i admit - the pilot was a complete improvisation. The simple paper tape is the only thing i always use for masking, this is my first 1/32nd scale plane, i thought that the texture of the tape should match perfectly the texture of textile/fabric in this scale, and tried it. The only issue is that i have no idea how the tape will stay as time goes by. The "tape pieces" are well soaked in solvents, paints and lacquer, and yet have adhesive layers... will see, i hope they will stay just as they are. The visor - it`s made out of a scratched piece from a canopy (of Tomcat) in 1/72 (one of my first models... more than 15 years ago, i use it as a Buster from a while and the canopy was just sitting on it). I first cut a piece with the approximate width of the visor, then slightly bent it with heat to get a more rounded shape. Then a lot of sanding,scratching,sanding, scratching... to get the final shape. For scratching i used a knife with curved blade, which gives the perfect shape for the inner side. Then it`s thoroughly polished, and finally tinted with Tamiya X-19 Smoke and ALC 600 (PS: the best concoction for tinting canopies, according to me). It wasn`t easy
  9. I`m not quite into the prop planes and i don`t understand quite much about these planes, but this is perhaps the best combo of a historical plane/diorama i `ve ever seen! Congrats! And the sign is very good! Applause! Milan
  10. hm, F-35A in 1/32 will be something quite spectacular, sounds pretty interesting! Thanks for the congrats, here are a couple more photos only of the B version, for surprise. In flight: in STOVL:
  11. Yep, i`m getting started with one of the nozzles. It`s a long boring Tuesday night, i`m a little sick as usual for me in the beginning of the summer, i can`t find a pleasant movie to watch, so i made a quick sketching of what i`m planning to do with the nozzles. I examined the nozzle thoroughly, the kit parts are cut too, i strolled through the best F-15 topics for some benchmark refs and here is what i came up with: (1) Cut/glue to shorten the pieces (and the long struts) justly. (2) Fill/sand the recessed dots (i always confuse what are pin marks and what are ejector marks). (3) Highlight the edges of all feathers, something like rescribing, to make them look one on top of the another, inside & outside. (4) Fill/sand the seams after gluing, inside & outside. (5) Adding the small round rods that connect the feathers. (6) Thinning the walls of the hinges where the feathers are attached. (7) Thinning the bases of the rails to look like rails. The painting should be somewhere in the meantime, and the addition of all the 30 tiny little struts and actuators. Already sounds difficult Hope it may be useful. Good night and bye bye.
  12. Finally - the pilot and the seat are prepped. It was quite strange how much things can be improved in this scale. These are the harnesses before painting, made out of several layers of paper tape and some improvised pieces of photo etch: And after the assembly: Probably you have noticed that i started with just one of the parts that are two. It`s a strange approach for me too, but there are 2 reasons: one for a slight overall differentiation, and two for a double pleasure Maybe one of the nozzles will be next
  13. Well, in around 7 photos of around 10 photos i spotted the "elongated pillow" so i added it. It`s not finally glued yet - the harnesses first. Overall, i didn`t expected to turn out that pretty effective mmm..., watching the photo above, i`m wondering, are the "books" too small in width...
  14. The painting really looks awesome in the previous photos... why you used CA debonder? Unwanted spill perhaps? I would try to restore the rivets and the panel lines and redo the painting, because it is worth it. This plane is the beast of the beasts. The classic of the classics.
  15. Thanks Maru, tomorrow at sunlight Here is my question, with the yellow arrows; And one without: Then i found this chart... ... where is mentioned as LPU, but it doesn`t seem like what it looks like on the pilot... Interesting.
  16. I get started with the suit config. The colors are too bright, because i will try to cancel the shine by spraying a thin coat of black mat in the end. It`s all improvisation - i`m doing it for the 1st time and i don`t know whether it will work well. and i have a question about the thing that looks like an elongated soft pillow for a normal plane flight (I`ts not on the figure). I saw some photos with this "thing" and some photos without it. So what`s the difference? What is right - should i add it or not?
  17. + just a little ALC 600 like dry brushing the dark areas: And with the figure
  18. Yes indeed. You`re absolutely right... i`ll try to edit them.
  19. And the seat is done, + one with the helmet of the pilot, "dry fitted":
  20. Strangely quick, the seat is done. I plan to make the plane after a lot of tear and wear so i did not spend from the dusts, the washes, the polishing, etc. The upholstery should be brownish as the suits of the pilots also (ODS). Here it is after the main colors and nearly a dozen decals grouped on top of each other:
  21. Getting started with one of the seats too - for the 1st time i tried to reupholster the seat, only partially, the pilot will still cover most of it. With paper tape - in this scale looks very nice i think. And before/after the base coat.
  22. Thank you very much for the info Of course the suites are part of the camouflage, how can i forget that... So i`ll definitely make the pilots in brownish suites (ODS). I`m sure that the photo etch set of the perforated ramps is way better than the oob one (just by reviewing photos), but i`ll try to make a super strange combination of weathering and sanding the plastic ones to make them flat and yet with the right pattern. Then according to my happiness, i may look for the photo etched ramps. Btw, i found out that all three ramps (excluding the first one that is stationary to the intake) can move individually, from three different hydraulics. The goal is to optimize the airflow to the engine - so the combinations are countless, yet different heights, different speeds... I choose these two combinations because of the final display of the plane (some day ) - one as "on the runway", and one up in the air at supersonic speed. Well, the visibility "through" the intake will stay a huge dilemma . According to me - it`s actually possible - the sight stretches perfectly - from right next to the bottom lip of the intake, through the gap between the third ramp and the innermost ramp, and through the bleed air ramp if open. In F-14 is possible (according to a photo). The issue is that the bleed air ramp opens at very high speed and maybe nobody photographed this specific area at such a specific angle... i don`t know... While for the arch at the end of the innermost ramp - i kept that in mind - check it out - btw when viewed from a bit greater distance the arch looks even more pronounced: Damn i`m very curious Another question: what is the function of the perforated pattern of the ramps - I suppose for boundary air, but the air exits from the countless tiny holes, or the air enters through the holes and then is vented through the small "diagonal" vent on top of the intake?
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